Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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All the beauty and bounty of nature belongs to me. It is a gift from God. My body is nurtured by the fields of wheat and corn and the clean water to slake my thirst. The wondrous things my eyes behold are spread out in the gardens of the world, a gift to satisfy the needs of my soul.

I am always able to keep a cool head. Patience is one of my many virtues. I find the rain a welcome event because it nourishes the crops that fill my plate. My daily bread pleases my appetite. I am not in want and love to share my blessings with others.

All my achievements bring joy because you are here beside me to share them. My efforts are all for the welfare of our family. It is worth a lifetime of struggle to work for the prosperity of our family. Nothing could be more rewarding to me.

My thoughts turn to vacations in exotic places. I anticipate saving from
my earnings to book a trip to Jamaica or Hawaii. I want to see the
orchids that bloom wild in Hawaii and swim in the warm ocean water off
the island of Jamaica. A week in the tropics is a just reward for a year of
hard work.

I am appreciative of the freedom that is mine. I use it to make decisions for my life, in accordance with the laws of the country and the laws of God. I teach my children to be patriotic as well as God-pleasing. I put no other restraints on their developing minds.

I repeat the words of my power affirmations every day. They taste like honey on my lips. They are like the lamp that lights my path and leads me to my destination as I tread the roughened ground. As I believe these words I have no dread of the day that comes. I welcome each day for whatever it brings I know that I always share my days with You.

I will embrace positive thinking and face each day with optimism. I will be granted something good for the efforts I extend. I have faith that good will result from my efforts in this situation. For any sacrifice, God gives me His grace. Though my faith is tested, I will not succumb to hopelessness. My physical being shall recover because my spirit is strong. I will use the power of my mind to facilitate my recovery.

My love is inexhaustible. My being radiates with the warmth as it flows to the people around me. This loving feeling is contagious.  Everyone responds and shares the love that I so freely give. I feel the peace within me. I am no longer alone, but share unity with my brethren. I find joyful security in their shared faith and kindness.

I am burning with the fiery enthusiasm that invigorates my efforts to assist the needy and downtrodden that cross my path. I shall serve to enrich them through my humble efforts.

I shall focus on the beautiful things in this awesome world in spite of any disenchantment that tries to sway me. Delays in reaching my dreams will only solidify my dedication. Nothing can shake my trust in my own ability to overcome and survive.

I am filled with gratitude for the many things God provides. There is the beauty of the earth all around us. There is the warmth of the sunshine overhead. There is the pleasant sound of a waterfall. All these gifts that nature provides fill my heart with the joy of living.

I am content to hold the hand of the person I love.  Communication need not always be heard by our ears, as long as our minds and hearts recognize the love that exists between us.

I care for my physical being.  By making responsible choices to maintain good health. I nourish my body with good nutrition and adequate activity. I will not abuse my physical body, but rather protect my health to sustain a long life. I offer my existence to He who created me and surrender it only when He so desires.

I formulate a plan and review it in my mind. I follow the steps that will lead to succeeding in that plan. I am confident in possessing the abilities required to carry it out.

I will not wait for destiny to come and seek me out. I will reach out to search for it in all the corners of the earth. I seek the answer to what purpose the Lord has in mind for my future.

In pursuit of my goals I  picture vivid images in the crevices of my mind.  I use these pictures and work to create possibilities that become realities.

I dedicate my days to being the source of assistance for those who may need a helping hand. I do not wait for them to seek me out. I go out and find them so I can provide what they need for their sustenance.

I set out to earn His favor each day. I work diligently at my chosen career. I pray and meditate on His greatness, morning and night. I care for my fellow man, both with caring emotions and material goods, if he be in want or distress.

I shall approach negative people with positivity. They will not cloud my sky nor darken my horizon. I seek to show them the positive approach to life. If I cannot turn them towards God, I shall free myself of their corrupting ways.

My appreciation of beauty lies in my perception. The most distorted shapes and scarred surfaces may possess an inner beauty. I can find some measure of goodness and beauty in each person. I look past the outer appearance and beyond his sins no matter how bad.

Today all the planets and stars of the universe start and complete their daily journey. I will also wake and perform all the tasks that are my responsibility. I want my loved ones to depend on me to be as stable as the planets circling our sun and the moon circling our planet.

I am proud of being strong enough to overcome bad habits. I have achieved freedom from smoking, freedom from excessive drinking and do not gamble. My lungs are clear and I can jog and enjoy the fresh air. I take care to maintain freedom from illness and addiction. I practice good health habits to keep my body flexible and strong.

I take deep breaths and they exhilarate me. I am staying fit by doing exercises. I feel my body burning away the fat and replacing it with maximum doses of energy. I exult in the feeling of vigor that envelops my whole being. I am capable of physical exertions. I am grateful to be healthy and fit.

I will live in safety without fear of harm. I will stay away from men of dishonest ways and perverse deeds. I may be slight, but I can conquer as David conquered Goliath.  My wisdom and discretion will protect me when brawn fails. All this is within my power and I shall honor the Lord by following the paths He has set me on.

I give my family the gift of unconditional love. Personal concerns are set aside to accommodate their interests first. My family is the center of my universe. My toil is dedicated to their wellbeing.  I work to provide material comforts so they may live in dignity among men. The reward for my efforts shall be granted in eternity. The Lord will know of the way I conduct myself and bestow His grace upon me. There is no reward greater than pleasing God and gaining entrance through the gates of heaven.

To be able to forgive is a lesson in humility. From this day forth I shall strive to forgive and mend broken relationships. I have faith in my abilities and will acquire that power. I shall have a heart filled with love and a spirit filled with faith. My whole being will radiate with the inner glow of repentance and forgiveness.

