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Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Welcome to Positive Lifestyle

We hope that the resources on this site will help you soar higher and live a more positive, stronger lifestyle.

Time flies swiftly and I lose count of the hours during my daily tasks. It is not the hours that count, but the outcome of the day.

Today I acknowledge the beautiful body and face the Lord gave to me. He chose to create me as I am and it makes me proud. I am beautiful inside and out. I have been blessed with grace and charm. I am a unique individual, special in His eyes. I look for the beauty in others. I keep in mind that beauty in me and others has no importance compared to the beauty of a faithful soul.

I use my abundant energy to make my dreams a reality. I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals. God appreciates my efforts and I feel His presence beside me, guiding me. When I feel this positivity, great things are going to happen. Should I take a wrong step along the way, I am strong enough to cope and return to the correct path. Nothing can stop me from achieving the wonderful dreams I have for the future of my life.

I renew my faith and perspective daily and strive towards being transformed into God’s image. I accept gladly whatever fate You wish upon me.

When I see the accomplishments of others I take pride in having helped them to achieve. I give them the generous praise they deserve. I am enthusiastic about their good work and the fact that I was instrumental in inspiring them to succeed.

How fortunate I am to be looking forward to attending college and
preparing for a high-paying job. Yesterday, when I tried on a pair of
expensive basketball shoes, my thoughts turned to rumors of Chinese
children laboring long hours in overseas factories to make them. If I
refuse to buy these shoes will it help those children to have better
opportunities in life?

I take pride in those things I have worked to achieve. My success is based on talents and abilities bestowed on me by God. I do not take pride in having those talents, but in the way that I use them to achieve success through hard work.

What an awesome time to be alive, I cannot express enough gratitude to God. He gave me life and I shall remain faithful to Him for all time. Each new day brings something amazing in the world around me. I am surely blessed to have friends and family surround me. Their love is my treasure and my soul is filled with more joy than I can contain. Each time I meet new people they enrich my existence.

My confidence builds as I play scenes in my mind and review the probable results.  I create the scenario I want the most and review it several times. I gain the confidence I need by the repeated playback of my anticipated result.

I am grateful for God’s understanding grace, which guides me through each day, be it easy or difficult. I shall try to be deserving of my gifts by developing my abilities and using them to benefit others. I will share worldly goods with someone who is in need. I will speak of the grace of God to someone who may come to know Him through me.

I am aware that when I give up something dear to me, You have in store another gift of greater value. I think only of the day to come when You choose to bestow Your gift upon me. Joyful anticipation fills my mind and soul.

Wealthy or not, I feel confident when I am face to face with people. It has a positive effect on the opinion they have of me. I love the feeling of self-esteem. It is my wealth to have that sense of accomplishment.

I work along with Mother Nature to maintain our beautiful planet. I protest the cutting down of too many trees. I seek legislation against those manufacturers who pollute the waters that once ran clear. I belong among those groups devoted to keeping our world free of the litter that despoils the land.

I will work to protect the environment of nature to keep it pure. I will strive to clear the polluted air around us. I will support laws to protect the waterways from being filled with toxic waste. I shall work to free nature’s loveliness from all future harm that it may provide a home to all God’s creatures as intended.

I shall not burden myself with worries about tomorrow. There will be food when I hunger and water when I thirst. I trust in the Lord to provide all that I need. I pray to Him to ease my worried mind and he grants me freedom from my worry. My mind is at rest and peace reigns within me.

My faith is working wonders as I believed it would. My power affirmations are producing tremendous results such as those I have prayed for.

Today I recognize my part to play on this Earth. God wants me to spread His love so the world will be a better place. I shall not remain idle. I will venture out and improve my corner of the world. I am filled with the love of God and have the power to change lives and spread joy. I will make the lonely feel loved and bestow faith upon those who doubt. Nothing is too difficult when it is done to glorify God. I honor Him by performing charitable deeds and spreading His word among the multitudes.

