Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I plan for the future, but I live in the now. I devise long-term plans for my
life to be personally satisfying and useful to others. Attention paid to
advancing my career does not preclude enjoying the present.

I cannot wait to begin my busy day each morning. I get out of bed full of energy for all I can accomplish in one day. My mind is like a well-organized data bank of information I can access and utilize at a moment’s notice. My high-level of motivation can inspire a group of co-workers or staff that I am in charge of and encourage cooperation and success for everyone in that group.

I shall focus on the beautiful things in this awesome world in spite of any disenchantment that tries to sway me. Delays in reaching my dreams will only solidify my dedication. Nothing can shake my trust in my own ability to overcome and survive.

Today I will instill confidence in my family and friends; I will make them aware of my faith in them. I know that everyone has it in them to achieve great success, including me! I will pay compliments to the people I meet, and feel happy just to see the joy it brings them. I will give smiles and hugs to all my friends, feeling the warmth spread from me out to everyone. God teaches me never to judge anyone else, and I will follow what he says.

I traverse the natural calamities of life with thankfulness for the peaceful days. I work to recover and help others through the difficult times. With His guidance I know I can accomplish much that is good. I welcome both the stormy and peaceful times knowing I can be useful. My heart is full of gratitude for the good in the world and I will help to banish the bad.

I bow in humility, but not surrender. I am a builder of bridges that connect opposite banks together in peace.

My appetite for exercise is replacing my appetite for unhealthy food. I am tirelessly building a strong muscular body. I banish the fat to be rid of it forever. My will to prevail is strong.

I know I have a healthy mind in a healthy body. I take care to get enough
sleep each night. I follow an exercise regimen six days out of seven and
make healthy food choices. I do not smoke, drink excessively or take
recreational drugs.

My favorable self-image is justified. I am a hard-working individual and
feel only kindness for my fellow man. I empathize with anyone who has
suffered the loss of a loved one and sympathize with one who faces
serious challenges in his daily life.

I shall work for the greater good by achieving one small success at a time. Each day a victory will be mine. Each night I will sleep and wake refreshed to continue my work.

I can always be proud of the way I have been creating wealth. I use my God-given talents and develop them to the fullest. I am always honest in my business and personal dealings with others. I do not take advantage of others to amass my fortune. I have earned it through hard work and use it to support my loved ones. I give of the excess to charity.

My enthusiasm and zest for life knows no bounds. Energy fills me and I can do all You ask of me. Power wells up from within me and I go where You send me. I have much to share with others in the world.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

My life is pleasing in all its facets. I welcome the opportunity to toil and achieve in the academic field that interests me. I am strong and clear of mind. It is through God’s favor that I possess the abilities to   qualify me for the position I aspire to someday fill.

I shall not fear reproach or allow myself to be upset when I am slighted. I will speak my truth calmly and bear the ridicule when it comes. I am confident that I speak only the truth and remain merciful to those who would crucify me. I stand firm in the face of doubt. I speak with compassion because kind words will echo their way back.

I release feelings of hurt, resentment and hatred. I need not be right on every occasion. I release sickness and sluggishness from my physical body and welcome the healing hand of God.  Being right is not the most important accomplishment. It is good intentions towards others that matters. I choose to be a happy individual and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer.

I am a friend to all God’s creatures and delight in this   world of natural beauty all around me. I take pleasure in the company of the people in my life. I constantly strive to have a positive influence on them. I am grateful to Him for the abundance of love and joy in my life.

As a child I would nurse the bird with the broken wing. As a teen I loved baby sitting and comforting children if they were ill. My compassion led me to a career in medicine. I will care for those who are ill in a professional capacity. I will devote my career to alleviating the pain and suffering of those who come to me.

I shall reach out through the darkness for the hand of God. I trust Him to dispel all fear and hesitation. He will lead me safely through the shadows and I shall walk freely under the glorious light of the sun.

I respect the flag that represents the freedom to worship as I choose. I respect the rights of others to worship as they choose. It saddens me to witness those who are without a faith. Yet I am thankful to live in a country where they have the freedom to decline worship just as I have the freedom to embrace it.

My life is devoid of material wealth, but I shall not crave.  Earthly possessions will be left behind but contentment of the spirit will stay with me to life beyond.

I do my part to make my country safe for the future. I support plans for security and preventing those who would harm it from carrying out their nefarious plots. I approve of all immigrants who apply for entrance in the legally accepted way. I encourage them to work hard and assure their own success.

I am eager and competent to perform my duties each day. My goals are being met after completing my education in the career of my choosing. All the clients I serve are pleased with the way I take care of my responsibilities. I am proud of myself for all I have achieved so far, and all I know I am capable of achieving. I love the life I lead.

I plan for the future, but I live in the now. I devise long-term plans for my
life to be personally satisfying and useful to others. Attention paid to
advancing my career does not preclude enjoying the present.

My heart leaps with joy when You summon me to speak the truth. In the frailty of my human spirit, I am honored to be endowed with such power.

I dream of new accomplishments that I yearn to achieve. My vision stirs me and I am strong enough to go forth and turn my dreams to reality. My belief that I can make this happen is growing inside me. I shall not allow doubt to deter me. God has placed His faith in me and nothing can prevent me from realizing my dreams.

