Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I have the correct attitude to help me navigate any difficult situation. I ask for God’s help in staying on the right path and He grants me assurance.

Money in its own right is not always a blessing. What money can buy is not always good. The purpose for which money is used makes it either beneficial or detrimental. I shall not amass riches for their own sake. I shall use it for the benefit of myself and my loved ones. The excess shall be given to charity.

I am proud of the kind things I am able to do for others. Although I am
attractive and intelligent, I cannot take pride in those traits since I was
born with them and did not have to earn them. It is the things I have
accomplished through honest effort of which I can be justifiably proud.

I am thankful for all the plants that grow on our planet earth. People and animals alike have sufficient access to sustenance from the land. We can select from an endless array of vegetables to grace our table. I am stunned by the beauty of each flower, the radiance of their many colors and the sweetness of their scent. I will do all I can to protect the environment. I thank God for creating the variety of all things that come from the soil.

I am filled with hope for the future of my children. I shall bring them up to be good citizens and followers of the Lord. I shall nurture them with food for their bodies and faith for their souls. I take pride in their accomplishments. I hope for good lives for each of my children. Children are the hope for the future of all mankind.

Grant me this wish Lord that this young one will see the truth of his ways and follow a path according to Your spoken words. May the days of his long life be spent in worship and returning the blessings You have bestowed upon him. I ask for this special favor to be granted. I know that, with Your strength to compel me, I will be content in carrying this burden.

Today my words will reflect my faith for I will choose them with great care. I will not be careless in what I say by engaging in gossip or negative talk. I will channel God's love and speak only good things about my fellow man. I will use my words in a constructive, positive way to help and encourage others. I have the power to bring happiness or sadness into the lives of others. I will use words that uplift the heart and reinforce the self- confidence of my brethren.

I welcome the surge of positive feelings within me. I am garbed in good intentions and surround myself with happy moments. I will not cloud my mind with gloomy thoughts. The warmth of joyous memories will flood my soul. I focus only on kind and Godly thoughts.

I am enthusiastic about improving my status. My mind tells me that I need to acquire wealth to make myself comfortable. Yet, I will not seek wealth beyond what is mere comfort. My requirements will be limited to the basic requisites for an good lifestyle. I will work hard to achieve the level of comfort that I desire.  The moment I attain the greatest accomplishment of my career, I will strive to balance every success with humility and commitment.

The miracle of life amazes me everyday. New children are born every day and I am going to set a good example to them. I will guide them morally with my faith in God. I love everyone, young and old, and I treat all people the same. I am not afraid to let my inner child out, by expressing myself creatively and passionately. Family and friends fill my world with so much joy!

I know I have a healthy mind in a healthy body. I take care to get enough
sleep each night. I follow an exercise regimen six days out of seven and
make healthy food choices. I do not smoke, drink excessively or take
recreational drugs.

I am filled with happiness as I contemplate the magnificence of all inhabitants of the earth. Each is unique, from man in all his manifestations to those noble beasts that serve him. I take joy in watching a horse run free in the pasture. I see a white dove flying free and know I am witness to a symbol of love. Each plant that grows to nourish God’s creatures is part of a greater plan.

I have everything to be thankful for. My health is fast recovering. Each day brings fresh rejuvenation of my physical self and I am safe from the immediate perils of untimely demise. I shall make good use of my gift of rejuvenated life and spend my days showing gratitude to God for this miracle.

I nourish my mind and soul daily and that provides the impetus to prevail over all adversity. I concentrate all my energies on applying myself to the correct path to follow to achieve the success I know I am capable of.

I gaze in wonder at Your house and glory in the desire to dwell in it forever.  I cast away my disillusionment, rise and offer sacred vows from the depths of my soul. I am content in the refuge of Your temple. I share my peace, my love and my hope with all those around me. I will forever cherish my ability to be a winner. Gone are the fears of losing a battle. My scars remind me of my victories. My days on earth are brighter till I can live in Your eternal kingdom.

