Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am cloaked in humility and my light shines through from within. I maintain peace in the face of tumultuous anger. I fret not at the sound of insidious words. I hold my peace in the face of anger and am quick to forgive. I am blessed by the Lord for I possess serenity and compassion. I wish not to judge or be condemned. I leave judgment in the hands of God.

I have the wisdom to know that the joy of life is not contained in one vacation, or one birthday celebration. Surely these are delightful events. But, the daily satisfaction comes from a hard day’s work and the camaraderie I share with others. I have the capacity to enjoy the blessings large and small.

Gone are the fears, doubts and uncertainties. I will take no hesitant steps, but rather firm strides as I take up my crusade, which shall be my life's work. Restlessness of spirit will be replaced with calm confidence and steady courage. I have great determination as I prepare to take daring action.

This is the time for my awakening. From deep slumber, I rise and fill my being with the positive light of faith. The glow surrounds me. I focus my thoughts on what I have to achieve. My future holds the promise of a beautiful gift. I free myself from the bondage of hesitation and uncertainty.  With You by my side, how can I not overcome?

I shall always treasure the value of my true friends who love and understand me. I shall always be willing to share happiness with them and empathy in time of need. I yearn to keep them close for the duration of my earthly life and in eternity.

I am adequately cloaked with wisdom and knowledge at this point.  I make awesome progress in pursuit of my objectives.  I let my mind command myself to the correct direction.  I just let myself flow and free my mind from worry.  I completely stay centered in my tasks accepting all the positive energies into my cells.

When my world is in upheaval, when everything seems lost and there is no hope to reverse time, my only consolation is that the seconds tick away to bring tomorrow and the next day.  Unless God put the clock away, life continues.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful array of good things in my life. I welcome the opportunities to prove my worth. I can overcome all challenges, struggle through the difficulties for they will soon pass and look ahead to the wonderful array of blessings I know will come. I ask the Lord to guide me and grant me strength when I need it and patience when I want events to happen too quickly.

I am a strong proponent of green living. The less refuse we send to
landfills and the less nonrenewable energy we consume, the more
beneficial it will be to nature. Planting trees to replace those cut down not
only prevents topsoil from entering the rivers, but, adds to the pure
quality of the air we breathe.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

I delight in the words of God. I am strong and healthy. My spirit does not falter in the face of devious ways. I will put on the armor of Your love and stand firm against my foes. I will feel no fear in my quest for everlasting life. My trust is in the name of the Lord and I shall remain true to Him.

I see the abundance of life’s blessings spread out before me. I take note of it and appreciate it. I assess the abundance of my gifts from God. I sleep in a warm bed each night. I enjoy a hearty breakfast each morning. I gaze out my window and view the beauty of the land. I give thanks for all the joy He provides in abundance.

I have looked inside my heart and found a keen longing to be reborn in the image of God. I want to feel His spirit within me. I want to be as fresh and pure as the morning dew and bathe in the wholesome fragrance of nature. I can achieve this transformation through my own willpower and my physical being shall bow in obedience to the will of God.

I believe my future is preordained by the Lord. I remain on the path of goodness. This does not mean I leave everything to chance. It is my responsibility to work hard and prepare for the bright future God has in store for me.

I open my heart to people in need of a friend. My compassion is freely given. I am thankful for my ability to make friends easily.

Today my heart is open to receiving the love of a partner. All the relationships in my life are long lasting and loving. I see everything with loving eyes and I love everything I see. I have invited the most loving people to me and this fills my life with joy. I see the good in everyone and am sympathetic when I hear the difficulties faced by others.  I am never alone since I have the love of God. I know I am worthy of the love of a good person and receive it in abundance.

I communicate with other people in a gentle and persuasive way. I have tremendous patience and confidence that people will see the good ways that our Lord has set for us. I provide a pleasant conversation that the group may dwell upon the kind words.

What an awesome time to be alive, I cannot express enough gratitude to God. He gave me life and I shall remain faithful to Him for all time. Each new day brings something amazing in the world around me. I am surely blessed to have friends and family surround me. Their love is my treasure and my soul is filled with more joy than I can contain. Each time I meet new people they enrich my existence.