I am grateful to have a healthy body that can move freely in exercise. I can run quickly. I can swim through the waves. I can perform dance steps that express my joy at being alive and able to do all these things I enjoy.

I find that setting up specific goals and targets each day help me to achieve them easily.  I am ready for the steep climb and even a few falls.  I can surmount every difficulty as long as I repeat my positive thoughts, believing in them, and finding Your presence beside me.

I have floated like a leaf stirred by the wind, drifting in solitude. When I found God, He filled my life with purpose. My days are now enriched with the joy of waking to realize a dream.

I keep away from bad companions, for they will corrupt me. I forgive them their transgressions but model my own behaviors after God.

I take good care of myself and do not place unreasonable demands on
myself when it comes to my weight. I have an average amount
of concern with how I look to others. However, I have no desire to starve
myself until I resemble an emaciated model.

I pray that when I awake in the morning, my first thoughts are not for what will give me pleasure throughout the day. I pray that I keep others in my thoughts for what I can do to give them pleasure is the stuff that will bring me satisfaction in this life.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

I believe that marriage is a sacred vow to love and support each other regardless of the circumstances. I will remain faithful for all of my days.  I will share my time and happiness with the one I love. When all is not perfect between us, I will be flexible and agree to disagree.

Today I will focus my thoughts on my brethren. The needs of others will become my priority as I give without thought of being repaid. I will love unselfishly, as God loves me. Today I will give unto others by whatever means I can, bestowing riches on those I consider downtrodden and in poverty. I will strive to be an inspiration to all I meet.

When I behold the beautiful stars and stripes of the flag that represents freedom, I feel strong emotion. When I sing of my beliefs together with my fellow Christians on Sunday morning, I feel joy. I am thankful that I live in a country that respects my decision to participate in one religion or another. God bless the flag and God bless America.

My spouse is the light of my life. She contributes to the welcoming warmth of our home. She teaches our children love, respect and the satisfaction of a job well done. She makes my return at the end of each day a joyous occasion.

I shall be more loving to those around me. I will do unto others as I wish them to do unto me. This will promote peace and harmony in the world.

I exercise my mind to be of service to the Lord. I meditate and seek what He needs me to do. I discover the truths within me. I give myself up to the magnificence of my powerful mind. I hold myself to my belief and reaffirm my trust that I can accomplish all that is required of me.

Today I am becoming ever more prosperous. I thrive under the direction of the Lord. I have all my wants and needs fulfilled. I am flourishing and will selflessly share what I have with someone in need. My joy is in serving God and His followers. My life is awash with good things. Love is growing exponentially and I continue to prosper.

Today I will recognize that I AM a success and everything I do becomes a personal achievement.  Success surrounds me and the people I meet are successful. I want to have a positive impact on others, driving them to be ambitious and happy. I perceive no threat in the success of others, but delight in their accomplishments. There is room for everyone at the top. I shall not entertain greed in myself. God says that it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to gain entrance to heaven based on wealth alone. I will take wisdom from this and be generous and giving of my worldly goods.

Each time I can reach out to offer comfort I am able to maintain my self-
image as a caring individual. Whether it is a friend who has lost a loved
one and needs to talk, or an elderly neighbor who has no one to shovel
snow from her sidewalk, I lend a hand as often as time permits.

From nature springs all life-forms. Each is exquisite in some way. Each interacts with others and serves some purpose. There is wonder to behold in nature for it is the substance and sustenance of all creatures that inhabit the deepest valley and the tallest mountain. Each is wondrous in its own way.

I sustain my body with nutritional food and drink each day. I follow my exercise regimen faithfully. I take joy in my daily communion with God. Maintaining my good health is secondary only to maintaining my faith. The adherence to healthy ways is important, but is nothing compared to dedication to the Lord.

I have defined my goal, now my purpose is to reach them.  I have learned how to achieve them, and I believe it is possible.  I can tell where exactly I plan to go, what to do along the way, and how to develop the best parts of myself for the purpose I have in my life.  I intend to make this search the greatest adventure ever.

My old self has passed away and I am reborn. I have repentance in my heart for I believe that with God's grace, I will be forgiven and saved. I am a new creation, and can sense my inner beauty. All the days of my life will be devoted to serving God and I will grow more beautiful in His eyes until the end of my earthly time.

I am thankful to see a pleasant face when I gaze into my mirror. But, my inner beauty is as great as that of Cleopatra or Helen of Troy. When I look into my heart, I see the glowing radiance of kindness and good intentions towards all others. Surely God has blessed me more with my inner beauty and I am overjoyed to be a good person.

I have been blessed with for I crave no material riches in this life. I am not beguiled by luxurious mansions, expensive cars and vast properties. I live my life sustained by the basic necessities. My happiness lies in spiritual fulfillment and I take joy in the Lord.

I thank God for the beautiful earth He has created. I enjoy the beauty of the flowers, the song of the birds and the wide variety of wonderful animals that share the planet. I will always respect the land and work to prevent damage to the environment. I act as custodian to preserve the beauty given us.

I rejoice in the clarity of my thoughts. I open my hands to receive this day's graces in exultation. My mind is swept clean of the cobwebs of doubt and confusion. My heart swells with courage and pure enthusiasm. What a fitting day to start a mission of hope. My whole being radiates with anticipation and pure energy.