Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I feel as if the Lord has given me a surplus of talents and gifts. It is difficult to select the right career. I am talented at playing the violin and love math and science. I think about studying to be a doctor and doing research. I know I cannot do everything since there is not enough time. Still, I am grateful for being provided with as many abilities as You have given me.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

It is only after careful deliberations and thorough analysis that I am prepared to make good decisions. I then resolve to implement them and pave the way to achieving the required results.

I take the time out of my busy day to devote to others. I value other people in my life. I want to be an understanding friend when they have a problem. I want to assist them. I am open to listening to the stories of pain in other’s lives. It gives me satisfaction to help people with my loving nature. Putting another person before me is a truly selfless act and exactly what God expects of me.  These are gifts I give in the name of God.

I will graciously accept the gray hair and wrinkled countenance that accompanies old age. It is close to the circle’s end and I may soon depart. I am most contented and at peace with myself for I have completed my work. I do not cling to a youth long past because life has given me wisdom in its place.

I take pride in those things I have worked to achieve. My success is based on talents and abilities bestowed on me by God. I do not take pride in having those talents, but in the way that I use them to achieve success through hard work.

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend. When someone shares a confidential conversation with me, I do not divulge the information to anyone else. Friends and family can trust me to be a concerned listener, but give advice only when asked for it. I am congenial and never take offense if my advice is disregarded.

I am grateful for God’s understanding grace, which guides me through each day, be it easy or difficult. I shall try to be deserving of my gifts by developing my abilities and using them to benefit others. I will share worldly goods with someone who is in need. I will speak of the grace of God to someone who may come to know Him through me.

I sustain my body with nutritional food and drink each day. I follow my exercise regimen faithfully. I take joy in my daily communion with God. Maintaining my good health is secondary only to maintaining my faith. The adherence to healthy ways is important, but is nothing compared to dedication to the Lord.

I feel a sense of pride when I view what I have accomplished. My enthusiastic, ambitious qualities will take me beyond my dreams. I am a great leader and succeed at multiplying my riches. I have a clear mind and shall focus on the business at hand. Together with my God, I shall succeed in all things I do.

Let me face adversity and search within myself for the skills to overcome all obstacles. My strength allows me to use my creative talent to transform adversity into achievement.

I acquire immense control of my personal affairs.  I dictate my required achievements for the day in the depths of my subconscious.   My full control is established when I assure myself that I can take my chance and succeed or fail but continue the effort.  Constant failure will not prevent me from taking the overture again.

Today I will envision my life in the future. I shall create a clear picture of the road to follow. Though it may be rocky, I shall continue on until my vision becomes a reality. I may stumble, but nothing can stop me from realizing my dreams. God shall walk by my side and guide me to my destiny.

I have the strength to face challenges and navigate through risky situations. I am not afraid of adventure. I am a person who loves both work and fun in this world. My faith is unchallenged in the knowledge that I serve the Lord.

I shall approach life with all the vitality that will guarantee my success. Each morning I will wake and feel the strength well up inside me. I have set goals that are worthwhile and I know I have the talent and work ethics to reach them. I will never give up for I am poised and ready to conquer the world.

Both my personality and way of life attract quality people and I easily hold them in my life. New doorways to opportunity open to me every day.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I will allow myself to grow, and reach out to the vastness of nature. It is filled with beauty.

I define my power affirmations and they help me reach goals I have set in my life. I am guided in my quest to excel and know I shall achieve favorable results.

My senses are alert to the gusts of the wind. My ears hear the sounds of thunder. The raging storm is the symphony of nature collecting notes. It causes me no fear as I submit my being to the Lord.

Today I will not allow myself to be bored. Instead I shall enjoy the wondrous world that God has created. It is filled with wonders to explore. I recognize my good fortune to have a clear mind and many talents to develop. I am humbled by my gifts. Today I venture out to embrace all that life offers. I am thankful to be alive.

I will complete the journey with a brave and strong spirit.  It does not matter where I end up, every single step will take me farther to the end.  I will just keep on going, surmounting all the road blocks, finding shelter from the tempest, shielding my body from the battering winds.  I know I will find spring and then summer during this longest trip of my life.  The seasons always change so I will find a thousand flowers on the meadows that I pass.

I shall focus on the beautiful things in this awesome world in spite of any disenchantment that tries to sway me. Delays in reaching my dreams will only solidify my dedication. Nothing can shake my trust in my own ability to overcome and survive.

I dedicate myself to God with daily affirmations. I follow the path my faith directs me to walk. Though I know not what each day may bring, I am filled with hope for good things to happen. I place all my trust in the Lord.

The new thoughts I have lead me to visualize the shape of the person I need to become. I walk the path that will take me to the place I wish to reach. I am led by the reality of His love.

I have invested in the grace and spirit of God. The blessings given to me are amazing. I will share my profits with others in the name of God who bestowed them on me.

I wake up each day thinking of how prepared I am for all the business before me. I will appear at the office, well-groomed, appropriately dressed and with a mind full of ideas. I will keep my appointments on time and reason with other company personnel in a fact-based interchange of ideas. My own dedication to doing business successfully will motivate my co-workers to put forth all their effort for mutual success.

