Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I hope for a fulfilling future. I not only hope, but, take action to prepare for it. I follow my dream of a rewarding job in a field I find interesting. My hopes include not only success in the workplace, but, to also have the good will of my fellow workers.

I will not allow shameful or sinful words to pass through my lips. I shall speak the truth of how I feel.  All my utterances shall be in accordance with His will. I will uphold my truthful words and refrain from speaking ill of any other person. I ask for mercy and the ability to guide others towards the right path. God is merciful and will grant me the strength to act in a good manner.

The Lord has infused spiritual strength into my withered body. I shall rise from the depth of disease without despair. I thank Him for my recovery and pray for continuing good health. I am thankful for this miraculous gift and cherish each additional day spent on this earth until my time comes to join Him in eternity.

The universe is vast and I contemplate all that it holds. It arouses my curiosity as I think of the possible numbers of planets swirling in the expanse of space. Each star may center a planetary system as our sun does. I am thankful for having an intelligent and curious mind. I shall use it to analyze and add to human understanding of the universe.

I appreciate the good fortune I have in life. I am supplied with sufficient food and drink and the ability to provide for my family. I am wise in the way I select which foods to consume. I do not eat more than average-sized portions. I keep myself in check when it comes to candy and cookies. I also give to charity so people not as fortunate as me can have sufficient food to eat every day.

I have confidence and a good self-image because I strive to stay on the
right path through life. I devote myself to taking good care of my
husband and children. I am kind to and speak well of the members of my
extended family. I offer friendship to neighbors whenever I can.

I control my attitude towards my work and association with others. I will break down barriers to my failure and that of others in their dealings with me. I will work diligently towards peaceful relationships.

I declare myself to be a child of God. I nurture my strength, beauty and my inner simplicity. I am a source of joy to those around me. I give my obeisance to God, allowing my potential to blossom in the sanctity of His presence.  I devote my life to the power of the Holy Father. I give my total faith and submit to His will and receive clarity of vision. Eternity will be shown to me.

Today I will focus my thoughts on good health for myself and all my loved ones. Positive energy flows through me to all things I touch. I have a spring in my step as I walk, and feel invigorated and empowered by my relationship with the Lord. He watches over me as I watch over the impoverished and needy of His children.

I strive each day to let go of material things. I turn away from temptation for those things that cannot satisfy the soul. I shall not succumb to a desire for riches on earth. When my day’s work has ended, I find happiness in serving the Lord. My rewards shall be in eternal life because I choose God above all things.

I am thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family. I live in the hope they will follow the ways of the Lord as I do. I feel kindness and compassion for less fortunate people. I provide charitable donations for those who are in need of food and shelter.

It is true that I am rich in material things; but they are not what is
important to me. What matters is that I came by them honestly, without
harming or depriving anyone else. I value my reputation as a good
person far more than as a rich one.

I look into the mirror of life and see a unique and valuable person. My good self-image is built not on beauty of face. It is built on strength of character and my good intentions towards other people in my world.

I surrender all greed because my soul is replete with the goodness my heart needs. Material possessions are not the treasure I seek, but only faith and love will sustain me.

I am grateful to have freedom and know I shall always have my faith. It empowers me and gives me a confident glow. My confidence allows me to have a positive impact on those around me. I work towards my goal to achieve my ideal weight. I am thankful for my ability to accomplish this. I shall preserve my health.

When I behold the beautiful stars and stripes of the flag that represents freedom, I feel strong emotion. When I sing of my beliefs together with my fellow Christians on Sunday morning, I feel joy. I am thankful that I live in a country that respects my decision to participate in one religion or another. God bless the flag and God bless America.

I see a vision of success. I view the clarity of how I shall achieve this success. I believe in my heart that I can follow the right path. I am provided all these details and it is by Your light and guidance that I will take steps in the right direction. My spirit is willing and my body is strong. Let Your light shine upon me to light my way.

I am thankful for this incredible day that I see when I wake. I know what a glorious gift it is to be alive. I am the recipient of incredible gifts and thank the Lord for each and every one. He created the beauty of the land and I am eternally grateful for being here to enjoy it. I smile upon this glorious day and the many others to follow.

