Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am thankful to see a pleasant face when I gaze into my mirror. But, my inner beauty is as great as that of Cleopatra or Helen of Troy. When I look into my heart, I see the glowing radiance of kindness and good intentions towards all others. Surely God has blessed me more with my inner beauty and I am overjoyed to be a good person.

I will allow myself to grow, and reach out to the vastness of nature. It is filled with beauty.

Perfect correlation exists among my physical, mental and emotional states. I appreciate my totality as a person. I am happy and content with my being. I feel that I was given a magical present from the Lord. My appreciation is expressed by the good things I do for those people that surround me. My daily actions express gratitude to my Creator.

I am able to cope with all the weather conditions Mother Nature imposes on mere mortals. If I have planned a picnic and it rains, I change direction and visit the museum instead. If I look forward to a day of skiing, it may not snow. I can adapt by substituting ice skating and still enjoy the day.

I know I will turn away from all sin. God will stop my wounds and begin my healing. I feel new strength and shall command my body to be reborn. I am filled with renewed vitality.  This day will be the beginning of a glorious life here on earth. I follow the Lord’s divine guidance and am filled with hope and faith.

I do not seek riches for their sake alone. I seek to acquire enough to care for my family responsibilities. I do not seek riches for personal advantage. I am fortified by the riches that come from self-satisfaction and doing for others. In that sense, I count myself among the richest men in the world.

Even when persecuted, I believe in Your power to watch over me and keep me from harm. I rejoice in the thought of rewards that await me. I make peace with my persecutors and ask forgiveness for them. I turn to You for grace and strength.

I can see my wealth grow tremendously as I work harder each day. I am hoping to fulfill the requirements that shall maintain my physical, mental and spiritual wealth in addition to material gains.

I know that someday all the things I want in life will be mine. I know that because I have the talent to succeed and the determination that will make success inevitable. My attitude towards work is one of positivity. I respect my boss, my mentors and my co-workers alike. I attempt to bolster their success as I work towards my own. At the end of the day, their achievements will be a reflection of my own and we all shall prosper.

The career I have chosen as my life’s work is one that is most appropriate for someone with my personality. I take pleasure in helping others. I show them ways to improve their physical condition. I go through rehabilitative routines with them and instruct them in how to perform them at home. I love being a physical therapist and all the functions it entails. I know I am good and will advance in the career path I have chosen to follow.

I pensively contemplate how I can do the most good in this world. Each
person has value to himself and others if only he can find the best way to
put forth honest effort. I consider myself able to motivate others to do the
best they can. Now I must consider all the possibilities for myself and
focus on the one that will bring me the most success.

I am earning vast amounts of money and I am greatly overjoyed.  I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance could be overwhelming to put to my personal use alone.  I am eager to contribute to the overall economy and bring jobs to the workers currently seeking for employment.  Through my numerous resources I will be able to provide the service I love doing while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will avoid being corrupted by money and power.  

I shall not allow sadness to dwell within me. I am grateful for the gifts He has granted. I treasure these gifts as a shepherd treasures his flock. I am blessed by my Father because He gives me food when I hunger and drink when I thirst. I am confident that I shall inherit the kingdom prepared for all who seek it. I will go through life with cheerful ways knowing that I will find eternal life thereafter.

I walk ahead and light the way for others to follow. I am a wise and fearless individual. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, I will be the organizer who will lead others to safety. I will focus on what needs to be accomplished to emerge from the darkness to the light of a new day.

I love to walk in the rain for it nourishes the earth below my feet. I love to hear the talk of happy people around me for they fill the day with interesting thoughts. I love to embrace my family for they are very roots of my existence. Truly I am blest by all good things life has to offer.

I use my abundant energy to make my dreams a reality. I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals. God appreciates my efforts and I feel His presence beside me, guiding me. When I feel this positivity, great things are going to happen. Should I take a wrong step along the way, I am strong enough to cope and return to the correct path. Nothing can stop me from achieving the wonderful dreams I have for the future of my life.

