Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I have started on the path to becoming a good teacher. I want to introduce the joy of learning into the lives of children. I want to make them proud of having the ability to read and speak correctly. It will enhance their future as it has mine. I will also endeavor to teach them to be kind to each other, for developing good character is as important as gaining academic expertise.

I shall mend my sails and proceed to brave the high seas. I sail toward the bright horizon knowing my strong faith will bring me safely to the shore.

I have developed a flair for making good friends easily.  I am more relaxed and open in approaching life.  Gone are the stiff, cold, and calculating manners.  I look at people as creatures of God.  These are my brothers, my colleagues, my peers, my friends.  Most of all, I look within a person’s characteristics and find what is the innate good in him.  I refrain from judging anybody or taking a harsh look at him.  I justify what seem to be mistakes committed by others.  I try to be more understanding and compassionate to them.

Whatever I do for my neighbor is what I do for the Lord.  When I love my neighbor, then I do this for the love of God. 

I shall not hold on to anger, lest it burn me. I relinquish the bad feelings and turn to thoughts of good.

Heavenly Father, the feelings in my heart are joyful. My fervent hope is to act in a way that pleases You. I follow the path that Jesus has prepared for me. He designs the appropriate steps I must take to honor my commitment. In my daily prayers, I say, “Thy will be done.”

I am careful not to live beyond my means. The amount of money I earn dictates the size of my home and the type of car that I drive. I avoid the temptation of having everything I want at the risk of being plunged into credit card debt. I save for things I want and use credit sparingly.

I live my life as I desire. I take control my destiny and will never allow myself to become a victim of circumstance.

I commit myself to reaping the rewards for my accomplishments. These accomplishments are made through the grace of God. I honor Him with my efforts. I am secure in the belief that my goals will be met and will benefit all men in the world.

I pray that my faith does not dissolve as ice melts into water.In the face of trials and sufferings, my unwavering faith is the only thing to hold on to when the surface of the earth collapses.Strengthen my belief, so I may rise and live and conquer my doubts.

I feel in complete harmony with the Earth around me. I have an affinity with nature, with the animals and plants that God created. I constantly appreciate the beauty of the world around me. The World has the power to cure me with its positive energy. I can close my eyes and feel the movement of the Earth hypnotize me. God’s planet is truly amazing and I am totally privileged to be a part of it.

I formulate a plan and review it in my mind. I follow the steps that will lead to succeeding in that plan. I am confident in possessing the abilities required to carry it out.

If I can live like other men, then I will strive to do my share in this world. I do not fold up in despair or crumple over loss. I turn from the bitter taste of defeat and know I will prevail over adversity. I know I can rid myself of anger, and overcome any impure instincts. Anger shall not control my actions. I will strive to inspire Godly emotions in my brethren.

Today I gratefully accept all the riches and happiness the universe has to offer. I welcome all that life has to offer. I follow the plan God has for me and my faith grows stronger each day. His light shines bright to show me the way. I am content and eager to do good works here on earth.

I design my behavior and go forward with the trust of a child. My future is in Your hands, oh God. I can dream and take joy in fulfillment. My tests and trials are met with profound trust that they can be overcome.  Only with conviction can I be truly transformed into the person You would want me to be.

I am very thankful for the freedom afforded me. Here in my country I have the freedom to worship as I choose and the freedom to speak my mind without fear of retaliation. I may seek pleasure in any way I choose as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

I treat others as I expect them to treat me. The Bible says, give, and it shall be given unto you. I share earthly riches with others for someday I may be the one in need. God teaches me to be a kind and loving neighbor to others. I encourage them to tell me about their lives. I afford them the courtesy of listening intently. I concentrate on their interests. I am thankful to be surrounded by people who love me. I give thanks for all family and friends.

In my hour of need I call for mercy, I call to mind my power affirmations. My restlessness is subdued and a feeling of peace settles upon me. I heed the prayers and I am given the answers.  Strength and relief surge through my veins. Such is the power of mind and faith.

My tangible riches are but material things. They may be precious jewels and extensive properties. My intangible riches are worth more than gold. They are the people who call me friend and the family that looks at me with love shining in their eyes.

My heart is filled with all the positive emotions that make me a happy person. I smile at others as I welcome them into my life. I am glad to meet new people and am open to forming new friendships. I am touched by one person’s kindness towards another, whether it is me or someone else. I am proud that I give willingly to others, of both my time and my money. When I see someone in need it arouses the emotion of empathy in me.

I know what I want to achieve during my life. I keep every detail in mind as I work towards my goals. I believe in my ability to gain those things that are important to me and am thankful for the strength to do so.

Every day I feel a wealth of fresh ideas flow over me. My mind is filled with new solutions to all the problems in my life. I have been given a gift of creativity from the Lord and for this I am very thankful. I let my mind only entertain positive, helpful thoughts that help me get further on the road to enlightenment. The Universe is a huge foundation of knowledge and learning.

I believe victory will be mine. It will not spring from luck, but rather from my own diligence. I will earn it through hard work, giving what I can and accepting all challenges.

My regard for other people exceeds my concern for my own.  I am careful to avoid doing harm to others, be that a reckless word, or unintended insult.  I respect the feelings of people knowing that these are human beings with emotional upheavals of their own.

I work hard to reach the purpose I have set for my life. I focus on the possibilities that lie ahead instead of thinking about the negative situation that I must face. I know I shall succeed with the help of God.

