Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Today I place my trust in God. I trust that He has a greater purpose for me. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and in time that reason will become clear to me. I trust myself to do the honorable thing and to see the good in everyone. I will be patient as I continue life’s journey. I am at peace with my God and His universe.

I conquer my despair even when everything is falling apart. I keep my faith and never give up the struggle as I summon up the courage and confidence to do what must be done. When all else dims, I try to find humor and cling to the knowledge that God helps me when I feel the depressing emotions. I do manage to achieve the control I seek to have. My faith in the Lord works many wonders even during the most volatile of situations.

I will accomplish my tasks, overcoming all setbacks and failures. I know I shall prevail with the help of the Lord. I know I can be strong and conquer any storm.

Everything that is inside me, my emotions, energies and thoughts, are contributing to the efforts necessary to make my desires a reality. My faith is unswerving and will bring positive change in my life.

My day begins with positive thinking and with less reliance on luck. I double my efforts and am reassured that I will make good things happen. I firmly hold on to my belief that nothing can stop me from doing the necessary task.

I will keep my skills and talents sharp. I will add new skills to improve on my abilities. I am a valuable person today and strive to become even more of an asset to my chosen profession and my wish to serve God.

I strive for the ability to focus on my daily tasks as I stand tall, fortified by the eternal love of God.  My direction for the journey is set out clearly before me. I am aware of all that He asks me to overcome before I can reach my destination. My confidence is strong that I can perform the tasks that will be pleasing in His eyes.

When I open my eyes each morning, I see the beauty of the world outside my window. The pleasant music of chirping birds delights my ears. My big, beautiful St. Bernard urges me to venture out on our morning walk. My neighbor greets me pleasantly. All is good in my life and I thank God for my happiness.

I take extra time and effort to elaborate on the things that I wish someone to complete. It makes the job less complicated and easier for them to perform when they understand fully what the requirements for successfully doing the job entail.

I remind myself to meet every person in the shadow of God's goodness and love.  As He created all men equal so I am to speak no evil of anyone. I strive to be gentle and show perfect courtesy towards all people.

I rejoice in the clarity of my thoughts. I open my hands to receive this day's graces in exultation. My mind is swept clean of the cobwebs of doubt and confusion. My heart swells with courage and pure enthusiasm. What a fitting day to start a mission of hope. My whole being radiates with anticipation and pure energy.

How fortunate I am to be looking forward to attending college and
preparing for a high-paying job. Yesterday, when I tried on a pair of
expensive basketball shoes, my thoughts turned to rumors of Chinese
children laboring long hours in overseas factories to make them. If I
refuse to buy these shoes will it help those children to have better
opportunities in life?

The money I have is earned through honest labor. The lucrative employment I have attained was earned because of my educational degree. The spending habits I have are cautious and assure that my life will be secure and free from want.

I am proud of the kind things I am able to do for others. Although I am
attractive and intelligent, I cannot take pride in those traits since I was
born with them and did not have to earn them. It is the things I have
accomplished through honest effort of which I can be justifiably proud.

I am grateful to my parents for bringing me up in Godly fashion. I will stay obedient to their wishes even when I am older and have children of my own. I shall love and respect them unto eternity.

I stop to delight in the marvelous variety of creatures that share the earth with me. The sheer abundance and diversity overwhelms me. I look from the delicate wings of the hummingbird to the towering magnificence of the giraffe. Each creature in nature is a work of art with its own habitat and its own specific food source. I pray for each species to propagate and prosper.

I open my eyes and thoughts of love and happiness flood my mind. It is another beautiful day the Lord has given me. I use it to enjoy my own activities. I use it to reach out to someone who is mired in unhappiness. I try to lead him from his darkness to the light.

I will put my faith and determination to work showing love and caring to others. My contributions will join with the good works of a small group of passionate and committed people who will join me in the service of those in need of help.

I am wise and will manage my wealth in the best ways I can find. I will handle and use money in a deliberate and precise way that will benefit me and those in need.

I command my thoughts to move in a positive direction. I shall spend my energies in a way to optimize each day. My abilities count and I will continue to use them for the benefit of others. I reach out for the dreams I hold. I shall strive to make my desires a reality with the guidance of the Lord.

I know that someday all the things I want in life will be mine. I know that because I have the talent to succeed and the determination that will make success inevitable. My attitude towards work is one of positivity. I respect my boss, my mentors and my co-workers alike. I attempt to bolster their success as I work towards my own. At the end of the day, their achievements will be a reflection of my own and we all shall prosper.

I shall not seek vengeance but pray instead to forgive whoever has done me wrong. I ask God’s help in forgiving the sins done against me.

I dedicate myself to God with daily affirmations. I follow the path my faith directs me to walk. Though I know not what each day may bring, I am filled with hope for good things to happen. I place all my trust in the Lord.

I will complete the journey with a brave and strong spirit.  It does not matter where I end up, every single step will take me farther to the end.  I will just keep on going, surmounting all the road blocks, finding shelter from the tempest, shielding my body from the battering winds.  I know I will find spring and then summer during this longest trip of my life.  The seasons always change so I will find a thousand flowers on the meadows that I pass.

My spouse is an extension of myself. I give her due respect and treat her with the consideration she deserves. I am enthralled by her gentle spirit. I value her courage when facing troubled times. I welcome her as my equal partner. My vows are sacred and I will honor them and her for the rest of our lives.

I feel the love of my family and friends and it warms my heart. I know I am a good person and feel comfortable with myself. I entertain only positive thoughts and my demeanor is joyful and my excellent qualities shine through. I respect and am proud of my actions and know they meet the approval of my Lord.

