Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am a smart person who can follow a career path that will result in financial abundance. I have the ability to remain on task every day to further that goal, whatever my career choice may be. I will be open to an exchange of ideas with others seeking the same goals. I will offer my help to them and not be shy about asking for their help when I need it.

I have a strong faith in God. I am thankful for all the good things in my life. I focus on providing for my family and making their lives successful. I set a good example for them to work hard in a profession of their own choosing. I follow my own dreams in the career I have chosen, but do not impose my choice on others.

I relax my whole being and let a lethargic feeling sweep over me. I welcome this solitude and the thought of being in unity with my surroundings. I feel my energy increase and surge through me. I feel the power of my spirit. I am at one with the universe.

Today I am blessed with happiness, strength and the ability to change. I will discard anger and despair from my heart. I will turn to God and His love will surround me. I choose to make those changes that will draw me closer to Him. By embracing change, I can make a fresh start. My mistakes shall be forgiven. Today I begin to step forward and my mind is filled with love, joy and new hope for the future.

I take pride in the accomplishments of my children. They are the roses I have nurtured and grown in my garden. They reward my toil with bright smiles and curiosity. My pride is great as I watch them open their petals to the world.

Today all the planets and stars of the universe start and complete their daily journey. I will also wake and perform all the tasks that are my responsibility. I want my loved ones to depend on me to be as stable as the planets circling our sun and the moon circling our planet.

Today I celebrate my family.  I rejoice that we are all part of God's family and that love is everywhere. I try to be tolerant and patient and not allow small annoyances to affect me. Friends, family and pets bring great happiness to my life. Today I will smile and pay compliments to them. I will lift them up with my exuberant spirit. I take joy in loving myself and knowing than others love me.

My heart rests in the stillness of contemplation. I shall not regret the past or fear the future. I am content with each moment of life for it is truly a gift. I give thanks for each day.

Inside I feel satisfied and at ease. I know my life is in the hands of God. I know that no matter where I am or what I am doing, God is there. God never tires, he never wavers, and neither does my faith in him. I am utterly devoted to my bright future, and I am excited about the days ahead. My heart is full of gladness that I am so close to my God.

I am lucky to have mentors diligently teaching me the word of God. I thank You for giving them to me, like a shepherd giving to His flock.  I am grateful to them for being an example and pointing me to the correct path to follow. I feel blessed for the wisdom of their words that compel me to understand. I appreciate the times they lend me their strength when I despair. I will commend their work to others as I have great belief in their mighty deeds.

I have invested in the grace and spirit of God. The blessings given to me are amazing. I will share my profits with others in the name of God who bestowed them on me.

I take this opportunity to thank God with every fiber of my being for all that he has given to me. I am ever grateful for the skills I have which are gifts from the Lord and I know he will continue to support me in everything I do. I acknowledge that difficult times serve a purpose as I gain wisdom from them. As I continue on life's journey I will remember each day that I have been blessed with life and take joy and comfort in the knowledge that God is by my side.

I believe in myself and my abilities. All men are created equal before the eyes of God. I hold on to this truth with all my faith. I feel confident among my brothers knowing we all stand equally precious in His eyes. I am secure in the knowledge of my worth. My self-confidence remains strong as I strive to accept the equality of all my brethren.

I will enter into the bonds of marriage only after careful consideration. The one to whom I pledge my love must share my faith and good intent. We shall share the joy of bringing new life into our marriage to nurture and love. We shall cling only to each other throughout our time here on earth.

I am thankful for this incredible day that I see when I wake. I know what a glorious gift it is to be alive. I am the recipient of incredible gifts and thank the Lord for each and every one. He created the beauty of the land and I am eternally grateful for being here to enjoy it. I smile upon this glorious day and the many others to follow.

I know I have a healthy mind in a healthy body. I take care to get enough
sleep each night. I follow an exercise regimen six days out of seven and
make healthy food choices. I do not smoke, drink excessively or take
recreational drugs.

I command my thoughts to move in a positive direction. I shall spend my energies in a way to optimize each day. My abilities count and I will continue to use them for the benefit of others. I reach out for the dreams I hold. I shall strive to make my desires a reality with the guidance of the Lord.

I am filled with happiness as I contemplate the magnificence of all inhabitants of the earth. Each is unique, from man in all his manifestations to those noble beasts that serve him. I take joy in watching a horse run free in the pasture. I see a white dove flying free and know I am witness to a symbol of love. Each plant that grows to nourish God’s creatures is part of a greater plan.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I understand that miracles I pray for may sometimes be granted. I shall be happy and grateful when they are. I also understand that miracles I pray for may not come to pass. The reasons are beyond human understanding and I shall pray for the strength to accept what is to be.

I love others and myself deeply. I feel the warmth of God all around me, and I spread it amongst all people around the world. I know that my soul is bright, and I want it to shine out and touch other people’s lives. I will not be afraid to offer a helping hand, and will do so gladly and often. I hope to meet different people and share knowledge and experience. I am happy to share the experiences of people from other walks of life and cultures.

I welcome each busy day with a smile. I smile for myself and the benefit of those I work with. I believe there is a place for pleasant interaction and kind words within a business environment. An entire company benefits when the lowest employee is encouraged to perform his job well and complimented for doing so.

I respect my body and work hard to protect my health. I consume only natural foods and try to buy organic whenever I can. I exercise each day and get adequate sleep. I care for my body as the temple of God here on earth. My goal is to live long and perform good works here on earth.

I am proud of my countenance for I am created in His image. I am proud of the talents and intelligence I possess. However, it is only the way I put them to good use that is deserved pride. For all my talents are a gift from God.

