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How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I picture a tomorrow where there is great love and harmony among men. This is a future where no peril or disaster exists to threaten those on earth. This beautiful hope for the future will shield me and my loved ones from harm and distress.

I am proud to be a person who passes the true test of loyalty, which is commitment to someone or something. In marriage I am committed to faithfulness and sharing. In parenthood I am committed to providing love and care. In friendship I am committed to being trustworthy and helpful as well as providing companionship.

I memorize the passages of my power affirmations. I repeat them throughout the day and rely on them to shape my world. My mind shall work to bring glory to God for it is He who has renewed my mind.

I am a creative person. When I am able to bring an innovative idea to a successful conclusion, I know it is not my creation alone. For God has endowed me with the talents I possess and what I produce is a co-creation attributable to my efforts combined with His.

Thank you God, for keeping me safe and well. All my needs will be met and I shall have those things I want most. My faith will keep me healthy, strong and determined. Today I will not focus on material gain.  All that I desire is within my reach and I grasp it gratefully, with both hands.  I relinquish the pattern of procrastination within me. I shall act swiftly, looking forward to the excitement and adventure each day brings.

Today I make the positive change to be a healthier person. I will treat the body God gave me the upmost respect and care. I will only eat healthy, nutritious food, on a path to becoming the ideal weight. I have the motivation to get up and do that little bit more exercise each day. I can already feel the energy flowing through my body and that will grow with each moment. I will take the time to rest and restore my body to peak health. I feel amazing!

Today I will use silence to connect with the Lord. I will block out the noise of the world to hear the voice of God. I will be calm and patient as I feel the warmth of God's love. He guides me through the day and reveals the hope of the future. I will follow His step and my eyes will see what He wishes me to see. I will act in the way He would have me act. I feel myself surrounded by peace and the love of God.

I know that I have the power to produce miracles. I believe in Jesus Christ, who came to earth and performed miracles. His example shows me that anything is possible. I rise above limitations and am divinely guided. The light of the Lord is within me and only good things shall transpire.

My old self has passed away and I am reborn. I have repentance in my heart for I believe that with God's grace, I will be forgiven and saved. I am a new creation, and can sense my inner beauty. All the days of my life will be devoted to serving God and I will grow more beautiful in His eyes until the end of my earthly time.

I do not wallow in regret or misery. My efforts are meant to overcome these. I keep on struggling for survival and the ability to continue on to change my life to one of happiness and success.

Getting down to business is working every day for a paycheck or a specific goal. The business of everyday life is making a living. The business of a child is completing schoolwork on time. The business of a caterpillar is metamorphosis and business for me is taking care of my spouse, my children and sharing my riches with those in need. I am proud that I can work hard and be successful at taking care of business.

I am confident all my hard work will be rewarded. I put forth my best efforts without giving in to defeat. Jesus never gave up hope and neither shall I. In my friendship with others I remain true and compassionate, never wavering in my faith. I know that all earthly trials will pass and I shall achieve my final destiny through hard work and sharing with others. Eternal life with the Lord shall be my most rewarding achievement.

I invite cooperation among my colleagues and peers. I present myself as a positive role model to inspire them to hard work, honesty, and integrity. I stir enthusiasm among them to achieve our goals and missions.

I view marriage as a sacred trust. I will never knowingly do anything or say anything hurtful to him. Instead I will try to do things to make him happy and say things that show I am proud of him. Together we will journey through life supporting each other in all possible ways.

I am gratified to see family and friends gathered around me in a happy circle. This picture-perfect moment will be forever stored in my heart. The warmth of their love and care nourishes my otherwise failing health. I treasure these special people and value their very presence in my life. They comfort me as the Lord comforts me. I shall find multiple ways to express my  gratitude for them. They are sent by God to bring me joy.

I will seek and find opportunities today and open the door to fulfillment for myself and others. I shall not pause to knock lest I wait in vain. I know with a certainty that I can provide the gentle push towards faith and happiness. I believe in my own capacity and in the guiding hand of my Lord.

