Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I repeat the words of my power affirmations every day. They taste like honey on my lips. They are like the lamp that lights my path and leads me to my destination as I tread the roughened ground. As I believe these words I have no dread of the day that comes. I welcome each day for whatever it brings I know that I always share my days with You.

I am grateful to have freedom and know I shall always have my faith. It empowers me and gives me a confident glow. My confidence allows me to have a positive impact on those around me. I work towards my goal to achieve my ideal weight. I am thankful for my ability to accomplish this. I shall preserve my health.

I know the truth of myself. I am, the child of He who shines His light that I may follow Him to eternity.

I am ever thankful for the people in my life. My fervent prayer is for divine guidance. I am strong. Your faith and trust in my abilities gives me peace. It is encouragement from those around me that keeps me secure. I give selfless commitment as an act of affection and love. Life is certainly worth living as God makes it so.

I take pride in those things I have worked to achieve. My success is based on talents and abilities bestowed on me by God. I do not take pride in having those talents, but in the way that I use them to achieve success through hard work.

I pensively contemplate how I can do the most good in this world. Each
person has value to himself and others if only he can find the best way to
put forth honest effort. I consider myself able to motivate others to do the
best they can. Now I must consider all the possibilities for myself and
focus on the one that will bring me the most success.

I rise before the dawn breaks and light the fire. I welcome the day and work diligently to provide for the needs of my household. I prepare the children for their own daily tasks and instruct them in the words of faith. My children and my spouse will sing praises for the way I care for their material and spiritual needs.

I commit myself to reaping the rewards for my accomplishments. These accomplishments are made through the grace of God. I honor Him with my efforts. I am secure in the belief that my goals will be met and will benefit all men in the world.

I shall be proud of what I did yesterday to improve the life of another. I shall work towards future success that will enable me to make charitable donations to give someone a happier life. I will look around me as I walk through my day to see what I can do now to enrich the existence of another of God’s children.

I am aware of the beauty in the world. There is beauty in many things. Looking into the eyes of a small child, I see the beauty of innocence and trust. I hear beauty in the sweet strains of a violin playing a symphony. I experience the scent of beauty in fresh air and flowers. I feel the beauty of a secure, loving relationship. Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but in all sensory experiences.

I have made a commitment to constantly perform at the highest possible level. I will follow the path to success and deliver exemplary   results. I find fulfillment when I perform well and I am going to reach the pinnacle of my success.

I continue to work toward my goals every day. My life is devoted to these tasks. My hopes will never dim and I shall achieve glorious success.

My soul is the shrine of my faith. I am filled with all joy and peace in believing and it shines from within me. My aura radiates with the brightness of confidence and hope.

Each day of life’s journey is supported by the vitality I feel upon awakening in the morning. I see the bright yellow happiness of the sun and leap out of bed to enjoy each experience the day will bring.

If variety is the spice of life, the diversity found in the gardens of the world saturates the senses. All buds and blooms, from the exotic delicacy of the orchid to the sturdy tulip, and from the pristine sight of a white rose to the bright yellow of a daffodil, are the gifts of nature that spread beauty among all men.

I will bow my head in gratitude to the Lord who heals my body and forgives my iniquities. He has redeemed my life from the abyss of death and given me steadfast love and mercy. I am blessed with strength that courses through me and will sustain me in this mortal life. I will end each day with these words of prayer, Thy will be done.

My source of strength is my faith in the Lord. I awake each day to find ways I can serve Him. Whatever path He sets me on, I will do my best to walk it. I will enjoy my tasks and take satisfaction in my efforts to do His will here on earth.

I want to help create World Peace, and I will make sure that I only add positivity to the Earth. This beautiful planet was created my God and I must play my part in taking care of it. I am willing to change to become a better, wiser person. Today I resolve to step out of my normal routine and BE the change I want to see in the Earth. If everyone thought as positively as I do, the world would be a place of peace and harmony.