My life is like a clock, and I try to manage it according to the minutes and hours available each day. I never want to waste a moment on mindless things.

I plan to live my life in a way that provides security for me and my loved ones. I want my life to have meaning beyond my personal pleasures. I shall look for ways to make life better for my brethren now and leave the world a better place for generations yet to follow.

I shall respect all things that bloom in nature for they are creations made to please man. The fields of corn grow in plenty to nourish our bodies. The clear, running waters flow to quench our thirst. The vision of clear blue skies satisfies our need for beauty and the sweet scent of the flowers pleases our senses.

I shall not covet worldly possessions. I need only enough to fulfill my basic needs. I choose to distribute my riches to those in need and troubled by afflictions. This is only a fraction of what God has given me and I shall use it to help mankind in His name. In retrospect, I realize I cannot repay Him for all He does for me. Therefore, I proclaim my generosity towards my brother and acknowledge it as a small price to repay for God’s blessings.

I behold the majesty of the eagle. My senses reel at the array of color in all the birds of the air. A cardinal flashes red across the sky and bluebirds flit from branch to branch. The orange breast of the robin announces spring in the Midwest and the parrot decorates the Tropics with its bright hues. Truly we are blest with all these visions of nature’s beauty.

I am filled with joy at the prospect of a successful and fulfilling future. This does not mean I will neglect to take time to enjoy what is given me today. A pleasant exchange with a neighbor, a phone call to cheer a shut-in friend or a dinner with family shall all be appreciated and enjoyed. I love my life and will treasure it all including the memories of the past, the hope for the future and the wonderful things that happen to me today.

My responsibilities are carried out in accordance with a greater plan. I focus on the path to heaven and turn away from the path to hell. It is my actions that determine my chosen path.

I am proud of all I have worked to accomplish. There is no need to minimize my achievements. All I have done is for the benefit of others and I want my light to shine bright to show them the rewards of living a good life.

The new thoughts I have lead me to visualize the shape of the person I need to become. I walk the path that will take me to the place I wish to reach. I am led by the reality of His love.

My power affirmations are allowing me to create the scenarios of my life.  Everyday is a witness to the shaping up of reality I have only dreamed of.  My subconscious mind is getting a lot of positive thinking fed by a strong line of faith and power.  My power affirmations are like a stream of melody influencing my subconscious during slumber.  They are alive all the hours of the day in the sweet niche of my imagination.  Now I can create into reality all the images that I conceive.

My outlook is fresher and sharper than before. I am restored in the presence of the Lord. This change is a reversal of my once troubled heart. I am filled with happiness, calm confidence and richness of spirit. I can face life and its challenges without qualms. I have found my salvation in the circle of God's fold. I have passed from death to life. If I can change myself, how can I not change the world?

My voice rings out with a combination of strength, courage and confidence. I have no need to raise my voice to be heard. It has a pulse of its own that creates a stirring of life and invites others to listen and hear my words.

I have been successful at accumulating enough wealth to take good care of my family. Rather than spending carelessly, I focus on saving for my children’s education and other necessities. I do give a portion of my riches to the poor. It is an expression of my concern for people less fortunate than me and my family.

From this day forth, I will be as a new person. I will leave morbid thoughts and sickness of spirit behind to rise up in awesome health. Everything around me shall be harmonious. I will sense the healing in my physical self and I will be returned to robust health. I shall be resuscitated and dedicate my thanks to You Lord.

My fervent hope is that all citizens of the planet earth will act as caring  custodians. May I inspire their efforts to maintain it and leave it a better place for generations to come. I hope to open the minds of big business to clarify the negative aspects of accepting pollution for the sake of gaining additional wealth. May they understand that it is their descendants, as well as others, who will inherit the earth in the condition they behind after their departure.