My responsibilities are carried out in accordance with a greater plan. I focus on the path to heaven and turn away from the path to hell. It is my actions that determine my chosen path.

I shall enjoy every minute of the time we have together now. I will not waste one minute wondering if I should have made other choices. I will not waste one minute thinking about what choices I will have to make tomorrow. I will grasp each hour we have today and wring all the joy that I can from each minute of it. I missed you during all the yesterdays and I may not have you all the tomorrows. We have each other now and cannot waste it.

I have the correct attitude to help me navigate any difficult situation. I ask for God’s help in staying on the right path and He grants me assurance.

I am proud of the financial abundance that rewards my hard work. I am more proud of the way I disburse it. I am an honest person. I pay bills on time. I maintain a bank account for emergencies. I do not gain income by cheating or taking advantage of anyone in any way. I am happy to have a clear conscience.

I can see my wealth grow tremendously as I work harder each day. I am hoping to fulfill the requirements that shall maintain my physical, mental and spiritual wealth in addition to material gains.

Today I am worthy of redemption in the eyes of God. I am His creation and recognize that all He has created is magnificent and good. I will walk with pride, knowing that whatever anyone else may see, I am happy with my appearance. Each time I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful soul shining through. I am in perfect sync in body, mind and soul. I am ready to receive the light of God.

I remain calm and controlled. I know that all the people love me in my life and I constantly feel the warmth from that love. My optimistic perspective lifts my mood even in the most difficult scenarios. I share my abundance with those who need it and see it come back to me ten fold! Sharing with other brings such joy to be and enhances me life. God sees my generosity and he is proud of me for it!

If one friend asks me for a favor, I will try to accommodate that person if I can. I will never do a favor for one person that is detrimental to another. I am selective in where and when I spend my money and give my time. I will try to offer my help to those who need it most.

I have no fear in what today might bring. For God infuses my being with confidence and my footing with surety. I am sufficiently endowed with the ability to pursue the goals I have set out for myself. I will surmount the risks or find a way around them. My faith in the Lord does not falter.

I strive to create a future that is pleasing to God. I use each hour and each day to build a world that is an exhibition of my faith.

I reach the height of success in the business world. It makes me proud that I have the abilities required to reach the top. I am rewarded with satisfaction and wealth beyond what I need. I am overjoyed to be able to help someone else who is in need. This is both my privilege and my duty.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

I rejoice to see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. I believe I can succeed in having a life that is rewarding. My efforts will be rewarded because my spirit is strong. God lights the way to guide me and I am filled with gladness.

My recital of prayers and affirmations affords me the pleasure of reaching into the recesses of my subliminal mind. There I can live the way I wish in my physical world. There is no night and I have no need for lamp or candle. The love of God shines through like beams of sunlight. I live in peace and quiet, and luxuriate in leisure and privacy. My life is a gift, a miracle from Him.

My focus is on the future and making it secure and fun. I make plans to study and prepare myself for a good career. After graduation, I will find an excellent job because I excel in my field of expertise. Over the years I will become an integral part of the success of the company that hires me. I have a bright future. Fun will be included after my responsibilities are met.

I face daily challenges with my head held high. I do not avoid difficult situations. Instead, I seek solutions to existing problems. I will discover the answers to puzzling questions. God’s plan has a reason for everything that transpires in this world. If a complex situation arises that seems beyond my capability to resolve today, I will ponder it until tomorrow. When I awake with a rested mind, I shall be successful in finding answers and viable solutions to the problem at hand.

I am filled with God's grace for He provided me with insight to resolve divisive situations. I am granted the wisdom to restore harmony to any relationship. I am grateful for the courage to bring diplomacy to any   adverse situation. I take up this challenge with a strong spirit.

My love for others is as great as the love I have for myself. It is unconditional, open and absolute. Each individual in the world is a creation of the Lord. I will be patient, open minded and forgiving in all my relationships. I will offer advice to those who request it. I will provide comfort to those in distress. I expect no reward above the joy of doing God’s work. I embrace my fellow man with affection and devotion.