In the past my help was in the name of the Lord. I was lifted up from sadness to the joy of faith. Now I am capable of and responsible for reaching out to lend a helping hand to another. I will do this to honor His name and thank Him for my blessings.

I feel good about myself when I can share my riches with deserving
people in need through no fault of their own. Natural disasters, fires and
loss of employment can affect any one of us. I share out of empathy for
their unlucky circumstances.

God has given me this land to sow my seeds.  I take the challenge to grow my crops and bring them to bloom.  With my toiling hands I will create the bountiful harvests to surface. This I do to show my gratitude to the Lord. I take care of the earth and make its soil productive.  There is nothing better than making it luscious and green to return the life it has bestowed on me and my brethren.

I am strong enough to conquer my frustrations and accept my disappointments.  I have found ways to overcome the roadblocks to happiness. I focus my thoughts on the rainbow that follows the storm. I see beyond the clouds to the sunshine of a new day.

My life is worthy of the eternal light. The present bears witness to my good deeds. How would I succeed without having faith and pure content. My enlightenment is suffused with love, joy and hope. I can attain any level of achievement for I will carry the torch that lights the path to eternity.

I have the correct attitude to help me navigate any difficult situation. I ask for God’s help in staying on the right path and He grants me assurance.

Whatever my mind is focused on is what I attract to myself. I am as a magnet and if I think positive thoughts, positive things will come to me. Negative thought patterns, stress and anger will be banished from my mind. I shall not allow them to create destruction in my life. I shall think good thoughts. God sends out his love, and I need only be receptive to receive it. The energy flowing through my being is only good energy. I am filled with love, which, like a beam, draws everyone I meet to its light.

I have confidence and a good self-image because I strive to stay on the
right path through life. I devote myself to taking good care of my
husband and children. I am kind to and speak well of the members of my
extended family. I offer friendship to neighbors whenever I can.

Let me reap abundant crops from the hard toil of my working hands. My zealousness pushes me to work heartily that I may be richly supplied. My daily achievements are rewarded with bread and great profits.  I can see how the world benefits from my efforts. I am inspired to attain all that I aim for. I labor quietly and in honesty so that I may share with those who are in need. Such is the purpose of my existence.

My table will be laden with bread and the bounties of nature. My cup shall overflow with wine. I choose to be surrounded with abundance as You have chosen to give me the inheritance of the earth. I will be content and thankful for all these blessings. I shall not covet more than what is needed to nourish my body and soul. I will speak only those words acceptable to Him.

I toil for sustenance and give without grudging. My life is set to follow a certain course. I embrace my spirit and the youth within me. I see joy in every little thing and laughter in simple absurdities. I am open of heart, free of spirit and have an honest hand. I focus my energies on positive sensations. My entire being is suffused with warmth and serenity.

I am completely satisfied with my inner and outer beauty. No matter what judgments people make, I am a beautiful creation of God with an unblemished soul that shines brightly with faith. I appreciate the beauty around me, in other people and in Mother Nature. Each individual fills a purpose in this life. I feel endowed with unique qualities and a loving heart.

I show my strength of spirit by casting out unworthy thoughts. I flood my soul with vivid memories of the blessings I have enjoyed in the past. My positivity for the future encourages me. It is my fervent hope to speak and bring my brethren to the table the Lord has set out before us. I shall be overjoyed to partake of his bounteous crop and bring the downtrodden and poverty-stricken to join with me in prayer and a surplus of food for the body and the soul.

I am courageous throughout all perilous circumstances because my faith makes me strong. I fear not that I shall perish as I wage war against sinful things. My faith is shown by my actions and not by words alone. My God is beside me and He will not forsake me. I follow His command in all places.

I will dream and follow my dreams. I will cherish my visions for they will lead me to real happiness in this life and acts that will help my fellow man.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I marvel at the many possibilities life offers me. I want to explore them
all before choosing a place to settle in and a career that will interest me
and utilize my talents and abilities to the fullest. I want to meet the
spouse of my dreams who will share love, life and eternity with me.

I cannot unravel the past, any more than ask the rains to stop nourishing the earth. I will leave my mistakes behind and focus on today and tomorrow.  I will change my feelings of failure to surety of my future success. I move towards my rightful place in God’s universe.

I say hello to people and transmit my warmth through a handshake. I sincerely like making new acquaintances and establishing new friendships.

I am asked and so I speak of the descent of the Spirit to bring the glories that He promised mankind.  A stranger can take refuge in the words that come from my lips. I provide the answers and they are gladly received. Such is the power and influence I hold over persons I have only met.

A golden coin or a tattered dollar bill is only representative of the riches it can buy. It is only given in recognition of the worth of he who earns by utilizing the talents he is born with. These abilities are a point of pride only when developed through hard work. The recompense shall be used for sustenance and to alleviate the poverty of others.

I have a passion for helping others as a way of expressing my faith. When
I recall the words, “Whatsoever you do for the least of thy brethren, you
do for Me,” it propels me to reach out and see who I can lend a hand to.

Inside I feel contented and reassured that God has everything in control. He has set my path in life, which I am following step by step. I know my future is full of great prosperity and joy.  Knowing this, my mind is free to create the uplifting thoughts that I lovingly bestow upon others. I feel fully aligned with the universe and all the abundance it offers me.

I will open the window of opportunity and act in the ways of the Son of God. For in my temple the Lord will dwell and grant me my salvation. I gaze out to see the promise of heaven. I do His will to reap the fruit of eternal life. I will be strong and survive all perils. I have kindled the flame of love for my brethren here on earth and someday shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.