Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I will take advantage of all opportunity that presents itself. No adversity can deter me from my aspiration to succeed. I will march forth armed by my confidence and faith and not be swayed by those who challenge me.

I practice my faith in God seven days each week. I plan to travel to some of the places on earth where miracles have reportedly occurred. As a mere mortal, who am I to question the possibility that they have and will continue to happen in those locations.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

My love for others is as great as the love I have for myself. It is unconditional, open and absolute. Each individual in the world is a creation of the Lord. I will be patient, open minded and forgiving in all my relationships. I will offer advice to those who request it. I will provide comfort to those in distress. I expect no reward above the joy of doing God’s work. I embrace my fellow man with affection and devotion.

I lift the black mood of despair and cloak myself in quiet confidence. I can guide, control and manipulate my life whichever way I like. I have fought wars and won great battles. I take full control of my simple, ordinary life. This life is mine and I will choose to live it in a way that glorifies my Lord.

I will never stop reaching for greatness. I will improve myself to the fullest extent possible.

I slumber deep and at peace with faith that God dwells within my heart. This knowledge keeps me safe and I am full of trust that His love will sustain me. This thought lets me drift into a soothing sleep and my body is rested and refreshed for the new day.

I constantly strive to build harmonious relationships with others. I engage the people around me in sensible discussion and lively exchange. I draw out their ideas and build on them. Together, we can achieve things that are constructive and helpful to the community.

Grant me this wish Lord that this young one will see the truth of his ways and follow a path according to Your spoken words. May the days of his long life be spent in worship and returning the blessings You have bestowed upon him. I ask for this special favor to be granted. I know that, with Your strength to compel me, I will be content in carrying this burden.

I am open to whatever surprises lie ahead of me as I travel through life. I rejoice in the good times and try to minimize the bad. I know the positive aspects will far outweigh the negative. Throughout my life, I will act in a way that is beneficial to others and promotes their success and happiness along with my own.

I am proud of maintaining my weight at a healthy level. I eat the right          
food such as vegetables and fruit. When I am light on my feet I can
accomplish things faster and enjoy the team sports I participate in. I am
competitive and play to win, but, I always play fairly.

God has given me common sense, which gets me through all the small daily problems I encounter. I have been given the gift of wisdom from God and this helps me be very aware of the world around me. I never take my Faith for granter, realizing the strength it restores in me everyday! I am an honest, beautiful, good-hearted person and it shows!

When my mind needs convincing that I can meet the challenge, my heart whispers that I am supplied with the ability by God. The power of my heart radiates and surges through to sustain the flame burning in my mind. I am able. I am powerful. I am strong.

I listen to the opinions of others in a respectful way. Their stories touch my heart. I feel joy when my brother is happy and sad when he is down. I give advice when it is sought. I am gratified when my assistance is sought. I am always willing to listen without negative judgment.

My heart is filled with cheerfulness. The clouds of uncertainty and confusion part to give way to buoyancy. No more do I succumb to fear nor doubt.  I plan my destiny and rejoice in anticipation of beautiful things to come.  How wonderful to be living in this beautiful world.

Today I count my blessings, and there are hundreds! I have so much to appreciate. My life is full of wonderful people and wonderful things. I take the time to remember the people who are not as fortunate as I am, and do what I can to help them. I have an enthusiastic, jolly personality and I know that I have a truly good heart.

I am willingly engulfed in every new challenge that surfaces. I am confident in my ability to live up to the high standards I set for myself each day. I take pride in my ability to untangle puzzling matters and solve difficult problems.

I have faith and I believe that I can carry the load with His assistance. When we walk together, we can reach the highest peak.

In the past my help was in the name of the Lord. I was lifted up from sadness to the joy of faith. Now I am capable of and responsible for reaching out to lend a helping hand to another. I will do this to honor His name and thank Him for my blessings.

Creativity is a gift from God and I am blessed with the ability to make lovely items as holiday gifts and decorations without investing much money. My children and I love to do crafts both from kits and from our own imagination. I teach them to knit and embroider and complete clothing and other sewing projects. My creative interests are something we can share and enjoy together.

I strive for the ability to focus on my daily tasks as I stand tall, fortified by the eternal love of God.  My direction for the journey is set out clearly before me. I am aware of all that He asks me to overcome before I can reach my destination. My confidence is strong that I can perform the tasks that will be pleasing in His eyes.

I will gain courage, strength and confidence and in the end I can I have lived through all these.  For in these horrible moments the weak could have perished and I have survived.

I am overjoyed that my appeal to others enriches my life. I welcome strangers into my midst as they wish to join me. The easy manner in which I establish an affinity with them allows me to assist them in times of need.

I will exercise my power and control within myself. I will do what is acceptable to the people around me. I will supplement my work with virtue so as to create perfect deeds. I will wear the armor of God that I may be protected from the dangers of evil. I will think, act and speak from the stance of success and achievement. I will be fearless, firm and steadfast. All these things will be done to glorify the Lord.

I enjoy confronting challenges knowing I will prevail. My spirit is fulfilled each time I hurdle over a roadblock to success and intervene in any crisis. I know I shall overcome.

My feelings shall be mirrored in the eyes of those I serve. I guard against negativity lest I evoke it in others. I emit the positivity bestowed upon me by the Lord. I am joyous and loving to those who can benefit from knowing of the Lord. My energy can bring them the words of faith.

I often think of happy days gone by. I remember the special occasions
such as weddings, baptisms and confirmations. I put unhappy memories
out of my mind and think of what I can do now to create happy ones to
be remembered fondly when now becomes the yesterday of tomorrow.