My vitality wells up from inside me. It stems from my love of life and it is my good fortune. My store of boundless energy takes me joyfully through each day. I finish everything that needs to be done and it is very satisfying to be productive.

My boundless faith is my pillar of strength. Each day is a joyful miracle. I lay me down each night with satisfaction for the accomplishments of the day. I trust in God to provide security and refuge. His love will surround and protect me all the days of my life.

I acknowledge that I am but one person occupying one small spot within the vast space of the universe. Regardless of size, I have a role to fulfill. I am sure my worthwhile actions will have a large ripple effect on others and thus contribute to the future of the entire universe.

I appreciate the beauty of a kind act one person bestows on another. If done for a stranger without expectation of reimbursement or applause, it is beauty in its purest form. Today I will try to perform a kindness for one other person. I will donate clothing, or pay for a meal or do something as simple as holding heavy doors open for a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller. I will seek the opportunity to do something kind.

I consider it wise to give away a portion of my wealth. I take pride in being able to help others. I will not seek to accumulate wealth for the sake of wealth, but use it to assist those who are in need. Any of my treasures on earth will vanish when I move on to eternal life. My treasure lies in joining the Lord for eternity.

My favorable self-image is justified. I am a hard-working individual and
feel only kindness for my fellow man. I empathize with anyone who has
suffered the loss of a loved one and sympathize with one who faces
serious challenges in his daily life.

I will form good habits and make use of them day by day. I will remain self-disciplined and facilitate good health in body and mind.

Under some circumstances, I recognize fear as an ally that serves to alert me to possible danger. One example is the stormy night when the temperature makes roads icy. Fear of sliding off the road and into a ditch is a good thing because it may prevent me from driving under dangerous conditions. If I see a vicious dog tied to a tree, fear keeps me from petting it. Logical fear is a useful deterrent, which keeps me from putting myself in harm’s way.

I will start today with an introspection. My candid examination of myself reveals the truths that are   hidden from the outside world. I find some things I honestly could do without.  This is the moment of revelation. I wish to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Let no mundane things become important to me. I will abide by God’s will on earth. His commandments shall guide me in my duties as a man. I vow to follow his commandments and not risk being cast from His kingdom for eternity.

I turn my face and receive the rays of the morning sun.  I listen to my positive thoughts and repeat them aloud. My subconscious responds with its own positive statements. It exhilarates me to feel the power coursing through my body and mind. I am ready to face the day.

I look at the person I meet and try to find the goodness within him. Even in the worst circumstances, I hope to find a measure of worth in each individual.

I am thankful for the good and honorable people in my life. Their love and friendship enriches my days. I work to bring friendship and happiness into their lives as they do mine. I show caring and compassion whenever possible. I love to help others and share my wealth with them if they need something.

God has given me this land to sow my seeds.  I take the challenge to grow my crops and bring them to bloom.  With my toiling hands I will create the bountiful harvests to surface. This I do to show my gratitude to the Lord. I take care of the earth and make its soil productive.  There is nothing better than making it luscious and green to return the life it has bestowed on me and my brethren.

I will think of what is just, true and commendable. I watch that I may not lose what I labored for. I confess so I may be cleansed of unrighteousness. I encourage fellowship among my brethren. I declare that we should meet and encourage one another.   In bonding of love and hope, we fulfill the proclamation of the kingdom of God.

Today will be a day like no other. Amazing events will happen. I have enough in my life to sustain me, and through hard work and faith my wealth shall continue to grow. I deserve to flourish and will allow no doubt to  diminish my confidence in myself. I ask God to lead me towards an abundant future that I may share wealth with the needy. He gives me strength to apply to the day’s work and find pleasure in it as well. I give thanks for my happy life.

I am cured of an unhealthy, abusive relationship.  I have learned my lessons well.  No more bitterness, only scars remain.  But time will erase even these.  I shed off the negative memories of the past.  Now it’s time to dream again.  I imagine of a wholesome relationship with a loving and kind person.  Even if I don’t find one, I can still be happy living a dream.

