Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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No situation can intimidate me. Each day finds me at peace. I walk proudly with head held high. My voice resonates with authority. I have an important role to play during my life here on earth and I shall always give my best effort, knowing I have the power to influence others. My gifts from God are many and I shall use them to benefit others. My very life moves in a thrilling direction that will benefit mankind.

I bow in humility, but not surrender. I am a builder of bridges that connect opposite banks together in peace.

I will forgive those who have wronged me. Life is too beautiful to be marred by bitterness. I love each day of my life and take no further offense towards those who wrong me. I will turn each conflict into a positive experience. Thus, my wisdom will expand.

I can feel the bubbling energy that rises to the surface. I am bursting with the enthusiasm of good health and the joy of living a good life.

I am proud of my countenance for I am created in His image. I am proud of the talents and intelligence I possess. However, it is only the way I put them to good use that is deserved pride. For all my talents are a gift from God.

I respect my body and work hard to protect my health. I consume only natural foods and try to buy organic whenever I can. I exercise each day and get adequate sleep. I care for my body as the temple of God here on earth. My goal is to live long and perform good works here on earth.

I am aware that when I give up something dear to me, You have in store another gift of greater value. I think only of the day to come when You choose to bestow Your gift upon me. Joyful anticipation fills my mind and soul.

I go forward expecting and dreaming of better things to come. My focus is on positive things. I expect to find better work, additional resources and opportunities to showcase my abilities. I will gain wealth and therefore be able to help those who are less fortunate. As my riches grow, I will take pleasure in distributing help to the needy.

I rejoice to see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. I believe I can succeed in having a life that is rewarding. My efforts will be rewarded because my spirit is strong. God lights the way to guide me and I am filled with gladness.

I will extol the virtues of a great person as I make his life an example to my daily struggle.  I will make an inspiration of his life that my own potentials may be awakened and cultivated.

I am proud of maintaining my weight at a healthy level. I eat the right          
food such as vegetables and fruit. When I am light on my feet I can
accomplish things faster and enjoy the team sports I participate in. I am
competitive and play to win, but, I always play fairly.

My boundless faith is my pillar of strength. Each day is a joyful miracle. I lay me down each night with satisfaction for the accomplishments of the day. I trust in God to provide security and refuge. His love will surround and protect me all the days of my life.

If one friend asks me for a favor, I will try to accommodate that person if I can. I will never do a favor for one person that is detrimental to another. I am selective in where and when I spend my money and give my time. I will try to offer my help to those who need it most.

I am constantly reinvigorated by reciting my prayers and affirmations. I am persuaded that repeating them will always keep my soul and flesh from any weakness. I will be justified by faith, and led unto salvation by singing praises to the Lord. Nothing can separate me from Him because I am a child of God.

Each day of life’s journey is supported by the vitality I feel upon awakening in the morning. I see the bright yellow happiness of the sun and leap out of bed to enjoy each experience the day will bring.

I begin each day with the attitude of one who will be happy. I will share pleasant greetings with family and friends. When I meet business associates, it will be with a pleasant demeanor. I find every situation open to interpretation. A positive attitude can work wonders in resolving all of life’s disagreements.

I may have a different definition of beauty. A shallow person may define beauty in terms of a pretty face, a graceful body and a voice that is lovely to listen to. A sensitive person may define it as peace and sharing.  A literal definition may identify it as the state of not being at war. A military general may define it as a declaration that war is ended. To each of us, beauty is a different thing. We can be sure that beauty is always a good thing. I try each day to embrace my personal view of what it means to me.

I shall focus on the beautiful things in this awesome world in spite of any disenchantment that tries to sway me. Delays in reaching my dreams will only solidify my dedication. Nothing can shake my trust in my own ability to overcome and survive.

Thank You for giving me all the resources I need to make my dreams real.   I can now start making the step by step plans in motion.  All I require is patience, hard work and constant faith to achieve my purpose.

