Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am pleased for the success of others and trust that my own rewards shall come. The future is bright and I take pride in working towards my goals here on earth. I am proud to do God’s work and look forward to the joy of reaching my goals.

I shall focus on the beautiful things in this awesome world in spite of any disenchantment that tries to sway me. Delays in reaching my dreams will only solidify my dedication. Nothing can shake my trust in my own ability to overcome and survive.

When I dive into the sea of love, that God bathes me in, my life changes forever. I am born again, and the past is released. All sadness and doubt wash away as I am overcome by faith in the Lord. He removes negative energy from my soul and leaves me refreshed. He heals me, opening my eyes to the truth and the way. The Lord transforms my life and I am forever grateful.

My clothing may be tattered, yet I maintain my dignity.  In poverty I find the kingdom of God and I am filled with richness of the spirit.  My heart is strengthened and filled with faith.  

I show my strength of spirit by casting out unworthy thoughts. I flood my soul with vivid memories of the blessings I have enjoyed in the past. My positivity for the future encourages me. It is my fervent hope to speak and bring my brethren to the table the Lord has set out before us. I shall be overjoyed to partake of his bounteous crop and bring the downtrodden and poverty-stricken to join with me in prayer and a surplus of food for the body and the soul.

I design my behavior and go forward with the trust of a child. My future is in Your hands, oh God. I can dream and take joy in fulfillment. My tests and trials are met with profound trust that they can be overcome.  Only with conviction can I be truly transformed into the person You would want me to be.

This shall be a good day. I will perform with positivity and purpose. I believe God puts success within my reach. I remain focused and will be rewarded for my hard work. I am a vital and healthy child of God who is capable of doing great things. I seek to achieve for the benefit of all mankind.

I will embrace positive thinking and face each day with optimism. I will be granted something good for the efforts I extend. I have faith that good will result from my efforts in this situation. For any sacrifice, God gives me His grace. Though my faith is tested, I will not succumb to hopelessness. My physical being shall recover because my spirit is strong. I will use the power of my mind to facilitate my recovery.

My day begins with positive thinking and with less reliance on luck. I double my efforts and am reassured that I will make good things happen. I firmly hold on to my belief that nothing can stop me from doing the necessary task.

Life is filled with such promise. I awake each morning in happy anticipation. Vibrancy surrounds me and opportunities abound. I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for all my blessings as each day enriches me and reinforces my love of life.

I am thankful for all the plants that grow on our planet earth. People and animals alike have sufficient access to sustenance from the land. We can select from an endless array of vegetables to grace our table. I am stunned by the beauty of each flower, the radiance of their many colors and the sweetness of their scent. I will do all I can to protect the environment. I thank God for creating the variety of all things that come from the soil.

I wake in the morning knowing my body is healing. I feel strong once again. Appreciation fills my heart for the restoration of good health. I am thankful for a new beginning here on earth and strive to do God’s work with vigor. I am one who will put forth great effort to regain a healthy body.

I will surge against the gale winds that obstruct my pathway to success. I will not succumb to trials that may cause me to stumble. I   shall endure all that stands in my way and offer myself up to the Lord.

The new thoughts I have lead me to visualize the shape of the person I need to become. I walk the path that will take me to the place I wish to reach. I am led by the reality of His love.

I vow to bring cheer and uplifting words into every encounter. If something is difficult, having a good attitude will help me to approach it in a way that will be helpful. A disagreeable attitude is not something that I will allow myself to have. If my opponent approached me with an attitude, I will counter it with my own smile and friendly words.

I believe in myself and am proud of who I am. I want to shout my praises from the rooftop. I take pleasure in meeting new people and making new friends. I approach each new day with a positive attitude. I have no fear for God is at my side. Surely I am blest  with charisma and shall make an amazing difference to all mankind.

I am proud of being strong enough to overcome bad habits. I have achieved freedom from smoking, freedom from excessive drinking and do not gamble. My lungs are clear and I can jog and enjoy the fresh air. I take care to maintain freedom from illness and addiction. I practice good health habits to keep my body flexible and strong.