I learn from the value of other people's wisdom and experience. I make a point of studiously reviewing the factors that have made people succeed in any given field. I admire the success of others and gain inspiration from their deeds.

I shall start each new day by assessing all the possibilities it holds. I can express to my family how much I care for them. I can tackle each new task at work with fresh energy. I know that unexpected and wonderful things are about to happen for me and I am ready to make the most of each and every one.

I live within the glow and expectation of salvation. I am enriched by all who love me. I remain open to receive freely the devotions showered upon me. My soul is uplifted. The ground does not shake, nor do the mountains tremble. Your love constantly guides me along. Though the path may be darkened, I shall emerge into the light of eternity.

I shall not covet worldly possessions. I need only enough to fulfill my basic needs. I choose to distribute my riches to those in need and troubled by afflictions. This is only a fraction of what God has given me and I shall use it to help mankind in His name. In retrospect, I realize I cannot repay Him for all He does for me. Therefore, I proclaim my generosity towards my brother and acknowledge it as a small price to repay for God’s blessings.

My sufferings have taught me endurance. My faith and hope are limitless. I am filled with encouragement to continue on in a steadfast way. I am confident of surmounting all obstacles and triumphing over all tribulations. I am secure in the faith that my path will lead to the house of the Lord.

I am an excellent driver. I keep my focus on the road ahead and those cars on either side of mine on the freeway. I take responsibility for the safety of the passengers in my vehicle. I insist everyone wear seat belts. If anyone starts to argue within the car, I pull over to the side of the road until they agree to stop. This allows me to focus on driving safely.

Thank You for giving me all the resources I need to make my dreams real.   I can now start making the step by step plans in motion.  All I require is patience, hard work and constant faith to achieve my purpose.

Today I will follow the dictates of God and accept the lessons he has laid out for me. I will follow the path He set me on and be resourceful with every step.  The world is full, and I will make the most of every opportunity that arises. I will  focus on making my work the best it can be. I am provided with the means to excel and keeping that knowledge firmly in mind I will aim for perfection. Today I relinquish all fear, worry and doubt with confidence that I can achieve great things. I will maintain a positive attitude as I endeavor to bring joy to the people in my life.

I am as the thoughts that I think. I shape my being on those things I desire, reflecting my dignity and faith. Nothing can deter me from seeking pure and kind thoughts.

Today I am prosperous and   manage my resources wisely. My business is growing with each day. I  contribute to the good of this world and God is proud.  I apply my skills for the good of all. I love my chosen career and excel and persevere out of my own desire.

My body is a creation of God, therefore I cherish it as a gift. I maintain good health through exercise. I give my body the physical requirements it needs. I eat nutritious foods and get ample rest to keep myself functioning in a healthy way.

Who can fathom what tomorrow brings? Therefore I leave my anxious heart behind. Nothing can be gained from fearing the unknown. Instead of fearing the night, I will embrace what the morning sun has to offer. I say my prayers in the silence of the night and with gratitude, I rest in peace.

I repeat the words of my power affirmations every day. They taste like honey on my lips. They are like the lamp that lights my path and leads me to my destination as I tread the roughened ground. As I believe these words I have no dread of the day that comes. I welcome each day for whatever it brings I know that I always share my days with You.

I weave the tranquility of my thoughts through the fabric of my life. I keep myself safe from sin and live in peace and harmony. Loyalty, love and dedication to others propels me on my daily journey. I have achieved sweet accord with myself, my God and the world.

I strengthen my bond with the Lord and spread His holy promise of eternal life. From this day forward, I shall spread the words of faith and hope to the multitudes. I follow Your laws and encourage others to do the same. Let my enthusiasm draw others into the circle of goodness that will bring them to the Lord. The truth I speak of has the power to save the world.

I stay away from those worthless controversies and dissensions that irritate my soul. I engage only in worthy debate that they may settle rifts and heal the opposing minds. If I can bring together two warring clans, this is an offering to God. This is pleasing to Him for He teaches us to work towards pleasant interactions and be at peace with one another.

My blessings I share with compassion, without regret or quibble. I hunger not for more, but wonder at the richness that abound after. Truly, when I give, a thousand times more, I do receive. I rejoice for the wealth of inner satisfaction and contentment. I hesitate not, to break my bread in two when it is all I have. I dwell on the spiritual gratification that feeds my essence. I am happy to contribute to a mankind less fortunate and anguished. My small act will comprise a part of the whole. I live to serve and be of significance to others!

I feel the power of faith inside me. I know I will be successful in every endeavor I undertake. I am not going to sit idle while injustice goes on around me. I take up the cause of fulfilling my own dreams for the purpose of making the world a better place for all of God’s children.

Today I know good things will happen. I am open to all new prospects. I look for new ways to make my family and friends happy and proud of me. All my actions are kind and considerate of others. I know with a certainty that I follow the ways God dictates in the bible and keep the Ten Commandments in mind in all I do. I know I am a God-pleasing person.

I marvel at the universe and see not empty space, but a complex
interaction of forces. Gravity holds our feet to earth while another
invisible force called black energy exerts an influence on the entire
universe. Vistas of other planets and other intelligent life cross my mind
as a real possibility.

I am grateful to behold the sight of the grass moving in the soft summer breeze. I am privileged to tend the crops that I may partake of food to sustain me. I turn my face upward to welcome gentle raindrops. For all these blessings nourish me, body and soul.

I will make today a great one for someone in dire need. I shall speak an encouraging word and extend a helping hand. I will smile and maintain a cheerful attitude as I perform these tasks. I will give generously and the heart of someone in need will be comforted.

I am grateful as I count the things that are left in my possession. I do not mourn that which is lost for it will be replenished.