I shall have no fear of anyone or anything that attempts to obstruct my travels on the path to earthly success. I shall complete my important work by standing tall and pushing fear aside when times are difficult. I will face any obstacle, push it aside or climb over it and continue on my way. It will strengthen me and my confidence will be solidified each time I achieve a goal by doing battle with fear and overcoming it.

In my hour of need I call for mercy, I call to mind my power affirmations. My restlessness is subdued and a feeling of peace settles upon me. I heed the prayers and I am given the answers.  Strength and relief surge through my veins. Such is the power of mind and faith.

I shall see and appreciate the miracles that happen every day. The benevolent smile of a stranger as he opens a door for an elderly man is the miracle of kindness. The first steps of a baby as he walks to his mother’s open arms is the miracle of learning. The soft words, “Thy will be done” on the lips of one of the faithful as he departs the earth for the joys of eternal life are the miracle of peace. May I experience them all.

Today I will recognize that I AM a success and everything I do becomes a personal achievement.  Success surrounds me and the people I meet are successful. I want to have a positive impact on others, driving them to be ambitious and happy. I perceive no threat in the success of others, but delight in their accomplishments. There is room for everyone at the top. I shall not entertain greed in myself. God says that it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to gain entrance to heaven based on wealth alone. I will take wisdom from this and be generous and giving of my worldly goods.

I am surrounded by the mystery of life. I see miracles of life from the tiniest form. Perplexed I may be, but reverence for all things living is strong in me. I will continue to thank the Lord for my humble existence. It is awesome to be part of this glorious world.

I shall respect all things that bloom in nature for they are creations made to please man. The fields of corn grow in plenty to nourish our bodies. The clear, running waters flow to quench our thirst. The vision of clear blue skies satisfies our need for beauty and the sweet scent of the flowers pleases our senses.

I am so passionate about what I do that I create success naturally. I constantly visualize myself attaining my goals. There is a clear picture in my mind of all I plan to achieve. Confidence flows through my body and mind and I am  excited for the future.

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend. When someone shares a confidential conversation with me, I do not divulge the information to anyone else. Friends and family can trust me to be a concerned listener, but give advice only when asked for it. I am congenial and never take offense if my advice is disregarded.

In sleep, I think, I dream, I experience everlasting life.  I am absolved from disgrace and everlasting contempt.  My power affirmations are alive and full of promise that keeps me from sin even when my mind is at rest.

I feel the power of faith inside me. I know I will be successful in every endeavor I undertake. I am not going to sit idle while injustice goes on around me. I take up the cause of fulfilling my own dreams for the purpose of making the world a better place for all of God’s children.

As long as I am loyal to the people I love, they will be loyal in return. I forgive those who do not show loyalty, and inspire them by showing my loyalty to the Lord. My thoughts and personality will lead me to create good relationships that are based on honesty. I will attract the cooperation of those I hold in high regard and who respect me and the Lord.

Today I sense my soul within me. I am never alone and the beauty of the world surrounds me. My soul is intangible, yet I know it exists. I need not God’s physical presence to know He exists. Such is my faith. The omnipresent Lord is always there to guide me. My soul is one of kindness and serenity. My life is bright and secure in the knowledge that He is real.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

My life is a gift unfolding each day. I take care of it by nurturing the gift and keeping it healthy. I provide my body with nutritious food, proper exercise and adequate rest. I shield it from harm and protect it from the battering of elements of life. I focus on the beauties God has bestowed on me.

I am carried by the positive energy of the universe. This energy flows around me and envelops me in its warm glow. I believe wholly in a power far greater than the ground beneath my feet. This power flows through me every second of every day. I place my trust in the Lord, knowing that my earthly needs shall be met.  God created the world in an image of beauty and greatness and I am here to gain wisdom. Today all is perfect in my world.

