Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I maintain my freedom and do not allow the opinions of others to control my actions. Only I must approve of what I do. I act in a manner that will please the Lord, for only His approval is of great concern to me.

My circumstances in life simply could not be any better. The universe has bestowed upon me mountains of gifts and I will use them wisely. God always provides me with beneficial conditions and helpful people. I know that I am where I am supposed to be Now. It is so liberating to be so in touch with the Universe. I am grateful for this special gift I have.

Each morning I awake, confident in my ability to have a wonderful day. The image I present to the world reflects that confident self-image. At the close of each day, the self-image I am left with is dependent on the hard work and kind acts towards others that I have accomplished during my waking hours.

I acknowledge that I am but one person occupying one small spot within the vast space of the universe. Regardless of size, I have a role to fulfill. I am sure my worthwhile actions will have a large ripple effect on others and thus contribute to the future of the entire universe.

I work along with Mother Nature to maintain our beautiful planet. I protest the cutting down of too many trees. I seek legislation against those manufacturers who pollute the waters that once ran clear. I belong among those groups devoted to keeping our world free of the litter that despoils the land.

My true happiness is living a quiet life surrounded by family and friends. I enjoy conversation without vanity. I will refuse to gossip or denigrate any person. I will spread appreciation for God’s love whenever I have the opportunity.

I take good care of myself and do not place unreasonable demands on
myself when it comes to my weight. I have an average amount
of concern with how I look to others. However, I have no desire to starve
myself until I resemble an emaciated model.

I express love for my wife in both word and deed. I tell her I love her frequently. But, I know words are meaningless if I don’t back them up by showing her. Little things like helping around the house and picking up groceries say I love you as much as flowers or expensive gifts.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I possess the positive qualities of strength and determination. When I
survey the good people I surround myself with, I know we can work
together and put an end to hunger and pain in the universe. I vow to work
towards a world where every nation is at peace within itself and with all
other nations.

I am a creative person. When I am able to bring an innovative idea to a successful conclusion, I know it is not my creation alone. For God has endowed me with the talents I possess and what I produce is a co-creation attributable to my efforts combined with His.

Today I will focus my thoughts on good health for myself and all my loved ones. Positive energy flows through me to all things I touch. I have a spring in my step as I walk, and feel invigorated and empowered by my relationship with the Lord. He watches over me as I watch over the impoverished and needy of His children.

I am thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family. I live in the hope they will follow the ways of the Lord as I do. I feel kindness and compassion for less fortunate people. I provide charitable donations for those who are in need of food and shelter.

I shall reach out through the darkness for the hand of God. I trust Him to dispel all fear and hesitation. He will lead me safely through the shadows and I shall walk freely under the glorious light of the sun.

I feel completely confident in my ability to utilize my skills and qualities. My unique skills help me to excel in work and any projects I undertake. I know that as my experiences grows; I will be able to achieve greater and greater things. I feel so pleased to be me. God is constantly giving me his blessing. I have the self belief to get to the top of my career and my business will flourish!

I shall not hold on to anger, lest it burn me. I relinquish the bad feelings and turn to thoughts of good.

Today I take responsibility and make an active choice to change my life for the better. With the right attitude I can become the person I want to be and gain the rewards that I desire from this life. I am able to accomplish things I once thought impossible!  I am a powerful, determined person, who is letting go of negativity and doubt. Today is the day I fly free.

Today I will strive to be a more positive person. I will look at situations differently and take something good from them. I will not allow  depression, stress and anxiety to sadden my day. I will keep my mind clear and will not gossip or indulge in petty arguments. I shall not trespass against others, but shall forgive those who trespass against me. I walk through life with a smile on my face. My step is light and today is truly one of happiness.

Today I will focus on things that seem larger than life. I hold high hopes and expectations for myself. I am capable of bigger accomplishments and seek bigger opportunities. This day I shall give 100% of myself to everything I set my sights on. I am 100% healthy. I am 100% happy and I have 100% faith in God. What I want to happen WILL happen. I shall make my dreams come true through determination and faith in God.

I have made good use of the powers inside me. My strength, once diminished, comes flowing back and each cell is nurtured as if being reborn. Aches and pains are banished. My vision of the future shows a purpose illuminated for me to achieve and I am resurrected and capable of finishing my work here on earth.

My heart is filled with cheerfulness. The clouds of uncertainty and confusion part to give way to buoyancy. No more do I succumb to fear nor doubt.  I plan my destiny and rejoice in anticipation of beautiful things to come.  How wonderful to be living in this beautiful world.

I am aware that when I give up something dear to me, You have in store another gift of greater value. I think only of the day to come when You choose to bestow Your gift upon me. Joyful anticipation fills my mind and soul.

My faith does not waver when I am full of daily affirmations. I confront challenges, create victories and shape my goals. I pride myself in being a winner in any kind of situation.

I will provide loving support to my children in their times of want. I will stay with them and raise them to become God's children for they are a gift and a blessing from Him.

I take pride in my efforts to clean up litter in a local park. Not only was I
able to work diligently myself, but, also motivated a group of young
people to assist me in making the area a better place for the entire

I have started on the path to becoming a good teacher. I want to introduce the joy of learning into the lives of children. I want to make them proud of having the ability to read and speak correctly. It will enhance their future as it has mine. I will also endeavor to teach them to be kind to each other, for developing good character is as important as gaining academic expertise.