I surrender all greed because my soul is replete with the goodness my heart needs. Material possessions are not the treasure I seek, but only faith and love will sustain me.

Today I shall make my life complete. I have confidently sought the goals I find important. I am completely recovered in health and my healing was successful. My once faltering marital relationship is strengthened and financial problems overcome. My heart and mind are in sync with the world around me. I now follow the right path He has designed for me and I follow with a glad heart.

I dream of success and when I awaken, I work diligently towards it. When each new day begins, I work diligently to achieve it.

Today I will focus my thoughts on good health for myself and all my loved ones. Positive energy flows through me to all things I touch. I have a spring in my step as I walk, and feel invigorated and empowered by my relationship with the Lord. He watches over me as I watch over the impoverished and needy of His children.

I am in perfect sync with the world around me. My life is satisfying and full. Wonderful friends and family surround me and bring me joy. I allow only positive thoughts to influence my mind. I have the power to influence the world in a beneficial way. I welcome change and rely on the Lord to set me on the path he has chosen to have me follow. I have no fear of what is to come today or on the morrow.

I may have a different definition of beauty. A shallow person may define beauty in terms of a pretty face, a graceful body and a voice that is lovely to listen to. A sensitive person may define it as peace and sharing.  A literal definition may identify it as the state of not being at war. A military general may define it as a declaration that war is ended. To each of us, beauty is a different thing. We can be sure that beauty is always a good thing. I try each day to embrace my personal view of what it means to me.

I give love and nurture my children. In the same way I teach discipline by words of enlightenment.

I am a strong force for good in my little corner of the world. Whatever
kindness I can pass along to another, I will do. My faith dictates that I
use my vitality to help those with less power to do for themselves.

I always see the good in others and strive to make them feel good about themselves. I can only expect to receive what I give out. I know that I can give love and compassion to everyone I meet, and this pleases God. Today I will open my eyes and notice the people that may need my help. My gentle, loving nature can bring joy to others. I am willing to forgive the mistakes people in my life have made and concentrate on building lasting relationships.

I shall overcome all distress and never give up. My strength is in my faith and I will persevere until my goals are won. Even against all odds, I know I shall prevail.

I have a great concern for the well-being of those who cannot take care of
themselves. It is true that some people take advantage of the charity of
others, but there are those who, for physical or mental reasons, are unable
to work or manage their lives. I direct them to the proper sources that
can provide assistance.

I shall seek the unfortunate and give to them out of kindness and love. I will nourish the needy, their bodies with food and their souls with faith. I will trust in God to turn my thoughts from my own problems and use my talents to improve the days for others. I am invincible in these endeavors.

My heart leaps with joy when You summon me to speak the truth. In the frailty of my human spirit, I am honored to be endowed with such power.

I will not let anyone trample on my dreams. I will use my faith to sustain my journey to life's end. I will continue to try to realize my ambition. I know I will have a happy life because I shall never stop dreaming and reaching out for my star.

Each day is a gift of living from God. I begin my day with appreciation that I can once more live through a glorious day in this universe.  I dedicate my day's work to my Lord. I will take note of all unfinished tasks and set to work on them. I will remember others as I perform my duties. I will invite them to share the good works and set tasks for them. I will explore other possibilities and consciously add them to my tasks. I rest only when the sun sets in the West. Then I shall rest and thank the Lord for a fruitful day.

My feelings of pride and self-worth fill me with enthusiasm. I know I will change the world for the better because I have boundless energy. I am grateful for the opportunities afforded me. I have total confidence in my ability to achieve the goals I have set. I shall do my part and the blessings will be a thousand fold.

I will work to show that the world is enriched by my presence. I want to make people appreciate my worth and know that there will be a void when I am no longer here.

I know the truth of myself. I am, the child of He who shines His light that I may follow Him to eternity.

My voice rings out with a combination of strength, courage and confidence. I have no need to raise my voice to be heard. It has a pulse of its own that creates a stirring of life and invites others to listen and hear my words.

I have the correct attitude to help me navigate any difficult situation. I ask for God’s help in staying on the right path and He grants me assurance.

I shall see and appreciate the miracles that happen every day. The benevolent smile of a stranger as he opens a door for an elderly man is the miracle of kindness. The first steps of a baby as he walks to his mother’s open arms is the miracle of learning. The soft words, “Thy will be done” on the lips of one of the faithful as he departs the earth for the joys of eternal life are the miracle of peace. May I experience them all.

I am an important part of our universe. I live my life to be a force for
good. I know I can be influential in bringing happiness to those I come
in contact with. I give my smile, my willingness to listen, my empathy
and sometimes, my money.

Today I will take care to be patient and loving towards others. I will be particularly tolerant and understanding of children, as I remember that we are all children of God. I will remember that the children of the world are the future, and any influence I have on them will influence the future of the world. I will pour out my love unconditionally and hope to receive love in return. If others need my help, I will go to their aid without hesitation and love all people the same, as we are all part of God's family.