Today I am glowing with fitness and strength. I want to have the best health possible. I motivate myself to exercise and consume nutritious food in average portions. Fruit and vegetables please me and I pursue perfect health. God created this body and I should treat it as His temple. I respect my body as it is a gift from God.

I will gain courage, strength and confidence and in the end I can I have lived through all these.  For in these horrible moments the weak could have perished and I have survived.

When God allowed me to take my place in this world, He placed a mission on my shoulders. I now accomplish His mission in my day to day living and slowly fulfill the plan that is mine to carry out.

God has given me this land to sow my seeds.  I take the challenge to grow my crops and bring them to bloom.  With my toiling hands I will create the bountiful harvests to surface. This I do to show my gratitude to the Lord. I take care of the earth and make its soil productive.  There is nothing better than making it luscious and green to return the life it has bestowed on me and my brethren.

I welcome life's tempests and storms as they will transform me into the best sailor. Calm seas are no training ground for one who has to face graver situations ahead. I will be strong and able to overcome anything and still maintain my zest for life.

I formulate a plan and review it in my mind. I follow the steps that will lead to succeeding in that plan. I am confident in possessing the abilities required to carry it out.

I have developed a sensible attitude about food. I see it as a way to keep myself healthy and strong. I enjoy meals and do not waste them. I select salads, whole grain foods and poultry in average-sized portions.  I take the time to enjoy my food, but, do not eat to the point of overindulgence.

Today I will amaze myself, I the ability to bring joy to others. I am a loyal and faithful friend and I will offer help to the people I see suffering. God is always showing me I need to show compassion to others and I will not let him down. I understand that not everyone may not be loyal to me, but that will not alter my character. I will block out angry, resentful feelings and keep a positive head. Today can be the day I want it to be!

My genuine smile graces any gathering I take part in. I am sincerely happy to see others and celebrate their good fortune. I am there to lend support with a kind word when the gathering is a memorial service. I am filled with empathy in times of sadness.

I am strong and vital and I embrace each day of life. I love my family and friends and am devoted to my work. I know I do all I can to make them happy and all I can to perform my job well every day.

My hope for the future lives on even when it seems that nature and man transpires to take me down. In God's protective arms I place my weakened body and He shall enfold it and fully restore me to strength of body and spirit.

I would rather be a slave to righteousness than a slave to evil ways. I want to share my faith with others for everyone is worth saving. I will live a life of openness and spread the word of God. My small efforts will be rewarded with the knowledge of introducing Him to those who did not know Him before.

Life is filled with such promise. I awake each morning in happy anticipation. Vibrancy surrounds me and opportunities abound. I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for all my blessings as each day enriches me and reinforces my love of life.

I pray that my faith does not dissolve as ice melts into water.In the face of trials and sufferings, my unwavering faith is the only thing to hold on to when the surface of the earth collapses.Strengthen my belief, so I may rise and live and conquer my doubts.

I feel the love of my family and friends and it warms my heart. I know I am a good person and feel comfortable with myself. I entertain only positive thoughts and my demeanor is joyful and my excellent qualities shine through. I respect and am proud of my actions and know they meet the approval of my Lord.

I believe a career is more than just a day of work. I put forth great effort to complete the tasks required of me. I am thankful for the skills that advance me in my chosen field. It is a privilege to be able to spend my hours doing work that I love.

I look into the mirror and see a successful woman. I have risen to the top of my field in spite of all odds that worked against me. I tackled each obstacle and overcame it. I am smart. I have insight into what will achieve success in the world. I do not gather up all my wealth for my own betterment. I share with those who are less fortunate. What good is wealth if not used to spread happiness in the world?

Yesterday was yesterday and it is gone. I keep the good memories and discard the bad. Today is today and I shall live it by participating in useful activities. I shall enjoy it to the fullest for it shall be tomorrow’s memories. I pray that I can make them all good ones. Tomorrow I shall be pleased with the memories. With each new day, I shall make progress in becoming a better person. I set aside guilt and regret and love myself and feel deserving of happiness.

My poise displays total confidence within me.  I am assured of my battle, be it that an entire crowd should rain their criticism or hurl stones at me.  The inner confidence lies on my absolute faith that I am sheltered from the pain by the strength of God’s love.

Nature provides me with all the makings of a healthy and happy life. I keep watch over the environment. I contribute by taking the time to recycle all the wrappings and refuse that daily living produces. I take care to dispose of them properly. I consider it my obligation to keep nature as pristine and beautiful as possible.

My focus is on the future and making it secure and fun. I make plans to study and prepare myself for a good career. After graduation, I will find an excellent job because I excel in my field of expertise. Over the years I will become an integral part of the success of the company that hires me. I have a bright future. Fun will be included after my responsibilities are met.

My family is what matters most to me. I am grateful to have them in my life. They are my treasure and I offer them happiness, love and caring from my heart. I will spread the cloak of harmony to envelop others and keep us all secure in Your light.

When I perform great tasks, I do so with perseverance. I am ready to surmount all obstacles to gain the results I see as right. My goals will be met and I will not be stopped before I can accomplish them.

I am fully attuned to the goal I have in mind. I am wise and discerning. I am endowed with genuine purpose and passion to reach new heights of achievement. I am confident I will reach the goal I seek.

I strengthen my bond with the Lord and spread His holy promise of eternal life. From this day forward, I shall spread the words of faith and hope to the multitudes. I follow Your laws and encourage others to do the same. Let my enthusiasm draw others into the circle of goodness that will bring them to the Lord. The truth I speak of has the power to save the world.

I can see my wealth grow tremendously as I work harder each day. I am hoping to fulfill the requirements that shall maintain my physical, mental and spiritual wealth in addition to material gains.