Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am thankful for all the plants that grow on our planet earth. People and animals alike have sufficient access to sustenance from the land. We can select from an endless array of vegetables to grace our table. I am stunned by the beauty of each flower, the radiance of their many colors and the sweetness of their scent. I will do all I can to protect the environment. I thank God for creating the variety of all things that come from the soil.

I am proud of maintaining my weight at a healthy level. I eat the right          
food such as vegetables and fruit. When I am light on my feet I can
accomplish things faster and enjoy the team sports I participate in. I am
competitive and play to win, but, I always play fairly.

I take up the ways of the Lord out of desire, not force. I have the freedom to do so, or decline. I have the freedom to worship in any church, synagogue, mosque or amphitheater. I have the freedom to decline worship in any prescribed place. I can commune with God in a grassy meadow or my own living room if I so choose. I am thankful these freedoms are mine.

No situation can intimidate me. Each day finds me at peace. I walk proudly with head held high. My voice resonates with authority. I have an important role to play during my life here on earth and I shall always give my best effort, knowing I have the power to influence others. My gifts from God are many and I shall use them to benefit others. My very life moves in a thrilling direction that will benefit mankind.

I shall have no fear of anyone or anything that attempts to obstruct my travels on the path to earthly success. I shall complete my important work by standing tall and pushing fear aside when times are difficult. I will face any obstacle, push it aside or climb over it and continue on my way. It will strengthen me and my confidence will be solidified each time I achieve a goal by doing battle with fear and overcoming it.

I shall dedicate my life to reaching the goals I set for myself. I will not lay back and allow my talents to be dormant. Instead, I shall be thankful for my abilities and develop them to earn riches to provide for my family. I shall not keep all my wealth but donate some of the surplus to charitable organizations that they may serve the poor.

I commit myself to the constant search for perfection. I relinquish the bad and embrace the best of life's teachings. I crave learning and the hunger for knowledge helps me to acquire new abilities that assist me in my quest.

I am grateful to behold the sight of the grass moving in the soft summer breeze. I am privileged to tend the crops that I may partake of food to sustain me. I turn my face upward to welcome gentle raindrops. For all these blessings nourish me, body and soul.

I am filled with joy at the prospect of a successful and fulfilling future. This does not mean I will neglect to take time to enjoy what is given me today. A pleasant exchange with a neighbor, a phone call to cheer a shut-in friend or a dinner with family shall all be appreciated and enjoyed. I love my life and will treasure it all including the memories of the past, the hope for the future and the wonderful things that happen to me today.

I partake only of the correct food that my body needs. I sustain my energy with the proper exercises to keep me fit. Above all, I maintain a cheerful heart so that my good health will prevail.

My life is filled with wonderful possibilities and I look forward to a happy future. I am strong enough to apply myself to doing good and charitable things for my fellow man. I am proud of being kind and loving to everyone. I live a chaste life as a child of God.

I am filled with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Lord. I shall reap the fruit of all good things. I utter words of His prophesy and extend my spirit to lesser beings. I dedicate my efforts to lessening confusion, embracing compassion and facing all fears. I am blessed with the crown of life and take to heart its meaning. I feel the glow of His love.

When others are touched by disaster, I am strong enough to help them recover. I will be a force for good in the universe. I will contribute to the rehabilitation of others. I will be strong and accept the will of God in the occurrence of these forces of nature. I empathize with those who are not strong and help them to restore their lives and faith in God. I will overcome and help others to overcome. I will calm my rage at the unfairness of life and say Thy will be done.

If I can live like other men, then I will strive to do my share in this world. I do not fold up in despair or crumple over loss. I turn from the bitter taste of defeat and know I will prevail over adversity. I know I can rid myself of anger, and overcome any impure instincts. Anger shall not control my actions. I will strive to inspire Godly emotions in my brethren.