I am one of God’s children and He has granted me great favor. I have been gifted with a clear mind and a strong body. I shall use both to achieve position and wealth here on earth. I vow to work hard and put my talents to good use. When I have gained all I mean to achieve, I shall use a portion to give charity to those who are in want and need.

It is one of life’s miracles how one unselfish act of kindness, small, perhaps infinitesimal, can spread from one person to another. Imagine the miracle of kindness for the sake of kindness alone moving across populations, borders and to countries far and wide, creating a legacy of peace for all of the world.

I sense complete serenity engulfing everything my life. It is exhilarating to feel the power of the Universe overtake me. I am in God’s hands and my emotions are steadied by His influence. My inner self is tranquil and I have complete certainty in the person I am. I permit my soul to grow by relinquishing all thoughts of doubt and fear. I know that I am responsible for my own emotions, and I will keep myself centered at all times.

I make a habit of thinking and reliving precious moments of the past. The joy and pleasure I derive lifts me up when I feel loneliness. My heart is relieved of sadness and I soar to new heights of happiness. I keep my joyful memories to fill my heart when it is drained of uplifting emotions.

I have no fear of disaster because I am strong both physically and emotionally. I know I can overcome anything detrimental that befalls me. I will rebuild from any level of ruin. I have my intelligent mind, my good health and dedication to whatever task is set before me. I am proud of my fearlessness and my confident nature that allows me to enjoy my life without becoming alarmed about any outside influences.

I will grieve not for past words and misdeeds. I say my contrition for to repent my sins is to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. I will release myself from torment and be kind to my soul. As I have paid for my wrong deeds, thus have I likewise forgiven those who torment me. I will look into the mirror to seek the fog and remove it from my eyes. I can see clearly now and the brilliance of the days ahead will beckon me. Only good things will prosper when I am within the light of God.

I gracefully accept my living conditions. I look around and improve them as much as possible. The flaws in my current home must be accepted. I know my dedication to career will result in a finer house someday. I will work hard and live in this one as gracefully as possible.

My spouse is an extension of myself. I give her due respect and treat her with the consideration she deserves. I am enthralled by her gentle spirit. I value her courage when facing troubled times. I welcome her as my equal partner. My vows are sacred and I will honor them and her for the rest of our lives.

I am asked and so I speak of the descent of the Spirit to bring the glories that He promised mankind.  A stranger can take refuge in the words that come from my lips. I provide the answers and they are gladly received. Such is the power and influence I hold over persons I have only met.

Now is the time I can choose to help someone who is in need. I have much from the Lord and it is my duty to share a portion with one who does not. My actions and my words of faith may bring another closer to God. This is a worthwhile way to put forth my efforts right now.

I sustain my body with nutritional food and drink each day. I follow my exercise regimen faithfully. I take joy in my daily communion with God. Maintaining my good health is secondary only to maintaining my faith. The adherence to healthy ways is important, but is nothing compared to dedication to the Lord.

Bold I can be when I need to face the lion’s roar.  If I can say I will slay the beast, I believe I can do it.  My mind is fertile with different ways of how to conquer the fear, doubts, and uncertainties that beset my being.  As long as I can imagine things, nothing will prevent me to make them a reality.

I have sufficient grace to conquer all adversity that comes my way. I can accept the challenges of each day. God gives me the insight to recognize what issues should be given priority. I will eventually achieve what I have set out to do.

My senses grow sharper each day with appreciation for this beautiful world. What great love You show by bestowing all this on Your children. There is no greater joy than waking up to sounds of birds chirping and opening sleepy eyes to a sunlit morning. As I contemplate wonders of the universe, my spirit seeks Your presence beside me.  Oh, how truly magnificent is this world You have created.

I turn my face and receive the rays of the morning sun.  I listen to my positive thoughts and repeat them aloud. My subconscious responds with its own positive statements. It exhilarates me to feel the power coursing through my body and mind. I am ready to face the day.

I build joyful memories. I store candid moments spent together with family and friends. I consciously create these special moments through effort and love. I keep them close to my heart and they give me boundless happiness.