I want to help create World Peace, and I will make sure that I only add positivity to the Earth. This beautiful planet was created my God and I must play my part in taking care of it. I am willing to change to become a better, wiser person. Today I resolve to step out of my normal routine and BE the change I want to see in the Earth. If everyone thought as positively as I do, the world would be a place of peace and harmony.

I possess all the material wealth of the world, therefore it is in my power to behold my brother in need. I open my heart and allow God's love to abide in me. I receive greater richness in return, even above all expectations. All the grace that I have given comes back to me tenfold.

I shall overcome all distress and never give up. My strength is in my faith and I will persevere until my goals are won. Even against all odds, I know I shall prevail.

I will show appreciation for my spouse and my children. I will shower them with love and say the three little words, “I love you” more frequently.

I have pledged my loyalty to my spouse, my children and the extended family of those I love. I shall be strong enough to protect them from all harm. I shall be dedicated to their happiness and security. We shall all share the pleasures of life and remain loyal to each other through all of our days.

I give my family the gift of unconditional love. Personal concerns are set aside to accommodate their interests first. My family is the center of my universe. My toil is dedicated to their wellbeing.  I work to provide material comforts so they may live in dignity among men. The reward for my efforts shall be granted in eternity. The Lord will know of the way I conduct myself and bestow His grace upon me. There is no reward greater than pleasing God and gaining entrance through the gates of heaven.

I dream of new accomplishments that I yearn to achieve. My vision stirs me and I am strong enough to go forth and turn my dreams to reality. My belief that I can make this happen is growing inside me. I shall not allow doubt to deter me. God has placed His faith in me and nothing can prevent me from realizing my dreams.

God has given me common sense, which gets me through all the small daily problems I encounter. I have been given the gift of wisdom from God and this helps me be very aware of the world around me. I never take my Faith for granter, realizing the strength it restores in me everyday! I am an honest, beautiful, good-hearted person and it shows!

I am a kind and protective neighbor; I am always there to watch over the people around me. I am a friend to everyone, even strangers. I remember that all my friends were once strangers. God gives me the warm heart to pass onto to my children, and all of my family. I am a fun social person, who is the life and soul of the party. I never feel awkward or uncomfortable in social scenarios.

I brush away the cobwebs that they may not cloud my mind. I focus on the brilliant light of hope. No flicker of fear remains to threaten or weaken me. I am filled with the vigor of knowing success shall be mine. I tread lightly over rocky paths and the stones under my feet do not deter me. I am filled with the conviction of my own triumph in the name of the Lord.

I will never allow misery to bring my spirits down. I will remain strong in the knowledge that I can overcome any adversity. A glimmer of light will lead me up from the pits of hopelessness. I reach for God’s hand to lift me up to continue my zest for life. I can climb slippery mountains and swim through oceans of adversity. I have my faith and trust and will never lose it. I will turn misery to joy.

I am fortunate to have responsibilities in my life. Being responsible means I take care of my spouse and children. It allows me to reach out to others who may welcome my friendship. I am fortunate that my time is spoken for since it means I have a job to devote myself to, and a loving family to spend time with. Acceptance may include more work and activities than I feel I can handle. It also means I will derive satisfaction when I prove myself wrong by handling them all.

I awake each day and feel fortunate as I count my riches. They are not
monetary ones. My riches are my family, who are the embodiment of all
the joy life has to offer. I love each one of them and thank God for them
morning, noon and night.

I shall seek the unfortunate and give to them out of kindness and love. I will nourish the needy, their bodies with food and their souls with faith. I will trust in God to turn my thoughts from my own problems and use my talents to improve the days for others. I am invincible in these endeavors.

When I repeatedly make mistakes after a number of trials, I stubbornly refuse to give up. Rather, I strengthen that inner conviction that says I shall never succumb to failure. I will have no regret for the rest of my days.

He said that when I am not with Him, therefore I am against Him. So I repent my sins and ask Him to take me in His arms and give me the grace of His forgiveness.

Nothing is impossible for me to do. If I have the will to win and excel then I will find the way. Never will I tire of pursuing the dream, to look up and see the glorious reality unveiled.