I dedicate my days to being the source of assistance for those who may need a helping hand. I do not wait for them to seek me out. I go out and find them so I can provide what they need for their sustenance.

I have the freedom to tread the path I choose in life. I can walk through the valley and stop to lie down in the green pasture. I am free to follow the steep road and climb to the pinnacle of the mountain. I am thankful to have the choice of following either way without censure.

I control my attitude towards my work and association with others. I will break down barriers to my failure and that of others in their dealings with me. I will work diligently towards peaceful relationships.

My confidence builds as I play scenes in my mind and review the probable results.  I create the scenario I want the most and review it several times. I gain the confidence I need by the repeated playback of my anticipated result.

I am careful to maintain a positive attitude about everything in my life. I focus on the qualities I love in my spouse and ignore the few that disturb me. They are dismissed from my thoughts as being insignificant. My attitude about my children is that they are 99 percent perfect and bring great happiness into each day. My positivity extends to neighbors and co-workers alike. For the most part, no one disappoints me in the way they respond.

How readily I rejoice in this beautiful day. I contribute by committing myself to appreciation of the richness of the natural world around me. This environment may be rainy or sunny. All conditions contribute in some way to the growing of crops. The Lord’s touch is seen in every flower and tree. I am respectful toward all God’s creatures and show caring for them. I glory in being part of this planet and enjoying everything it holds.

I bow in humility, but not surrender. I am a builder of bridges that connect opposite banks together in peace.

I have the ability to talk to others about spiritual matters. I take pride in my knowledge of God and how to lead a chaste life. I derive satisfaction by sharing the truth with my fellow man and pointing him in the direction of enlightenment.

I am appreciative for my gift of talent in the field of business. It allows me to provide for all the needs of my family. My career is important and through it I can make my way in the world. I do not settle for doing only what I can today. Tomorrow I want to learn new ways to advance my career. I am a team player and get along well with others.

Each night as I drift off to sleep, I review the abundance of advantages I have enjoyed during the day. I have an abundance of talents to be thankful for. I shall not waste them, but put them to good use in affecting the world in a positive way. Each small contribution I make gives me satisfaction. When I have had the opportunity to extend a helping hand to someone in need, I fall asleep knowing my efforts have been rewarded.

I am thankful for those earthly possessions that will aid me in the achievement of my purpose in the easiest manner and with less physical exertion.

I shall not allow negative thoughts to cloud my vision. I visualize and focus on my ultimate goals. With God’s help I shall forge them into reality. I am in control of my own life. My pursuit of wealth is to be for the benefit of myself, my family and those who are in need. Prosperity and abundance shall be mine and allow me to be charitable to others as well. It will please God and give me joy.

I am the recipient of many riches. It is not only money that I count, but faithful wife, obedient children and the good will of my neighbors. I earn these things through good behavior and good works. I lend a helping hand where it is needed.

I sustain my body with nutritional food and drink each day. I follow my exercise regimen faithfully. I take joy in my daily communion with God. Maintaining my good health is secondary only to maintaining my faith. The adherence to healthy ways is important, but is nothing compared to dedication to the Lord.

I will make today a great one for someone in dire need. I shall speak an encouraging word and extend a helping hand. I will smile and maintain a cheerful attitude as I perform these tasks. I will give generously and the heart of someone in need will be comforted.

I place my faith and trust in You. I unfailingly recite my daily prayers and rely on Your power. I present my daily affirmations with burning fervor and passion. I am like a child in my utter confidence. I know that You will never forsake me.

I repeat the words of my power affirmations every day. They taste like honey on my lips. They are like the lamp that lights my path and leads me to my destination as I tread the roughened ground. As I believe these words I have no dread of the day that comes. I welcome each day for whatever it brings I know that I always share my days with You.

I take great pride in being a leader, a guide, a mentor and a spokesperson here on earth. I feel confident in leading others since I am gifted in the qualifications required. I will strive to gain more experience and wisdom with which to serve my fellow man and God.