I will not allow shameful or sinful words to pass through my lips. I shall speak the truth of how I feel.  All my utterances shall be in accordance with His will. I will uphold my truthful words and refrain from speaking ill of any other person. I ask for mercy and the ability to guide others towards the right path. God is merciful and will grant me the strength to act in a good manner.

I know that food is the source of my energy and I will respect that by only choosing to eat nourishing foods. My physical health is peaking and I can feel my body healing with every moment. God gave us so many wonderful fruits, which I will eat gladly. I will always look after my body and I know that in doing so I can attain the ideal weight that I desire. I am a beautiful person and I tell myself everyday!

I will take things as I find them. Neither diversion nor distraction will keep me from the correct path. I will be joyful and gracious in all circumstances. I will seek to find Your hand in all situations. I place my hand in Yours for You to guide and lead me.

The career I have chosen as my life’s work is one that is most appropriate for someone with my personality. I take pleasure in helping others. I show them ways to improve their physical condition. I go through rehabilitative routines with them and instruct them in how to perform them at home. I love being a physical therapist and all the functions it entails. I know I am good and will advance in the career path I have chosen to follow.

I build joyful memories. I store candid moments spent together with family and friends. I consciously create these special moments through effort and love. I keep them close to my heart and they give me boundless happiness.

I repeat the words of my power affirmations every day. They taste like honey on my lips. They are like the lamp that lights my path and leads me to my destination as I tread the roughened ground. As I believe these words I have no dread of the day that comes. I welcome each day for whatever it brings I know that I always share my days with You.

Today I am becoming ever more prosperous. I thrive under the direction of the Lord. I have all my wants and needs fulfilled. I am flourishing and will selflessly share what I have with someone in need. My joy is in serving God and His followers. My life is awash with good things. Love is growing exponentially and I continue to prosper.

The miracle of life amazes me everyday. New children are born every day and I am going to set a good example to them. I will guide them morally with my faith in God. I love everyone, young and old, and I treat all people the same. I am not afraid to let my inner child out, by expressing myself creatively and passionately. Family and friends fill my world with so much joy!

I shall prudently accumulate riches. I am thankful for having more than I need and the chance to share it with my fellow man. I adhere to the spiritual values that are God pleasing and take joy in having the ability to share my wealth for the good of others.

I am so gifted with many riches. I do not use them all up quickly, but, set some aside for leaner times. The feast before me should not be consumed all at one time. I appreciate today’s abundance and prepare for tomorrow. I store enough because I have the wisdom to consider my future. God teaches me to prepare for all circumstances to ensure a steady supply of all his wonderful gifts for survival.

I declare myself to be a child of God. I nurture my strength, beauty and my inner simplicity. I am a source of joy to those around me. I give my obeisance to God, allowing my potential to blossom in the sanctity of His presence.  I devote my life to the power of the Holy Father. I give my total faith and submit to His will and receive clarity of vision. Eternity will be shown to me.

I have no fear of disaster because I am strong both physically and emotionally. I know I can overcome anything detrimental that befalls me. I will rebuild from any level of ruin. I have my intelligent mind, my good health and dedication to whatever task is set before me. I am proud of my fearlessness and my confident nature that allows me to enjoy my life without becoming alarmed about any outside influences.

I hold myself to a higher level of standards in all the significant aspects of my life. I will adhere to these standards in matters of work and interaction with other people at all times. I know this is possible and pleasing to God.

I cling to friends who give me affection. I bind myself to them because of our common love of God. I bask in the glow of their love and acceptance of my faults and weaknesses. I appreciate the steps they undertake to consciously help me to correct the error of my ways. I am truly fortunate to have friends who stand by me.

I release all that is counterproductive from my thoughts. I turn away from all hesitation, fear, doubt and faltering. I will accept the heavy burden and bear it with a pleasant demeanor.  With surefooted steps I accept the challenges of today, knowing I will triumph over them. God is beside me and I place my future in His hands.