I have the ability to talk to others about spiritual matters. I take pride in my knowledge of God and how to lead a chaste life. I derive satisfaction by sharing the truth with my fellow man and pointing him in the direction of enlightenment.

My heart is at peace and my spirit is whole and alive. My soul is filled with hope. I know that everything is right within me. I am recovering from the illness that has besieged me and I can feel that my body is restored and healed.

From this day forth I will speak with caution. Only truthful words shall come forth from my mouth. I shall not engage in gossip or any malicious conversation to degrade my fellow man. I share only good news and bring good will to others. When I speak of blessings, I do so for the benefit of others.

I am wise and will manage my wealth in the best ways I can find. I will handle and use money in a deliberate and precise way that will benefit me and those in need.

I have looked inside my heart and found a keen longing to be reborn in the image of God. I want to feel His spirit within me. I want to be as fresh and pure as the morning dew and bathe in the wholesome fragrance of nature. I can achieve this transformation through my own willpower and my physical being shall bow in obedience to the will of God.

I know that I can plant a tree. I know that I can nurture it and watch it grow. Yet I know that I am only the humble landscape architect and custodian of the tree. For the tree and all beautiful gifts of nature are creations crafted by the hand of God.

I shall find the hidden path to follow that will preserve my soul. I may face obstacles but will persist and overcome them. Each step I take brings me closer to my destiny, which is eternal life.

I am guided by my faith to obey the will of God. I make decisions that are sound and yield fruitful results.

I think of what is just, pure and lovely and have faith these pure thoughts will take me through the valley to safety. I sing a new song of praise and my soul lifts in cheerful anticipation. I shall serve my God with a heart full of gladness. I confess my sins and through repentance shall be saved.

I may have a different definition of beauty. A shallow person may define beauty in terms of a pretty face, a graceful body and a voice that is lovely to listen to. A sensitive person may define it as peace and sharing.  A literal definition may identify it as the state of not being at war. A military general may define it as a declaration that war is ended. To each of us, beauty is a different thing. We can be sure that beauty is always a good thing. I try each day to embrace my personal view of what it means to me.

I aim to show my humility by accepting fault when it is justified. I will embrace my friends warmly and take joy in their friendship. I will give freely of my time to share conversation with them.

I dedicate myself to God with daily affirmations. I follow the path my faith directs me to walk. Though I know not what each day may bring, I am filled with hope for good things to happen. I place all my trust in the Lord.

Today I calm my emotions and feel a peaceful wave wash over me. Life can be busy and overwhelming. It is important to take time to relax. I use meditation and prayer to nourish my soul. I connect with God during this time. I shall be rested and my vitality restored.

God has laid down a path for me to follow, and that path leads to success. I walk resolutely as my faith carries me. Each confident step I take is a step closer to accomplishing my dreams. My resolve is unwavering and strong. I am consistently moving toward a better mind, body and spirit! My confidence rubs off on other people, enhancing their lives. My confident demeanor shines out for the world to see!

I take action to resolve any problem that occurs in my life. I know I am a good person and will not allow anyone to sway me from the path of righteousness. If I feel my action will contribute to the discomfiture of another, I turn away from that resolution and find another way to deal with the situation.

I welcome the ability to open my eyes to a bright new day. Positive thoughts fill my mind as I plan the path I will follow. I have meditated and found the strength to navigate the obstacles that prevented me from fulfilling my destiny. God has lifted me when I have fallen, given me courage in times of fear and given me his strong hand to cling to throughout my struggles. He has filled me with a burst of new hope. I am restored and will live forever in His glory.

I take this opportunity to thank God with every fiber of my being for all that he has given to me. I am ever grateful for the skills I have which are gifts from the Lord and I know he will continue to support me in everything I do. I acknowledge that difficult times serve a purpose as I gain wisdom from them. As I continue on life's journey I will remember each day that I have been blessed with life and take joy and comfort in the knowledge that God is by my side.

