Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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There are no real competitors, just the person I look at in the mirror. So I continue my long-term efforts to run the race to the finish line. The reward of eternity will make the effort worthwhile.

My job provides me with a constant flow of wealth. I have many resources to satisfy my basic needs. I have dreamed of basic sufficiency but instead find great abundance bestowed upon me.

Thank you God, for keeping me safe and well. All my needs will be met and I shall have those things I want most. My faith will keep me healthy, strong and determined. Today I will not focus on material gain.  All that I desire is within my reach and I grasp it gratefully, with both hands.  I relinquish the pattern of procrastination within me. I shall act swiftly, looking forward to the excitement and adventure each day brings.

I will grieve not for past words and misdeeds. I say my contrition for to repent my sins is to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. I will release myself from torment and be kind to my soul. As I have paid for my wrong deeds, thus have I likewise forgiven those who torment me. I will look into the mirror to seek the fog and remove it from my eyes. I can see clearly now and the brilliance of the days ahead will beckon me. Only good things will prosper when I am within the light of God.

I take great joy in my own creativity. I express love for my family by knowing what their favorite foods are and preparing meals that are nutritious and tasty. I set the table in an attractive way that encourages each family member to linger over a meal and have good conversation. Mealtime is sharing time in our home.

I believe there is an intrinsic goodness in every person, and you only have to look for it. I search to find the qualities that they possess that are in keeping with the Lord’s ways. If they have done bad deeds, I hope to lift them back to the path of righteousness.

I am lucky to have mentors diligently teaching me the word of God. I thank You for giving them to me, like a shepherd giving to His flock.  I am grateful to them for being an example and pointing me to the correct path to follow. I feel blessed for the wisdom of their words that compel me to understand. I appreciate the times they lend me their strength when I despair. I will commend their work to others as I have great belief in their mighty deeds.

I am dedicated to the work that provides me with food for the table. But, although I am grateful for my wages, I do not crave much wealth, for true riches are found only in the kingdom of the Lord. I handle my prosperity by sharing with the needy, for I require only the basic needs. The brilliance of wealth pales next to the light that shines from You.

I stay away from those worthless controversies and dissensions that irritate my soul. I engage only in worthy debate that they may settle rifts and heal the opposing minds. If I can bring together two warring clans, this is an offering to God. This is pleasing to Him for He teaches us to work towards pleasant interactions and be at peace with one another.

I am secure in my faith that at the end of darkness, the light shall bring great joy to the world. It will coax sleepy eyelids to open to gaze upon its beauty. It will bestow warmth to dispel the chill of night. It will cover the hillside with a beckoning beam to lead us through another day on this beautiful earth.

I give good measure to others for I know it will be returned to me in the same manner. I honor my parents and respect my elders. This sets a good example for the youth I come in contact with.  I obey my leaders and treat them with courtesy. I respect my spouse and am thankful for the spirit of cooperation and harmony in  our home. This is the law that God wishes us to follow.

I will persist in finding eternal peace within me. I vow to remain steadfast and firm in my beliefs. I feel the touch of Thy goodness penetrate my soul. The joy of life is like a fuse that ignites my being. My happiness knows no limits.  I reverently submit myself to the will of God, with the promise to fulfill His word.

I am a vital person. I take my strength and energy from the Lord. I use my vitality to achieve happiness for myself, my loved ones and those individuals on earth who are less fortunate than me and cannot fulfill their own needs for food and shelter.

My body may be dead but inside my mind the spirit is alive.  I still dream.

I will forgive those who have wronged me. Life is too beautiful to be marred by bitterness. I love each day of my life and take no further offense towards those who wrong me. I will turn each conflict into a positive experience. Thus, my wisdom will expand.

I feel justified in the pride I take in my good behavior. Pride in my riches or my God-given talents is not justified as pride in self, for these things have been bestowed upon me by others. I do take great pride in my own accomplishments that I earned through diligence and hard work.

The attitude I start the day with will determine how successful it will be. I will not allow negative thoughts to affect my happiness. The good that can result from today knows no limit. Personal happiness is mine because the Lord wants His children to be happy. I shall laugh, and smile at others, enjoying everything today has to offer.

Today I vow to become a better person. I shall not participate in unkind words or gossip. I will speak only clean words. I will remain separate from the malicious rumors or false reports. I will be courteous and respectful towards others. I shall tell them of the beauty to be found by following a Godly path.

I gracefully accept my living conditions. I look around and improve them as much as possible. The flaws in my current home must be accepted. I know my dedication to career will result in a finer house someday. I will work hard and live in this one as gracefully as possible.

My life is like a clock, and I try to manage it according to the minutes and hours available each day. I never want to waste a moment on mindless things.

I rejoice in the clarity of my thoughts. I open my hands to receive this day's graces in exultation. My mind is swept clean of the cobwebs of doubt and confusion. My heart swells with courage and pure enthusiasm. What a fitting day to start a mission of hope. My whole being radiates with anticipation and pure energy.

Today I recognize my part to play on this Earth. God wants me to spread His love so the world will be a better place. I shall not remain idle. I will venture out and improve my corner of the world. I am filled with the love of God and have the power to change lives and spread joy. I will make the lonely feel loved and bestow faith upon those who doubt. Nothing is too difficult when it is done to glorify God. I honor Him by performing charitable deeds and spreading His word among the multitudes.

I do not worship money and hoard it away. Rather I invest it in ways that will make it grow. That growth is security for the future of my loved ones. I remember to save a share of my earnings in preparation for an unexpected need. Of the dividends, I can enjoy luxuries such as a vacation trip.

Now is the time I can choose to help someone who is in need. I have much from the Lord and it is my duty to share a portion with one who does not. My actions and my words of faith may bring another closer to God. This is a worthwhile way to put forth my efforts right now.

