Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I formulate a plan and review it in my mind. I follow the steps that will lead to succeeding in that plan. I am confident in possessing the abilities required to carry it out.

I am strong and capable of success. I know life has many good things in store for me. My journey towards success may be challenging, but, I am never giving up my dreams. While some days are a struggle, most are a joy. I am smart and I am relentless in pursuing my personal goals.

The true measure of my happiness is my ability to share life’s blessings with others. I am thankful for my understanding of the true meaning of happiness. I do not seek riches to make a comfortable life on earth. I work towards the goal of wealth that awaits me in eternal life

I feel good about myself when I can share my riches with deserving
people in need through no fault of their own. Natural disasters, fires and
loss of employment can affect any one of us. I share out of empathy for
their unlucky circumstances.

My sufferings have taught me endurance. My faith and hope are limitless. I am filled with encouragement to continue on in a steadfast way. I am confident of surmounting all obstacles and triumphing over all tribulations. I am secure in the faith that my path will lead to the house of the Lord.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

I welcome the surge of positive feelings within me. I am garbed in good intentions and surround myself with happy moments. I will not cloud my mind with gloomy thoughts. The warmth of joyous memories will flood my soul. I focus only on kind and Godly thoughts.

I am painstaking in my efforts to create a daily plan.  All my hard work will merit a reward in the future. Let my sacrifices bear the fruit of a good harvest. From a small company, my vision is for this business to flourish and develop into a gigantic entity. I have confidence in my ability to make it so.

My heart overflows with joy and love. I have no need of the dawn and a new day. The warmth inside me is like that of the sun that stays with me all night. I am filled to overflowing with the joy of life.

I maintain a happy state of mind. I am thankful for what I have now, for many have much less. I look to the future and see brighter days ahead. As I work to prepare for future days, I do not lose sight of the things that bring me happiness today.

My heart overflows with joy and love. I have no need of the dawn and a new day. The warmth inside me is like that of the sun that stays with me all night. I am filled to overflowing with the joy of life.

It is my turn to do good to my brethren today. I will complete the day by delivering good deeds to people in need. I will deny my own interests to put their own above all else. When I give with my right hand, I will not let my other hand see the act. I will give without holding back, or count the ways I have given. My intentions will be an expression of love to my brother, as an assurance of my love to You.

I take the opportunity to escape oppression in this world. I have confidence in my work and faith in His guidance. I am bold because I follow only His commandments. I have courage because He will keep me strong.

I am surrounded by the mystery of life. I see miracles of life from the tiniest form. Perplexed I may be, but reverence for all things living is strong in me. I will continue to thank the Lord for my humble existence. It is awesome to be part of this glorious world.

I know the source of my joy is in my dedication to the Lord. I know the source of my faith is in the security He provides. My sense of purpose is in fulfilling His mission for me here on earth. The source of my hope is in the surety that eternal life shall be mine.

I have a strong faith in God. I am thankful for all the good things in my life. I focus on providing for my family and making their lives successful. I set a good example for them to work hard in a profession of their own choosing. I follow my own dreams in the career I have chosen, but do not impose my choice on others.

I have inherited my good character from God and He opened my eyes to the truth of life. I will build on this strong foundation because it will survive the end of my life on earth. I shall enter eternal life with my goodness intact.

I have developed a sensible attitude about food. I see it as a way to keep myself healthy and strong. I enjoy meals and do not waste them. I select salads, whole grain foods and poultry in average-sized portions.  I take the time to enjoy my food, but, do not eat to the point of overindulgence.

I have a positive attitude. I start each day with a smile whether the skies are sunny or cloudy. I teach my children to have a good attitude towards their friends and teachers. I believe the way to be successful is to put your best effort into whatever project is at hand.

I have the ability to talk to others about spiritual matters. I take pride in my knowledge of God and how to lead a chaste life. I derive satisfaction by sharing the truth with my fellow man and pointing him in the direction of enlightenment.

I acknowledge my limitations but do not let them keep me from my chosen path. I am strong and energetic enough to withstand the failures and continue on to success. The road to success is the only one I will follow.

I am courageous throughout all perilous circumstances because my faith makes me strong. I fear not that I shall perish as I wage war against sinful things. My faith is shown by my actions and not by words alone. My God is beside me and He will not forsake me. I follow His command in all places.

I give love and nurture my children. In the same way I teach discipline by words of enlightenment.

I look out my window and marvel at the beauty God has surrounded us with on earth. There is a rainbow of color in the bird kingdom alone. From the variety of parrots and other tropical birds to the austere black and white penguins of the arctic.  The flash of red as a cardinal or woodpecker flies overhead is a delight. All colors are represented in God’s skies.

My genuine smile graces any gathering I take part in. I am sincerely happy to see others and celebrate their good fortune. I am there to lend support with a kind word when the gathering is a memorial service. I am filled with empathy in times of sadness.