I constantly strive to build harmonious relationships with others. I engage the people around me in sensible discussion and lively exchange. I draw out their ideas and build on them. Together, we can achieve things that are constructive and helpful to the community.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with family and friends. My kindness and ability to forgive is the key to success in getting along well with others. I am gifted with kindness, patience and true caring for other people. My personality pleases them.

Today I remember these words from the Bible. It says, He is the lamp, which turns the darkness into light. I paraphrase this verse to remind myself that God is always with me with me. He turns back the darkness and I am never alone. Bathed in the light of the Lord, I have the capacity to achieve anything. My world is one of love and faith, and I keep true to it for Jesus is my Savior.

Today I recognize my part to play on this Earth. God wants me to spread His love so the world will be a better place. I shall not remain idle. I will venture out and improve my corner of the world. I am filled with the love of God and have the power to change lives and spread joy. I will make the lonely feel loved and bestow faith upon those who doubt. Nothing is too difficult when it is done to glorify God. I honor Him by performing charitable deeds and spreading His word among the multitudes.

I take extra time and effort to elaborate on the things that I wish someone to complete. It makes the job less complicated and easier for them to perform when they understand fully what the requirements for successfully doing the job entail.

I know I walk in grace because my faith in God is strong. Being kind to others in all circumstances is important to me. I banish hate from my heart and forgive those who are unkind to me. I do speak up and let them see my displeasure in hopes of changing their damaging actions towards myself and others.

I am proud of all I have worked to accomplish. There is no need to minimize my achievements. All I have done is for the benefit of others and I want my light to shine bright to show them the rewards of living a good life.

My needs are simple and few. I am awed by the   riches bestowed upon me. I choose not to exploit them but wish to share them with others around me. I will not selfishly keep material gains to myself. My happiness lies in spreading riches to those who are in need. What better way to disburse richness than by giving it away?

I am a financial expert. I am proud of my expertise, but without arrogance. I am grateful for my financial skills.

My eternally positive attitude envelops those around me. My joy impresses them. I am secure in the knowledge that God will keep me safe when I place my trust in Him. He gives me strength to accept each new challenge. I climb high mountains. I sail over rough seas. A rocky path shall never slow my steps. There are miracles happening around us and the world is filled with God’s love.

I have the wisdom to know that the joy of life is not contained in one vacation, or one birthday celebration. Surely these are delightful events. But, the daily satisfaction comes from a hard day’s work and the camaraderie I share with others. I have the capacity to enjoy the blessings large and small.

I am not desperate in seeking my desires. I allow ambition to lead me in the right direction. I allow only good things to influence me and enjoy daily experiences, at the same time learning from them. Nothing will prevent me from enjoying this day for it is a gift from God. My progress is always in the right direction and shall lead me to the final success.

I walk with grace and light treading through my body. My steps are steady and firm while my whole being is attuned to the inner power within me. I am liberated from the inferiorities and low self-esteem. I will suffer all these no more. I am a new person and I will love myself better.

I declare myself to be a child of God. I nurture my strength, beauty and my inner simplicity. I am a source of joy to those around me. I give my obeisance to God, allowing my potential to blossom in the sanctity of His presence.  I devote my life to the power of the Holy Father. I give my total faith and submit to His will and receive clarity of vision. Eternity will be shown to me.

I am a natural leader.  I was first trained to be a good follower.  I know how it is to command respect by good will.  I lead because I am a catalyst of change, and I want to mobilize people to a good cause.  My vision is clear on the paths of changing the world, not on its entirety, but on aspects that will benefit the miserable and afflicted.

I appreciate the beauty of a kind act one person bestows on another. If done for a stranger without expectation of reimbursement or applause, it is beauty in its purest form. Today I will try to perform a kindness for one other person. I will donate clothing, or pay for a meal or do something as simple as holding heavy doors open for a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller. I will seek the opportunity to do something kind.

I strive for the ability to focus on my daily tasks as I stand tall, fortified by the eternal love of God.  My direction for the journey is set out clearly before me. I am aware of all that He asks me to overcome before I can reach my destination. My confidence is strong that I can perform the tasks that will be pleasing in His eyes.

I control my attitude towards my work and association with others. I will break down barriers to my failure and that of others in their dealings with me. I will work diligently towards peaceful relationships.

I hear things about me from other people. I am thankful for those that are positive and wonder if my acts are deserving of the negative ones. I am not troubled because I have planted the seed of inner confidence in my heart. I will be spurred on, continuing to work for the betterment of my being. I use such remarks as an inspiration to improve myself because I am made for success not failure.

I turn to my dreams at night for solace due to things undone.  Enthusiasm boils up inside me.  Fiery imagination of what could become reality is actively charging through my thoughts.  I vow  to make these dreams come true.  I can make them physically happen in my life.

I draw my brow in retrospection. I realize how I care for all the people in my life. My being is alight with love and joy. I am so grateful for this realization.  Now I can make them see my appreciation. I am overflowing with gratitude and glory. What an endless well of opportunities and triumphs the future has in store.

Although the road to eternity may be difficult, I lift my eyes to the sky and see Your image. No hardships will be insurmountable. I will survive and maintain a resolute spirit through the faith I have in the Lord

I respect my body and work hard to protect my health. I consume only natural foods and try to buy organic whenever I can. I exercise each day and get adequate sleep. I care for my body as the temple of God here on earth. My goal is to live long and perform good works here on earth.

I am sure that my faith will not dissolve as ice melting into water. In the face of trial and suffering, my unwavering faith is what I cling to when the surface of the earth collapses. My belief is strong and I shall rise and live to conquer my doubts.