The new thoughts I have lead me to visualize the shape of the person I need to become. I walk the path that will take me to the place I wish to reach. I am led by the reality of His love.

I will graciously accept the gray hair and wrinkled countenance that accompanies old age. It is close to the circle’s end and I may soon depart. I am most contented and at peace with myself for I have completed my work. I do not cling to a youth long past because life has given me wisdom in its place.

My thoughts affect all my actions directly. By making all my thoughts positive I will be able to create all the things I want. With every positive step I take I can feel my dreams getting closer and closer with every second. I feel totally in control of my future destiny, it is in my hands. I am blessed by God to have such an amazing soul and generous heart! I am honest in all that I do, and every action I take has a loving intention!

I shall not burden myself with worries about tomorrow. There will be food when I hunger and water when I thirst. I trust in the Lord to provide all that I need. I pray to Him to ease my worried mind and he grants me freedom from my worry. My mind is at rest and peace reigns within me.

I have planned my road in life and am ready to enjoy the journey. My hopes are to complete my education in preparation for a solid job in the industry of my choosing. I hope to marry and have a family someday. I hope for spectacular love and success. I work hard as I progress towards making my dreams a reality.

I respect all the brave men and women who fight for freedom. I do not argue about politics with friends or family. When others begin to argue, I mediate their differences. Although I have strong beliefs, I do not denigrate the preferences of others. I present my ideas in a pleasant manner and am willing to listen to the other person’s views.

It is a positive thing to take pride in myself, and I do. However, I credit
God for endowing me with favorable traits and talents. I embrace my
faith and use the talents I have been given to fill a useful place in the

Today I will value my body and consume only healthy, organic foods. My body is a temple, a gift from God, and I should be wholly respectful of it. I will be fully nourished by the foods that I eat, and eat only what my body requires. I will protect my health from excess weight, stress and depression. My body is amazing and average portions will suffice. I will exercise and strive to stay on the path to attaining the optimal weight for my height.

I project an air of self-assurance and serenity. I rid myself of impatience and remain serene. I shall master the ability to maintain my demeanor and in time it will be firmly ingrained in me. I will never succumb to lies or deceit.

I am proud of being strong enough to overcome bad habits. I have achieved freedom from smoking, freedom from excessive drinking and do not gamble. My lungs are clear and I can jog and enjoy the fresh air. I take care to maintain freedom from illness and addiction. I practice good health habits to keep my body flexible and strong.

I am ever thankful for the people in my life. My fervent prayer is for divine guidance. I am strong. Your faith and trust in my abilities gives me peace. It is encouragement from those around me that keeps me secure. I give selfless commitment as an act of affection and love. Life is certainly worth living as God makes it so.

I welcome with gratitude the monetary blessings that I have accumulated. I receive them graciously and seek ways to share my gifts with those in dire need of sustenance. The wealth I share multiplies without effort on my part. I am rewarded for being generous of heart. By sharing I enrich my own spirituality.

Grant me this wish Lord that this young one will see the truth of his ways and follow a path according to Your spoken words. May the days of his long life be spent in worship and returning the blessings You have bestowed upon him. I ask for this special favor to be granted. I know that, with Your strength to compel me, I will be content in carrying this burden.

I am grateful to have a healthy body that can move freely in exercise. I can run quickly. I can swim through the waves. I can perform dance steps that express my joy at being alive and able to do all these things I enjoy.

I always see the good in others and strive to make them feel good about themselves. I can only expect to receive what I give out. I know that I can give love and compassion to everyone I meet, and this pleases God. Today I will open my eyes and notice the people that may need my help. My gentle, loving nature can bring joy to others. I am willing to forgive the mistakes people in my life have made and concentrate on building lasting relationships.

I hold myself to a higher level of standards in all the significant aspects of my life. I will adhere to these standards in matters of work and interaction with other people at all times. I know this is possible and pleasing to God.