Today I will live for the moment. I will release the day-to-day worries and feel the wonders of being alive. I am enthusiastic to see what the day will bring, and I will share it with those whom I truly love. I have so many great friends and family that are here for me to laugh and smile with! I can see that sometimes it is important to appreciate what God has given by enjoying each day. I will never forget how fortunate I am to be here right now enjoying life!

In my business, my motivation is always the desire to achieve the goals, never to beat my competitors.  Add to this my ability to do plus patience to wait for results and I have my winning formula.

I will put my faith and determination to work showing love and caring to others. My contributions will join with the good works of a small group of passionate and committed people who will join me in the service of those in need of help.

I project an air of self-assurance and serenity. I rid myself of impatience and remain serene. I shall master the ability to maintain my demeanor and in time it will be firmly ingrained in me. I will never succumb to lies or deceit.

I am bathed in the glow of my positive emotions. My outward appearance may not be beautiful, yet within me there is a hidden and perpetual beauty that is more precious and lasting.   I emit cheerful vibrations and there is laughter among those people that surround me. I am sending out positivity and encourage others to do the same. I delight in the warmth of camaraderie and joy. Each moment becomes a pleasant experience. I strive to create happy memories as a I walk through this life.

I am a careful investor of the money I worked hard to earn. I make certain the mutual funds I invest in do not support unworthy causes, such as drilling for oil in pristine nature preserves. I have concern and respect for the other creatures that inhabit our planet. They too deserve clean air and water and I do not contribute to their being deprived of it or harmed in any way.

I strive for the ability to focus on my daily tasks as I stand tall, fortified by the eternal love of God.  My direction for the journey is set out clearly before me. I am aware of all that He asks me to overcome before I can reach my destination. My confidence is strong that I can perform the tasks that will be pleasing in His eyes.

I know my faithfulness is an expression of loyalty to my spouse and my wedding vows. I am capable of resolving small differences of opinion and being flexible in how our relationship functions. I let no personal hurt feelings interfere with the overall satisfaction our marriage brings to my life.

Getting down to business is working every day for a paycheck or a specific goal. The business of everyday life is making a living. The business of a child is completing schoolwork on time. The business of a caterpillar is metamorphosis and business for me is taking care of my spouse, my children and sharing my riches with those in need. I am proud that I can work hard and be successful at taking care of business.

I take pride in everything I accomplish. My years of education have
rewarded me with honors and accolades. The next chapter of my life
will reward me with promotions and increasingly higher wages. My
abilities and dedication will not go unnoticed.

I pray to God that He may reach the hearts of the rabble rousers so they may mend their ways. With confidence I ask this because in my heart I believe He hears me.

One of life’s beautiful miracles is a new baby, born healthy and sweet, with an innocent little face and the whole future spread out before him. I know that one day such a miracle will come into my life, bringing all the blessings and responsibilities that accompany parenthood.

I behold the law of God, for it is wise. His word revives my soul and leaves me feeling imperishable. In my dreams, the Lord came and showed me the Truth. Now I know that I have received His power and that His grace will follow me to the ends of the earth.

I create rules to keep my body in good health. I implement these rules. I have great respect for my body and strive to keep it healthy. My body was created by the Lord and I shall keep it strong and healthy. I will not do anything to harm my body but revere it as the temple of God.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I plan for the future, but I live in the now. I devise long-term plans for my
life to be personally satisfying and useful to others. Attention paid to
advancing my career does not preclude enjoying the present.

Under some circumstances, I recognize fear as an ally that serves to alert me to possible danger. One example is the stormy night when the temperature makes roads icy. Fear of sliding off the road and into a ditch is a good thing because it may prevent me from driving under dangerous conditions. If I see a vicious dog tied to a tree, fear keeps me from petting it. Logical fear is a useful deterrent, which keeps me from putting myself in harm’s way.

I commit myself to the constant search for perfection. I relinquish the bad and embrace the best of life's teachings. I crave learning and the hunger for knowledge helps me to acquire new abilities that assist me in my quest.

I take the time to be one with the environment. I possess serenity, a humble mind and a tender heart. I draw encouragement from the Lord as mouthed by the people around me. I give affection, sympathy and gratitude as freely as my heart can summon. I thrive on nurturing and protecting myself, as well as others. I take care of my physical as well as my spiritual self. I do everything in accord with the earth. Life is good.

Today I will strive to be a more positive person. I will look at situations differently and take something good from them. I will not allow  depression, stress and anxiety to sadden my day. I will keep my mind clear and will not gossip or indulge in petty arguments. I shall not trespass against others, but shall forgive those who trespass against me. I walk through life with a smile on my face. My step is light and today is truly one of happiness.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

I place my faith and trust in You. I unfailingly recite my daily prayers and rely on Your power. I present my daily affirmations with burning fervor and passion. I am like a child in my utter confidence. I know that You will never forsake me.

I will live in safety without fear of harm. I will stay away from men of dishonest ways and perverse deeds. I may be slight, but I can conquer as David conquered Goliath.  My wisdom and discretion will protect me when brawn fails. All this is within my power and I shall honor the Lord by following the paths He has set me on.

I have so many days filled with satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness. I have the capacity to appreciate each one. I am filled with the joy of each day bringing me new blessings. I know I am fulfilled in the Lord and am grateful to be under His care.

I will dream and follow my dreams. I will cherish my visions for they will lead me to real happiness in this life and acts that will help my fellow man.

My heart is filled with cheerfulness. The clouds of uncertainty and confusion part to give way to buoyancy. No more do I succumb to fear nor doubt.  I plan my destiny and rejoice in anticipation of beautiful things to come.  How wonderful to be living in this beautiful world.