I maintain my freedom and do not allow the opinions of others to control my actions. Only I must approve of what I do. I act in a manner that will please the Lord, for only His approval is of great concern to me.

I say my power affirmations daily and continuously gain strength, courage, and firmness of character.  Repeating these affirmations make positive things materialize from the seemingly bleak situations I encounter.  The power of my subconscious mind is being utilized to its full capacity.  This well of positive thoughts is allowing me to conduct my daily business with confidence and hope.  I could never fall into ominous circumstances when I turn to the positive thoughts that lighten my load.

Nature provides me with all the makings of a healthy and happy life. I keep watch over the environment. I contribute by taking the time to recycle all the wrappings and refuse that daily living produces. I take care to dispose of them properly. I consider it my obligation to keep nature as pristine and beautiful as possible.

I picture a tomorrow where there is great love and harmony among men. This is a future where no peril or disaster exists to threaten those on earth. This beautiful hope for the future will shield me and my loved ones from harm and distress.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I earn my self-esteem by working to develop all the talents and abilities I am blessed with. I do not tire easily and keep my goals in mind as I work. If I am able to amass great wealth, it will not be spent foolishly. I use it to enrich the lives of my spouse, my children and give the excess to those who live in poverty that they may enjoy a pleasant life.

My focus is on the future and making it secure and fun. I make plans to study and prepare myself for a good career. After graduation, I will find an excellent job because I excel in my field of expertise. Over the years I will become an integral part of the success of the company that hires me. I have a bright future. Fun will be included after my responsibilities are met.

I now have the wealth to distribute among the charities and deserving causes I have great faith in.  I am lucky to have generated an abundance that I could freely give. I am eager to share these blessings.

My outlook is fresher and sharper than before. I am restored in the presence of the Lord. This change is a reversal of my once troubled heart. I am filled with happiness, calm confidence and richness of spirit. I can face life and its challenges without qualms. I have found my salvation in the circle of God's fold. I have passed from death to life. If I can change myself, how can I not change the world?

I have attained the education needed to be a teacher and spend my work days surrounded by children. I face each day and each class with a smile on my face. I receive smiles in return. I feel confident that I’m doing something important with my life. Each time a child grasps a new concept I take great pride in knowing I taught it. My life is so happy and full.

My vitality exceeds all expectations. I am filled with drive and purpose enough to finish a project quickly. The richness of the Lord's glory strengthens the innermost corners of my soul. I am blessed with unending faith provided by the Lord that is dwelling in my heart.

I have set aside aloofness and indifference. I reach out to my neighbors and share my graces with them. I bare my innermost thoughts to let understanding flow. I trust my brother and will give more effort to share with him.

How blessed I am to come to this day. After my long    journey, I have arrived at this opportune moment. I embrace this day in my life full of wonder and pride. I thank my brethren who have given me love and support.  I will be forever grateful to them for inspiring me to reach this joyous day.

I fear nothing for I trust in the Lord. He will not forsake me. I have courage, hope and faith, for You have instilled them in me. I rid myself of negative thoughts.  I foster only the virtues that invite success and so I reap victory. For if I believe I will achieve something, it shall be so. I walk the path of successful service here on earth and keep the bright light of eternity in my mind’s eye.

Let me reap abundant crops from the hard toil of my working hands. My zealousness pushes me to work heartily that I may be richly supplied. My daily achievements are rewarded with bread and great profits.  I can see how the world benefits from my efforts. I am inspired to attain all that I aim for. I labor quietly and in honesty so that I may share with those who are in need. Such is the purpose of my existence.

I pass on to those around me the feelings of great confidence and certainty. It is a tangible presence that palpates in the air around us providing protection from temptations that might be our downfall.

Money in its own right is not always a blessing. What money can buy is not always good. The purpose for which money is used makes it either beneficial or detrimental. I shall not amass riches for their own sake. I shall use it for the benefit of myself and my loved ones. The excess shall be given to charity.

I will never stop reaching for greatness. I will improve myself to the fullest extent possible.