As I hike a mountain path, I am thankful for all the wonders Mother Nature provides. I am healthy and strong and able to traverse the rough terrain. The mountain before me is a habitat and source of food for numerous creatures. Mother Nature gives us an astounding array of beauty and life, for her hand is guided by God.

I dedicate my days to being the source of assistance for those who may need a helping hand. I do not wait for them to seek me out. I go out and find them so I can provide what they need for their sustenance.

I am filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and it surges through me. The passion devoted to my tasks now bears fruit. Success is mine in abundance for my family and friends and those who may be in need. I have become what I was meant to be, a worker in the field of the Lord.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I do not allow arrogance to interfere with following the will of God. I will strive to be pure of heart and acknowledge that everything good within me is pure and follows God’s plan. I will work to maintain peace.

Mother Nature’s efforts are on display in each lush garden and each lovely butterfly that flits from flower to flower. She brings sunshine to nourish it every day. She sends gentle rains to help it bloom. I stand in the shadow of a tall tree and behold the beauty of all the land.

I expose myself to the world and people outside my domain. I am reliable and others can depend on me to achieve anything I set my mind on. My dreams shall turn to reality as my energy flows and creates wealth to benefit myself, my family and my friends. I value the wealth because it allows me to be charitable to those in need. I have the confidence to unleash the potential that was reined in but now can be set free. I am joyous and anticipate a wonderful future.

I am an important part of our universe. I live my life to be a force for
good. I know I can be influential in bringing happiness to those I come
in contact with. I give my smile, my willingness to listen, my empathy
and sometimes, my money.

I am fully attuned to the goal I have in mind. I am wise and discerning. I am endowed with genuine purpose and passion to reach new heights of achievement. I am confident I will reach the goal I seek.

My source of strength is my faith in the Lord. I awake each day to find ways I can serve Him. Whatever path He sets me on, I will do my best to walk it. I will enjoy my tasks and take satisfaction in my efforts to do His will here on earth.

I show my strength of spirit by casting out unworthy thoughts. I flood my soul with vivid memories of the blessings I have enjoyed in the past. My positivity for the future encourages me. It is my fervent hope to speak and bring my brethren to the table the Lord has set out before us. I shall be overjoyed to partake of his bounteous crop and bring the downtrodden and poverty-stricken to join with me in prayer and a surplus of food for the body and the soul.

My family is what matters most to me. I am grateful to have them in my life. They are my treasure and I offer them happiness, love and caring from my heart. I will spread the cloak of harmony to envelop others and keep us all secure in Your light.

I turn away from my self-centered whims and sins. I am patient and persistent in finding the promised kingdom. I repent my wicked ways and deplore my weakness. I am healed and made strong by Your comforting touch.  Invigorated and refreshed, I proceed to travel the treacherous roads without fear. My innermost being exudes radiance and excitement. Something good is waiting for me and I shall be rewarded for my repentance and obedience to You.

I am devoted to my country and exercise my right to influence its future by casting my ballot for the candidates I think will do a good job. I consider voting both a right and an obligation. I take the time to consider issues and how they will affect all citizens. I then vote accordingly.

I am a smart person who can follow a career path that will result in financial abundance. I have the ability to remain on task every day to further that goal, whatever my career choice may be. I will be open to an exchange of ideas with others seeking the same goals. I will offer my help to them and not be shy about asking for their help when I need it.

My regard for other people exceeds my concern for my own.  I am careful to avoid doing harm to others, be that a reckless word, or unintended insult.  I respect the feelings of people knowing that these are human beings with emotional upheavals of their own.

Nothing is impossible for me to do. If I have the will to win and excel then I will find the way. Never will I tire of pursuing the dream, to look up and see the glorious reality unveiled.

I strive to create a future that is pleasing to God. I use each hour and each day to build a world that is an exhibition of my faith.

I am bathed in the glow of my positive emotions. My outward appearance may not be beautiful, yet within me there is a hidden and perpetual beauty that is more precious and lasting.   I emit cheerful vibrations and there is laughter among those people that surround me. I am sending out positivity and encourage others to do the same. I delight in the warmth of camaraderie and joy. Each moment becomes a pleasant experience. I strive to create happy memories as a I walk through this life.

I am a successful person in the business world. I enjoy networking with other business people. I am proud to be capable of offering assistance to others if they need it. I do not selfishly guard my ideas. Rather, I am ready to brainstorm with one individual or a group depending on the occasion. I will have financial abundance as a reward for my hard work.

I am content to hold the hand of the person I love.  Communication need not always be heard by our ears, as long as our minds and hearts recognize the love that exists between us.

I have developed a flair for making good friends easily.  I am more relaxed and open in approaching life.  Gone are the stiff, cold, and calculating manners.  I look at people as creatures of God.  These are my brothers, my colleagues, my peers, my friends.  Most of all, I look within a person’s characteristics and find what is the innate good in him.  I refrain from judging anybody or taking a harsh look at him.  I justify what seem to be mistakes committed by others.  I try to be more understanding and compassionate to them.

The sweet scent of the flowers and the music of the chirping birds enrich each day of my life. My fellow man will smile on me and I shall smile back. My happiness overflows. God’s plan for me brings me great joy. I gladly commit myself to be His humble servant. All my duties spring forth from the wishes of the Lord. My heart is full with the pleasure of being an instrument of His faith.