From this day forth I will speak with caution. Only truthful words shall come forth from my mouth. I shall not engage in gossip or any malicious conversation to degrade my fellow man. I share only good news and bring good will to others. When I speak of blessings, I do so for the benefit of others.

My perception is sharper than ever and my vision is clear and focused. My goals are defined, and I have no doubt they shall be attained. My strong conviction stems from knowing my inner self.  I am positive that I can move forward to reach my goals. Success is at the tip of my fingers and I reach out for it as I move forward in this life.

I contemplate the source of my happiness by reviewing the good things I have accomplished each day. If I have served to make someone feel secure, cared for or loved, I consider it a successful day. Before I rest my head each night, I give thanks for the privilege of enjoying another beautiful day.

I am only a minute portion of the entire universe.  I will strive to be a great part in this world no matter how small I am.  I will try to meet head on all issues that mirror the complications of this world.   And in the depths of my being, when twilight comes, I shall depart a happy one.

I place my faith and trust in You. I unfailingly recite my daily prayers and rely on Your power. I present my daily affirmations with burning fervor and passion. I am like a child in my utter confidence. I know that You will never forsake me.

I hope, someday, to attend The Passion Play in Oberammergau, Bavaria,
Germany. This production is a reenactment of the Crucifixion of Jesus
Christ and the events that preceded and followed His death. It has been
performed once each decade since 1634 as a traditional thank-offering to
God for ending the bubonic plague that struck the villagers in that year.

I can utilize my mind to the fullest. I willfully order it to be thus, and my mind acts accordingly.

My belief is that all things will fit together to complete the puzzle of my life. All things are working together for my ultimate good. I submit myself to the will of the Supreme Being. When I follow the path He recommends, there are no perils or persecutions that flay me along the way.

I look into the mirror and see a successful woman. I have risen to the top of my field in spite of all odds that worked against me. I tackled each obstacle and overcame it. I am smart. I have insight into what will achieve success in the world. I do not gather up all my wealth for my own betterment. I share with those who are less fortunate. What good is wealth if not used to spread happiness in the world?

Today I will use silence to connect with the Lord. I will block out the noise of the world to hear the voice of God. I will be calm and patient as I feel the warmth of God's love. He guides me through the day and reveals the hope of the future. I will follow His step and my eyes will see what He wishes me to see. I will act in the way He would have me act. I feel myself surrounded by peace and the love of God.

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend. When someone shares a confidential conversation with me, I do not divulge the information to anyone else. Friends and family can trust me to be a concerned listener, but give advice only when asked for it. I am congenial and never take offense if my advice is disregarded.

I sow more that I can reap. I do my work not sparingly, or even under compulsion. I have confidence that God will enrich me in every way for great generosity. So when I reap, I reap abundantly. God always increases the harvest of my good work.

I am constantly reinvigorated by reciting my prayers and affirmations. I am persuaded that repeating them will always keep my soul and flesh from any weakness. I will be justified by faith, and led unto salvation by singing praises to the Lord. Nothing can separate me from Him because I am a child of God.

I shall not covet worldly possessions. I need only enough to fulfill my basic needs. I choose to distribute my riches to those in need and troubled by afflictions. This is only a fraction of what God has given me and I shall use it to help mankind in His name. In retrospect, I realize I cannot repay Him for all He does for me. Therefore, I proclaim my generosity towards my brother and acknowledge it as a small price to repay for God’s blessings.

I believe in myself. My self-image contains all the good qualities necessary for a happy and successful life. I succeed on behalf of myself, my loved ones and all of God’s children that share the earth with me.

I sit quietly and pay close attention to the sermon in church each Sunday.
These words can give comfort, impart great wisdom or sometimes simply
share new ideas with parishioners. I consider it respectful to make certain
my cellphone is set to vibrate so no ringtones disturb any part of the

I take responsibility for all my actions. I am in total control of my life. I have the capacity to change the direction of the path I follow if I so desire. I am my own master and all my actions are performed in accordance with Your will.