I gaze into a clear lake to see the silvery scales of a fish. There is a beauty in this creature as in all others. I see the noble horse doing the dance of dressage. There is a beauty in the interaction between dancing horse and the rider. I hope that I, like all these wonders on the earth, will be in His favor, both in appearance and demeanor.

My faith does not waver when I am full of daily affirmations. I confront challenges, create victories and shape my goals. I pride myself in being a winner in any kind of situation.

One of life’s beautiful miracles is a new baby, born healthy and sweet, with an innocent little face and the whole future spread out before him. I know that one day such a miracle will come into my life, bringing all the blessings and responsibilities that accompany parenthood.

I will provide loving support to my children in their times of want. I will stay with them and raise them to become God's children for they are a gift and a blessing from Him.

I have faith and I believe that I can carry the load with His assistance. When we walk together, we can reach the highest peak.

Today I am brave and fearlessly defend myself and others. I am a strong leader, capable of facing great challenges head on.  I am courageous, daring and bold. My confidence in my abilities assures my success. I act swiftly and with control over any situation. In doing so, I empower those around me to do the same. I am unafraid for I look to God and He reinforces my courage. As the bible teaches me, love knows no fear.

I welcome this day of work.  I am energized by the communion with nature and the Lord. Today I will need to display the best of my qualities. I will exert all my gifts and complete the tasks set to serve as an example to others. I will raise the people around me and keep them strengthened in their will to obey the word of God.  I will dwell on the promised eternity and draw endurance and hope from the realm of the heavens. I pray that I will inspire others today.

I commit myself to the goal of finding happiness in life.  This choice is mine and my sole responsibility to myself.  I will live each day consistently and truthfully.  My beliefs and confidence may be often tested, but I will be happy to confront all obstacles to the happiness I know is justly mine.

I value my body and exercise often because it energizes me and increases my motivation. Through keeping my body fit, I stay healthy and strong. I am positive my capabilities will lead to great successes in my life. I fully appreciate the skills I possess and know that they are a gift from God. Today I work towards my goals.

Today I completely acknowledge my power to do anything I can possibly wish for. I focus on what I want and I visualize it, knowing that my mind can make it a reality. I am excited now about the future, and looking forward to spending it with my family. I am filled with joy and expectations, and I feel incredibly positive about the future. Tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities and surprises!

I brush away the cobwebs that they may not cloud my mind. I focus on the brilliant light of hope. No flicker of fear remains to threaten or weaken me. I am filled with the vigor of knowing success shall be mine. I tread lightly over rocky paths and the stones under my feet do not deter me. I am filled with the conviction of my own triumph in the name of the Lord.

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. If I thirst while crossing the desert, a glass of water is a miracle. If there is a famine due to drought, a slice of bread is a miracle. If life is overwhelming, a helping hand extended by a friend is a miracle. In a life-threatening situation, survival is a miracle. I am always grateful for the miracles that affect my life.

I am only a minute portion of the entire universe.  I will strive to be a great part in this world no matter how small I am.  I will try to meet head on all issues that mirror the complications of this world.   And in the depths of my being, when twilight comes, I shall depart a happy one.

I am proud of the results of my labor. I treat my spouse with love and respect. I care for my children with love and dedication. I give of myself to charitable works. My pride is not centered on what I am or what I own, but rather, on what I do that is worthwhile.

I shall be the light of my household. I guide my children in learning to revere the name of the Lord.

I shall from this day forth, conduct my life in the way I choose. My devotion to tasks and purpose will be intended to please God, not man. I will achieve my goals in a timely fashion. I will never ignore a call for help from someone in need. I will not rush to help those who refuse to help themselves or others in return. I prioritize my time and maintain firm control over my own actions and devote my life to God.