I speak kindly and am watchful of rudeness or harshness in delivering my words for they may evoke anger. I will seek to counter wrath should it be aroused.  I remind myself that gentle words are a like a soft breeze that caresses another’s ear. Harsh words can give start to unpleasantness.

I wake each morning and kneel in prayer. I give thanks before each meal. On Sunday, I go to the house of God that I choose to attend. I am thankful for living in this country, where I have the freedom to worship the Lord from the vantage point of choice. I pray for freedom on behalf of the citizens who inhabit the countries that disallow it.

My eyes look to fields of flowers, but, my heart looks towards spiritual
bouquets. I gravitate to blossoms of faith, hope and charity while
nurturing the traits of kindness and love within myself. It gives me great
satisfaction to spread love in the world to dispel the darkness.

I commit myself to reaping the rewards for my accomplishments. These accomplishments are made through the grace of God. I honor Him with my efforts. I am secure in the belief that my goals will be met and will benefit all men in the world.

I look out my window and marvel at the beauty God has surrounded us with on earth. There is a rainbow of color in the bird kingdom alone. From the variety of parrots and other tropical birds to the austere black and white penguins of the arctic.  The flash of red as a cardinal or woodpecker flies overhead is a delight. All colors are represented in God’s skies.

There are no real competitors, just the person I look at in the mirror. So I continue my long-term efforts to run the race to the finish line. The reward of eternity will make the effort worthwhile.

My circumstances in life simply could not be any better. The universe has bestowed upon me mountains of gifts and I will use them wisely. God always provides me with beneficial conditions and helpful people. I know that I am where I am supposed to be Now. It is so liberating to be so in touch with the Universe. I am grateful for this special gift I have.

My heart is filled with all the positive emotions that make me a happy person. I smile at others as I welcome them into my life. I am glad to meet new people and am open to forming new friendships. I am touched by one person’s kindness towards another, whether it is me or someone else. I am proud that I give willingly to others, of both my time and my money. When I see someone in need it arouses the emotion of empathy in me.

Though I may become weary, I will not fall. I seek to prevail over the ordeals and trials that I face. I will not boast of success, but my resilience will prove that I will be hard to conquer.  The Lord will lift me up when I trip and carry me along when I despair. I am like a child with an innocence and total trust in Him. I know that when I am weak, He gives me strength, and I am content to repose in the warmth of His love.

There are seasons in my life as with the earth. Now is the season of prosperity and wellness. I will make this season the most productive of all. I can feel the bounties flowing. I turn my back on all negativity. I embrace success.

It is one of life’s miracles how one unselfish act of kindness, small, perhaps infinitesimal, can spread from one person to another. Imagine the miracle of kindness for the sake of kindness alone moving across populations, borders and to countries far and wide, creating a legacy of peace for all of the world.

I am proud of the financial abundance that rewards my hard work. I am more proud of the way I disburse it. I am an honest person. I pay bills on time. I maintain a bank account for emergencies. I do not gain income by cheating or taking advantage of anyone in any way. I am happy to have a clear conscience.

I delight in the pursuit of success in all my actions. I will let You counsel, guide, and lead me along the road to victory. I am heading in the right direction. May my peers be blest. I am eager for their happiness. Never shall I envy them their victories. Instead, my heart is full of joy for them.

Yesterday was yesterday and it is gone. I keep the good memories and discard the bad. Today is today and I shall live it by participating in useful activities. I shall enjoy it to the fullest for it shall be tomorrow’s memories. I pray that I can make them all good ones. Tomorrow I shall be pleased with the memories. With each new day, I shall make progress in becoming a better person. I set aside guilt and regret and love myself and feel deserving of happiness.

I am a joyful, exuberant person. Happiness engulfs my heart in every aspect of my life. I limit my thoughts to those of the optimist. My destructive patterns are behind me. My future shall be filled with good things. I apply myself assiduously to my daily tasks. My positive energy overflows onto those around me. I am part of God’s plan and he walks beside me through this journey of life, I am thankful.

I behold the law of God, for it is wise. His word revives my soul and leaves me feeling imperishable. In my dreams, the Lord came and showed me the Truth. Now I know that I have received His power and that His grace will follow me to the ends of the earth.