My life is worthy of the eternal light. The present bears witness to my good deeds. How would I succeed without having faith and pure content. My enlightenment is suffused with love, joy and hope. I can attain any level of achievement for I will carry the torch that lights the path to eternity.

What good are words if there is no action taken. I respond willingly to the Lord’s call to action. I design my purpose and create ways to achieve all that needs to be accomplished.  I proceed to build on my work and expect it to yield the fruits of my labor.

Today all the planets and stars of the universe start and complete their daily journey. I will also wake and perform all the tasks that are my responsibility. I want my loved ones to depend on me to be as stable as the planets circling our sun and the moon circling our planet.

I am a successful person in the business world. I enjoy networking with other business people. I am proud to be capable of offering assistance to others if they need it. I do not selfishly guard my ideas. Rather, I am ready to brainstorm with one individual or a group depending on the occasion. I will have financial abundance as a reward for my hard work.

Now is the time I can choose to help someone who is in need. I have much from the Lord and it is my duty to share a portion with one who does not. My actions and my words of faith may bring another closer to God. This is a worthwhile way to put forth my efforts right now.

I am confident that when I seek wisdom from the Lord, He will grant it to me all the hours of my life. My knowledge comes from Him.  He is the source of all that is good within me.

I give good measure to others for I know it will be returned to me in the same manner. I honor my parents and respect my elders. This sets a good example for the youth I come in contact with.  I obey my leaders and treat them with courtesy. I respect my spouse and am thankful for the spirit of cooperation and harmony in  our home. This is the law that God wishes us to follow.

I vow to view money as the means to secure sustenance on earth for myself and my progeny. I shall not worship it or take pride in how much I can accrue. I shall keep in mind that I have been blessed with a surplus. I shall be thankful for it and enjoy a good life. I shall not fail to remember those who are without even the necessities and provide what I can for them.

Today I take responsibility and make an active choice to change my life for the better. With the right attitude I can become the person I want to be and gain the rewards that I desire from this life. I am able to accomplish things I once thought impossible!  I am a powerful, determined person, who is letting go of negativity and doubt. Today is the day I fly free.

I work along with Mother Nature to maintain our beautiful planet. I protest the cutting down of too many trees. I seek legislation against those manufacturers who pollute the waters that once ran clear. I belong among those groups devoted to keeping our world free of the litter that despoils the land.

I believe in myself and my capacity. As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I will strive to apply my talents and skills. I believe in miracles, and it is my mission to promote them. I shall not challenge my destiny, but work towards achieving it. My mind and heart hold nothing but the clarity and beauty of my thoughts.

I dedicate my days to being the source of assistance for those who may need a helping hand. I do not wait for them to seek me out. I go out and find them so I can provide what they need for their sustenance.

I conquer my despair even when everything is falling apart. I keep my faith and never give up the struggle as I summon up the courage and confidence to do what must be done. When all else dims, I try to find humor and cling to the knowledge that God helps me when I feel the depressing emotions. I do manage to achieve the control I seek to have. My faith in the Lord works many wonders even during the most volatile of situations.

I do not allow arrogance to interfere with following the will of God. I will strive to be pure of heart and acknowledge that everything good within me is pure and follows God’s plan. I will work to maintain peace.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

I fear nothing for I trust in the Lord. He will not forsake me. I have courage, hope and faith, for You have instilled them in me. I rid myself of negative thoughts.  I foster only the virtues that invite success and so I reap victory. For if I believe I will achieve something, it shall be so. I walk the path of successful service here on earth and keep the bright light of eternity in my mind’s eye.

I feel the Lord is healing my physical self and restoring my positivity. If I think of the wonders of the world, I shall be revitalized in body and soul. Nature provides abundantly wherever my eyes rest. I am joyous and grateful to God for the uplifting beauty I see around me.

I know success will not come overnight. I am willing to work for it in this lifetime, and I will hold on to my goals and dreams.

I look into the mirror of life and see a unique and valuable person. My good self-image is built not on beauty of face. It is built on strength of character and my good intentions towards other people in my world.