I sense complete serenity engulfing everything my life. It is exhilarating to feel the power of the Universe overtake me. I am in God’s hands and my emotions are steadied by His influence. My inner self is tranquil and I have complete certainty in the person I am. I permit my soul to grow by relinquishing all thoughts of doubt and fear. I know that I am responsible for my own emotions, and I will keep myself centered at all times.

I shall strive to deserve the abundance that is being showered upon me. I am greatly blessed to receive all of this. I will not be consumed by the lust for wealth or let it rule my life. God is still my master.

From nature springs all life-forms. Each is exquisite in some way. Each interacts with others and serves some purpose. There is wonder to behold in nature for it is the substance and sustenance of all creatures that inhabit the deepest valley and the tallest mountain. Each is wondrous in its own way.

My body has found a peaceful sphere where I am  safe and comforted. I welcome serenity into my being. I shall be flooded with warmth and security. I open my arms to embrace the flow of blessings into my life.

When my world is in upheaval, when everything seems lost and there is no hope to reverse time, my only consolation is that the seconds tick away to bring tomorrow and the next day.  Unless God put the clock away, life continues.

I welcome the ability to open my eyes to a bright new day. Positive thoughts fill my mind as I plan the path I will follow. I have meditated and found the strength to navigate the obstacles that prevented me from fulfilling my destiny. God has lifted me when I have fallen, given me courage in times of fear and given me his strong hand to cling to throughout my struggles. He has filled me with a burst of new hope. I am restored and will live forever in His glory.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

Light falls on my face as the darkness ebbs away. I smile as the sun calls me to the pleasures of a new day. I know I will perform good and useful acts during the hours ahead. The sun chases the sleep from my eyes and I see opportunity bright on the horizon. I shall toil in my chosen profession until the twilight before darkness marks the close of another God-given day.

I am grateful to my parents for bringing me up in Godly fashion. I will stay obedient to their wishes even when I am older and have children of my own. I shall love and respect them unto eternity.

Time flies swiftly and I lose count of the hours during my daily tasks. It is not the hours that count, but the outcome of the day.

I am well-suited for the business I am interested in. I know I have the talent and perseverance to complete my higher education and present myself as thoroughly prepared to fill a position of responsibility.  I get along well with others and consider myself a competent potential employee who will benefit the company that hires me.

I listen to the opinions of others in a respectful way. Their stories touch my heart. I feel joy when my brother is happy and sad when he is down. I give advice when it is sought. I am gratified when my assistance is sought. I am always willing to listen without negative judgment.

I am now keeping a record of my daily progress at work. I chart each day’s results and compare them to what I had hoped to accomplish. This points out my successes and highlights those tasks that need improvement. I do not rest on my laurels, but rather, seek improvement in all I do.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for everything good in my life. I feel that my faith is rewarded each day. I appreciate the beauty this world holds. I am fortunate to have my family and wonderful friends. I am thankful for my blessings and return the love and understanding I receive from all those who enrich my life.

I know I have the strength to achieve success in my chosen field. I will never let obstacles stop me. I will simply get up and move on towards my ultimate goal.

When I meet a stumbling block, I tackle the problem of how to get around it.  I gather my wits and leap over it.  I can conquer any problem using my mind and bearing the confidence I have mustered.

When God allowed me to take my place in this world, He placed a mission on my shoulders. I now accomplish His mission in my day to day living and slowly fulfill the plan that is mine to carry out.

I trust in the Lord to guide me through this life in accordance with His will. I easily surpass daily struggles and each day my spirit grows in strength. Nothing can daunt me because I am replete with the force of determination. I stand firm in the face of all adversity and will be victorious in the end. My work in the name of the Lord shall never be in vain for He walks beside me.

Today I will climb to the mountaintop. I shall overcome fear and face challenges. As I overcome each obstacle, my excitement for the future grows. Wonderful surprises await me. God is with me on this journey. I am positive and strong. Today is my day to shine.

I commit myself to reaping the rewards for my accomplishments. These accomplishments are made through the grace of God. I honor Him with my efforts. I am secure in the belief that my goals will be met and will benefit all men in the world.

I have started on the path to becoming a good teacher. I want to introduce the joy of learning into the lives of children. I want to make them proud of having the ability to read and speak correctly. It will enhance their future as it has mine. I will also endeavor to teach them to be kind to each other, for developing good character is as important as gaining academic expertise.

I rejoice in exultation being in company with the Lord. I lift my face to the light of the morning and bathe in its warmth. I am delighted to take control of my life once more. I sing of my constant faith and the new hope is visible on my face.

A cornfield spread before me with husks rustling in the breeze is a vision of beauty. The maple tree with its provision of syrup each year is part of the earth’s bounty. I give thanks for all I have to eat and drink and all the beauty to behold.

Today I am positive about myself regardless of the judgments others make about my abilities. I am certain of my own radiance, successfulness and beauty. My physical body is a creation of God. I let go of the past and accept myself for who I am. I place my trust in God's perfect plan, for He can do no wrong.