I work hard to reach the purpose I have set for my life. I focus on the possibilities that lie ahead instead of thinking about the negative situation that I must face. I know I shall succeed with the help of God.

My limbs are strong to grasp something or take a walk, be it a few miles or more. How fresh they feel after the times of disuse and deformity. They are suffused now with pulse throbbing mightily in my veins. I have new health bestowed upon me. I am as a babe newly born. I am awed by this miracle of life. How did I deserve a new lease on life? But You, my Lord, have spoken. You gave forgiveness and I am graciously accepting my token. I have no words but I have a mind full of promised change. I have total faith in my heart. I have this renewed life that only You possessed the power to bestow.

I respect the other person's point of view. I listen and hear what they want to convey. I interact freely with others and respect their beliefs while expressing my own and sharing my own stories.

Today I begin to accept myself for who I am. I surrender insecurities and cast out jealousy and envy. I  am comfortable in the body God gave to me. I shall not allow the judgment of other people to cause me dismay. I am secure in myself. I was created in the image of God and am confident in my own appearance.

My regard for other people exceeds my concern for my own.  I am careful to avoid doing harm to others, be that a reckless word, or unintended insult.  I respect the feelings of people knowing that these are human beings with emotional upheavals of their own.

I remain calm and controlled. I know that all the people love me in my life and I constantly feel the warmth from that love. My optimistic perspective lifts my mood even in the most difficult scenarios. I share my abundance with those who need it and see it come back to me ten fold! Sharing with other brings such joy to be and enhances me life. God sees my generosity and he is proud of me for it!

I find satisfaction in working with others rather than competing with them. I can be an excellent team member who shares the load and makes the workday pleasant. I have the skills that make a good team leader and shall set a good example for others. I have no fear of standing up and stating my ideas. I have the humility to admit it when I am wrong and learn from the errors of my ways. I contribute to any business with an agile mind and a dedicated work ethic. I manage my personal finances successfully and spend sparingly. God sees my potential and gives me all the resources necessary to reach the pinnacle of success.

I am an intelligent person who works hard to earn a good living. I take care of all my responsibilities. I provide for my spouse and children. We live a good life and enjoy each other’s company every day. I have savings for my children’s education. I do not focus only on our family and our needs. I use some of the wealth I have created to provide for people who are less fortunate than my family.

When my mind needs convincing that I can meet the challenge, my heart whispers that I am supplied with the ability by God. The power of my heart radiates and surges through to sustain the flame burning in my mind. I am able. I am powerful. I am strong.

I know the source of my joy is in my dedication to the Lord. I know the source of my faith is in the security He provides. My sense of purpose is in fulfilling His mission for me here on earth. The source of my hope is in the surety that eternal life shall be mine.

I give love and nurture my children. In the same way I teach discipline by words of enlightenment.

My tangible riches are but material things. They may be precious jewels and extensive properties. My intangible riches are worth more than gold. They are the people who call me friend and the family that looks at me with love shining in their eyes.

I do not seek riches for their sake alone. I seek to acquire enough to care for my family responsibilities. I do not seek riches for personal advantage. I am fortified by the riches that come from self-satisfaction and doing for others. In that sense, I count myself among the richest men in the world.

I play close attention to my dreams knowing they offer a wealth of information. I am able to get closer to God when I am asleep as my mind is completely clear of daily distractions. When I awake I feel fully refreshed and enlightened. I always look after my body and mind by making sure I get plenty of quality rest time. Every night I lay down my head I feel the answers come to me!

My love knows no bounds.  It surrounds me with unquestioning forgiveness. It lifts me up and satisfies my soul. My love is an inspiration to those I bestow in on. I cast out fear and rejoice in the name of love. I will overcome all hardships and live a blessed life.

I am a unique person with my own distinct personality. I am only similar to others in God's equation. I love being me.

The universe is vast and I contemplate all that it holds. It arouses my curiosity as I think of the possible numbers of planets swirling in the expanse of space. Each star may center a planetary system as our sun does. I am thankful for having an intelligent and curious mind. I shall use it to analyze and add to human understanding of the universe.