Once more, I have proven to the beloved people around me how valuable they are to me. I am overwhelmed with love and concern for this family of mine. They inspire me to traverse the rough patches of life. Family ties are strong and love binds us one to the other. No trials are too much to overcome as we draw from each other's strength.  My soul is rich in the joy of having family and friends to surround me. I am honored by the love and respect they grant me.

When my world is in upheaval, when everything seems lost and there is no hope to reverse time, my only consolation is that the seconds tick away to bring tomorrow and the next day.  Unless God put the clock away, life continues.

God has laid down a path for me to follow, and that path leads to success. I walk resolutely as my faith carries me. Each confident step I take is a step closer to accomplishing my dreams. My resolve is unwavering and strong. I am consistently moving toward a better mind, body and spirit! My confidence rubs off on other people, enhancing their lives. My confident demeanor shines out for the world to see!

Today I will focus on things that seem larger than life. I hold high hopes and expectations for myself. I am capable of bigger accomplishments and seek bigger opportunities. This day I shall give 100% of myself to everything I set my sights on. I am 100% healthy. I am 100% happy and I have 100% faith in God. What I want to happen WILL happen. I shall make my dreams come true through determination and faith in God.

All my words and actions are formed with my future in mind. Everything I do leads me to success. I speak and walk with confidence. It is rewarding to learn new things and put them into practice. I make the most of my God-given talents and use them to enrich my family and myself. I seek to be charitable when I see another in need. My creativity flows naturally. I shall know success wherever I go. Nothing is beyond my reach.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

I value my body and exercise often because it energizes me and increases my motivation. Through keeping my body fit, I stay healthy and strong. I am positive my capabilities will lead to great successes in my life. I fully appreciate the skills I possess and know that they are a gift from God. Today I work towards my goals.

I feel a sense of pride when I view what I have accomplished. My enthusiastic, ambitious qualities will take me beyond my dreams. I am a great leader and succeed at multiplying my riches. I have a clear mind and shall focus on the business at hand. Together with my God, I shall succeed in all things I do.

Nothing is impossible for me to do. If I have the will to win and excel then I will find the way. Never will I tire of pursuing the dream, to look up and see the glorious reality unveiled.

I am a pillar of strength for the people who depend on me. I bring new and fresh joy and hope to their existence. It magnifies my desire to provide sustenance to those in need. I cannot be weak and chance failing them. I cannot be hesitant for their steps will slow. I draw on Your strength and power to resuscitate me. With Your help I will rise to new heights and my courage will know no bounds.

Inside I feel contented and reassured that God has everything in control. He has set my path in life, which I am following step by step. I know my future is full of great prosperity and joy.  Knowing this, my mind is free to create the uplifting thoughts that I lovingly bestow upon others. I feel fully aligned with the universe and all the abundance it offers me.

I take pride in those things I have worked to achieve. My success is based on talents and abilities bestowed on me by God. I do not take pride in having those talents, but in the way that I use them to achieve success through hard work.

I will grieve not for past words and misdeeds. I say my contrition for to repent my sins is to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. I will release myself from torment and be kind to my soul. As I have paid for my wrong deeds, thus have I likewise forgiven those who torment me. I will look into the mirror to seek the fog and remove it from my eyes. I can see clearly now and the brilliance of the days ahead will beckon me. Only good things will prosper when I am within the light of God.

I marvel at the many possibilities life offers me. I want to explore them
all before choosing a place to settle in and a career that will interest me
and utilize my talents and abilities to the fullest. I want to meet the
spouse of my dreams who will share love, life and eternity with me.

I will follow my dreams no matter what other people say to me. I will let my spirit be diminished or weakened by other people and I am not afraid to proclaim my beliefs to anyone. I know that by staying steadfast in my plan that I can easily accomplish my dreams within the near future. I have God aiding me at every turn and I feel determined, strengthened and excited!

I know my faithfulness is an expression of loyalty to my spouse and my wedding vows. I am capable of resolving small differences of opinion and being flexible in how our relationship functions. I let no personal hurt feelings interfere with the overall satisfaction our marriage brings to my life.

For every failure I encountered I have gained a lesson.  For every step I stumbled, I have earned firmness of spirit.  In all these, I have learned the hard way. 

I know I can put my agitation to rest. I will not let it destroy my composure. I will take a deep breath and then release my anxiety. I will focus on attaining success in this venture. So I shall muster my calm and courage, say my silent prayer to You and leave anxiety behind. The power to make good things happen lies in Your hands. I trust with all my heart and soul that You will let us achieve this triumph, Lord.

I am a natural leader.  I was first trained to be a good follower.  I know how it is to command respect by good will.  I lead because I am a catalyst of change, and I want to mobilize people to a good cause.  My vision is clear on the paths of changing the world, not on its entirety, but on aspects that will benefit the miserable and afflicted.

My life is so enriched by the presence of beloved family and friends. I rejoice in their company. I am so happy and thankful to have them in my life. Mine is a contented heart, living in a beautiful world.

I know what I want to achieve during my life. I keep every detail in mind as I work towards my goals. I believe in my ability to gain those things that are important to me and am thankful for the strength to do so.

I am achieving what seemed to be the impossible. My body is now replacing fat with muscle. Although it is a difficult feat, discipline and determination are the building blocks of my success.

I am grateful as I count the things that are left in my possession. I do not mourn that which is lost for it will be replenished.

I stay away from those worthless controversies and dissensions that irritate my soul. I engage only in worthy debate that they may settle rifts and heal the opposing minds. If I can bring together two warring clans, this is an offering to God. This is pleasing to Him for He teaches us to work towards pleasant interactions and be at peace with one another.