Now is the time I can choose to help someone who is in need. I have much from the Lord and it is my duty to share a portion with one who does not. My actions and my words of faith may bring another closer to God. This is a worthwhile way to put forth my efforts right now.

In marriage I shall be bound by the vows I take. I vow to love, honor and cherish my chosen partner for life. If he be healthy, I shall rejoice. If he be ill, I shall care for him. Together we will journey through the world, enjoying all life’s blessings and overcoming those obstacles we encounter along the way.

I feel empowered and strong when I commit myself to the Lord.  Nothing can stand in my way, as long as He is beside me.  Success is inevitable, no distractions will prosper.  I am bursting with the need to act and start doing things.

I have no cause to fret even when someone has wronged me. I will remain steadfast in the name of the Lord and my unfailing love and my faithfulness will be rewarded.

I approach everything in my life with the certainty that I am capable. I have the talent to provide excellent performance on the job. I know that I put forth my best effort and complete each task assigned to me. I am pleasant in my relationships, both on the job and in my personal life. I treat my family and friends with love and respect. I know I am a good person.

I will accomplish my tasks, overcoming all setbacks and failures. I know I shall prevail with the help of the Lord. I know I can be strong and conquer any storm.

My mind holds stores of  information that I can easily gain access to whenever necessary. My faith propels me to use this knowledge to achieve good in the name of God.

When dawn breaks I am thankful for the peace of the night and finding the light at the beginning of a new day. I vow to apply my best effort to the tasks before me. I will enjoy the bright light of the sun as it beams   happiness down on the earth. I will complete many things during the day by making the most of my hours before I lie down, spent, to rest  until new light of day awakens me.

I feel completely confident in my ability to utilize my skills and qualities. My unique skills help me to excel in work and any projects I undertake. I know that as my experiences grows; I will be able to achieve greater and greater things. I feel so pleased to be me. God is constantly giving me his blessing. I have the self belief to get to the top of my career and my business will flourish!

I call people by their names, for it is music to their ears. I go out of my way to remember new acquaintances' names and faces. I make this effort because it gives me pleasure to provide them with recognition and amaze them by showing how much I value them.

I shall always treasure the value of my true friends who love and understand me. I shall always be willing to share happiness with them and empathy in time of need. I yearn to keep them close for the duration of my earthly life and in eternity.

Each day of my life I remind myself that now is the time to start all the
projects I want to do. It is tempting to roll over and go back to sleep on
Saturday morning. Instead I get dressed and go out to cut the grass and do
a dozen other chores on my list.

I rejoice in the clarity of my thoughts. I open my hands to receive this day's graces in exultation. My mind is swept clean of the cobwebs of doubt and confusion. My heart swells with courage and pure enthusiasm. What a fitting day to start a mission of hope. My whole being radiates with anticipation and pure energy.

I have a great concern for the well-being of those who cannot take care of
themselves. It is true that some people take advantage of the charity of
others, but there are those who, for physical or mental reasons, are unable
to work or manage their lives. I direct them to the proper sources that
can provide assistance.

I dive into the unfamiliar with courage and exhilaration. I know that with my positive personality and energetic qualities I have nothing to fear. I can see that I can only ever learn by taking leaps of faith into the darkness. I have the support of my family and of The Lord. He is watching over me as I take risks and expand my mind. I feel the light of the Universe showing me the answers I need. Tomorrow is fast approaching and I am ready for whatever it brings.

I sustain my body with nutritional food and drink each day. I follow my exercise regimen faithfully. I take joy in my daily communion with God. Maintaining my good health is secondary only to maintaining my faith. The adherence to healthy ways is important, but is nothing compared to dedication to the Lord.

I have the freedom to tread the path I choose in life. I can walk through the valley and stop to lie down in the green pasture. I am free to follow the steep road and climb to the pinnacle of the mountain. I am thankful to have the choice of following either way without censure.