I act when my intuition tells me to grab an opportunity.  It is like a current that makes me float at sea, if I do not take it, I am bound to the shallows of life.  I should not stop to think, lest I miss the venture offered.  My goal is to find it, to keep me afloat in the voyage of my life.

How blessed I am to come to this day. After my long    journey, I have arrived at this opportune moment. I embrace this day in my life full of wonder and pride. I thank my brethren who have given me love and support.  I will be forever grateful to them for inspiring me to reach this joyous day.

I say my power affirmations daily and continuously gain strength, courage, and firmness of character.  Repeating these affirmations make positive things materialize from the seemingly bleak situations I encounter.  The power of my subconscious mind is being utilized to its full capacity.  This well of positive thoughts is allowing me to conduct my daily business with confidence and hope.  I could never fall into ominous circumstances when I turn to the positive thoughts that lighten my load.

I believe my purpose in life is mainly to make a contribution to mankind. I have no desire to gain material wealth for my own purposes or amass bullions of gold to live in extravagance. I contribute my labors that I may share with others.

I know I will turn away from all sin. God will stop my wounds and begin my healing. I feel new strength and shall command my body to be reborn. I am filled with renewed vitality.  This day will be the beginning of a glorious life here on earth. I follow the Lord’s divine guidance and am filled with hope and faith.

My eternally positive attitude envelops those around me. My joy impresses them. I am secure in the knowledge that God will keep me safe when I place my trust in Him. He gives me strength to accept each new challenge. I climb high mountains. I sail over rough seas. A rocky path shall never slow my steps. There are miracles happening around us and the world is filled with God’s love.

All my words and actions are formed with my future in mind. Everything I do leads me to success. I speak and walk with confidence. It is rewarding to learn new things and put them into practice. I make the most of my God-given talents and use them to enrich my family and myself. I seek to be charitable when I see another in need. My creativity flows naturally. I shall know success wherever I go. Nothing is beyond my reach.

Yesterday was yesterday and it is gone. I keep the good memories and discard the bad. Today is today and I shall live it by participating in useful activities. I shall enjoy it to the fullest for it shall be tomorrow’s memories. I pray that I can make them all good ones. Tomorrow I shall be pleased with the memories. With each new day, I shall make progress in becoming a better person. I set aside guilt and regret and love myself and feel deserving of happiness.

Today my gaze turns to the future. The past is behind me and I move on from those experiences. I ask Him to forgive me for actions that offended Him. I forgive myself and vow to do better from this day on. A wondrous future lies ahead of me. God grants a second chance to all who are willing to change. I shall grow into a better person with His help.

I take credit for my financial abundance only in the sense that I contributed hard work to earn it. I give credit to the inspiration and talents that were given to me. I simply applied my efforts to develop them. My earnings confirm my success. Let me enjoy a portion and pass a portion on to others.

I will allow myself to grow, and reach out to the vastness of nature. It is filled with beauty.

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend. When someone shares a confidential conversation with me, I do not divulge the information to anyone else. Friends and family can trust me to be a concerned listener, but give advice only when asked for it. I am congenial and never take offense if my advice is disregarded.

I measure success by the amount of happiness it has brought into my life, not by how much money I have gained from it. Success is not about acquiring wealth but finding inner satisfaction in what I want to accomplish in my life. I could be living in a grandiose house, and have a host of servants to do my wishes, yet still find emptiness within me.  My success is centered on my family, and fulfilling my dreams for them.  Home is where we are together, no matter how simple our lives may be.

I rejoice in the company of friends and peers. I am stimulated by those who share my positive attitude towards life and have sharp business acumen. We share the aspirations and inspire each other in our daily work. My life is enhanced by these  fellowships and they nourish my mind like bread nourishes my body.

I trust in the Lord to guide me through this life in accordance with His will. I easily surpass daily struggles and each day my spirit grows in strength. Nothing can daunt me because I am replete with the force of determination. I stand firm in the face of all adversity and will be victorious in the end. My work in the name of the Lord shall never be in vain for He walks beside me.

I go forward expecting and dreaming of better things to come. My focus is on positive things. I expect to find better work, additional resources and opportunities to showcase my abilities. I will gain wealth and therefore be able to help those who are less fortunate. As my riches grow, I will take pleasure in distributing help to the needy.