I shall not fear reproach or allow myself to be upset when I am slighted. I will speak my truth calmly and bear the ridicule when it comes. I am confident that I speak only the truth and remain merciful to those who would crucify me. I stand firm in the face of doubt. I speak with compassion because kind words will echo their way back.

I say my power affirmations daily and continuously gain strength, courage, and firmness of character.  Repeating these affirmations make positive things materialize from the seemingly bleak situations I encounter.  The power of my subconscious mind is being utilized to its full capacity.  This well of positive thoughts is allowing me to conduct my daily business with confidence and hope.  I could never fall into ominous circumstances when I turn to the positive thoughts that lighten my load.

Today I will not allow myself to be bored. Instead I shall enjoy the wondrous world that God has created. It is filled with wonders to explore. I recognize my good fortune to have a clear mind and many talents to develop. I am humbled by my gifts. Today I venture out to embrace all that life offers. I am thankful to be alive.

I know that my subconscious mind is constantly feeding me positivity. I am completely aware of my strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. My resources are everywhere, but the biggest resource I have is myself. I have so many ideas that I must clear my mind and choose the best direction to head in. My imagination is running wild! Being happy is so easy in such a wonderful world created by God.

I am filled with God's grace for He provided me with insight to resolve divisive situations. I am granted the wisdom to restore harmony to any relationship. I am grateful for the courage to bring diplomacy to any   adverse situation. I take up this challenge with a strong spirit.

Now is here and I shall not waste it longing for the day gone by. Now is happening I shall not waste it wondering what the morrow brings. Now I have the sun above me and the earth beneath my feet. Now I have the gardens spread out all around me with their petals bright and sweet. I shall not waste the now in regret, for what is gone shall not return. I shall not waste the now in wishing for tomorrow for perhaps it may not come. Now. I live. I love. I enjoy all that is happening now.

I will form good habits and make use of them day by day. I will remain self-disciplined and facilitate good health in body and mind.

Often I contemplate how I may share the gifts You gave to magnify the good You have given me. Help me to make the most of my abilities so I may share the love of God with more people to allow them to know of God and His role in their lives.

I respect the flag that represents the freedom to worship as I choose. I respect the rights of others to worship as they choose. It saddens me to witness those who are without a faith. Yet I am thankful to live in a country where they have the freedom to decline worship just as I have the freedom to embrace it.

Today I let go of worries and doubts. I will turn away from all things that cloud my spirit. Nothing shall dampen my enthusiasm and zest for life. I see a glimpse of all good things unfolding before me. It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome all these wonderful gifts. I am filled with the spirit of the Lord.

When I step outside in the morning, I turn my face upward to the sun. As its rays beam down to warm my face, I feel I am in the favor of one who controls all things on earth. I shall not turn away when something needs to be accomplished. I shall employ all my abilities to help bring that task to its completion.

I am careful to maintain a positive attitude about everything in my life. I focus on the qualities I love in my spouse and ignore the few that disturb me. They are dismissed from my thoughts as being insignificant. My attitude about my children is that they are 99 percent perfect and bring great happiness into each day. My positivity extends to neighbors and co-workers alike. For the most part, no one disappoints me in the way they respond.

I am proud of the financial abundance that rewards my hard work. I am more proud of the way I disburse it. I am an honest person. I pay bills on time. I maintain a bank account for emergencies. I do not gain income by cheating or taking advantage of anyone in any way. I am happy to have a clear conscience.

I have been blest with a positive attitude, which affects everything I do in life. I know I will work assiduously at whatever task the Lord places in front of me. By doing so, I am assured of doing it with a high degree of skill. With the help of God, I manage each task, even those which are difficult. I never have a defeatist attitude no matter how challenging the situation.

How fortunate I am to be looking forward to attending college and
preparing for a high-paying job. Yesterday, when I tried on a pair of
expensive basketball shoes, my thoughts turned to rumors of Chinese
children laboring long hours in overseas factories to make them. If I
refuse to buy these shoes will it help those children to have better
opportunities in life?