I give love and nurture my children. In the same way I teach discipline by words of enlightenment.

I am pleased to have the freedom to vote for leaders of my choice. I can speak my mind freely, whether praising or criticizing their actions. My ambitions on a political level can be developed providing I have the energy and dedication for travel and public speaking.

I have developed my ability to work hard and earn money, to save sufficient amounts for rainy days and to invest well to acquire more honest earnings with my monies.

Today I will focus on things that seem larger than life. I hold high hopes and expectations for myself. I am capable of bigger accomplishments and seek bigger opportunities. This day I shall give 100% of myself to everything I set my sights on. I am 100% healthy. I am 100% happy and I have 100% faith in God. What I want to happen WILL happen. I shall make my dreams come true through determination and faith in God.

I am grateful for escaping the shadows of darkness. Yesterday I was in great need but would not give up my quest to improve my life. It was my faith that lifted me up to the light. Now I am safe and secure and free of the shackles of sin that bound me. Now I find my joy in anticipation of the eternal life that awaits me.

I fear nothing for I trust in the Lord. He will not forsake me. I have courage, hope and faith, for You have instilled them in me. I rid myself of negative thoughts.  I foster only the virtues that invite success and so I reap victory. For if I believe I will achieve something, it shall be so. I walk the path of successful service here on earth and keep the bright light of eternity in my mind’s eye.

One observation of a natural disaster is that it clears the way to a new path in life. Let the floods clear those obstacles that cloud my goals. I will turn to God for direction. I will pray for understanding, be thankful for the gift of another day and look for the next way I can serve God and my fellow man.

I know success will not come overnight. I am willing to work for it in this lifetime, and I will hold on to my goals and dreams.

I respect all the brave men and women who fight for freedom. I do not argue about politics with friends or family. When others begin to argue, I mediate their differences. Although I have strong beliefs, I do not denigrate the preferences of others. I present my ideas in a pleasant manner and am willing to listen to the other person’s views.

I hold on to my dreams and do not give up for they are my motivation and inspiration. My dreams are the nutrients that feed my soul. Small gains and achievements will grow into a mountain of success. Determination to reach the mountaintop will spur me on.

I see the abundance of life’s blessings spread out before me. I take note of it and appreciate it. I assess the abundance of my gifts from God. I sleep in a warm bed each night. I enjoy a hearty breakfast each morning. I gaze out my window and view the beauty of the land. I give thanks for all the joy He provides in abundance.

I am very thankful for the freedom afforded me. Here in my country I have the freedom to worship as I choose and the freedom to speak my mind without fear of retaliation. I may seek pleasure in any way I choose as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

I cannot wait to begin my busy day each morning. I get out of bed full of energy for all I can accomplish in one day. My mind is like a well-organized data bank of information I can access and utilize at a moment’s notice. My high-level of motivation can inspire a group of co-workers or staff that I am in charge of and encourage cooperation and success for everyone in that group.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for everything good in my life. I feel that my faith is rewarded each day. I appreciate the beauty this world holds. I am fortunate to have my family and wonderful friends. I am thankful for my blessings and return the love and understanding I receive from all those who enrich my life.

I shall, with guidance from God, build tributes to His glory here on earth. I conceive of an idea, develop it and work diligently to carry it to fruition. Be it a church, a non-profit organization to serve the people or any other monument erected in His name, I shall achieve it with the approval and help of the Lord.

It is a positive thing to take pride in myself, and I do. However, I credit
God for endowing me with favorable traits and talents. I embrace my
faith and use the talents I have been given to fill a useful place in the

I will use the power of my innermost self to help my fellow man to prosper. I shall take responsibility for lifting the faith and confidence in all hearts. No storm will be strong enough to stop me from spreading kindness and joy to those in need.

Each time I can reach out to offer comfort I am able to maintain my self-
image as a caring individual. Whether it is a friend who has lost a loved
one and needs to talk, or an elderly neighbor who has no one to shovel
snow from her sidewalk, I lend a hand as often as time permits.